Fastest Marvel Characters Ranked

Evan Peters as Quicksilver

Wants to know all the present Fastest Marvel Characters Ranked?

Do you know who is Marvel’s Flash?

Decade’s debates put fans in question who is the fastest speedster in DC and Marvel?

In this article, you will see the fastest Marvel Superheroes as well as villains.

With that, here are 30 Fastest Marvel Characters Ranked:


Michael Keaton as vulture

Vulture may not be faster on his legs but rather depends on his wings.

Known by Adrian Toomes, Vulture’s wings allow him to fly higher and a lot faster than any birds.

Momentarily it’s quite challenging to select faster MCU character between Vulture and Falcon as both rely on wings.

MCU Adrian Toomes made his Vulture suit with the technology of Chitauri.

Furthermore, Vulture’s Electromagnetic Wing Harness allows him to fly at speeds of 95 miles per hour.

Furthermore, it has inbuilt “Jet Propulsion Systems” that boost his speed at maximum level and could attain a maximum height of 11,000.


Ariana Saddiqi aka Black Racer

Ariana Saddiqi aka Black Racer was a Member of fourth Serpent Squad.

Introduced in “Captain America #33” as a supervillain, Ariana possesses super-speed ability.

She can run at an incredibly super speed. Hence capable of attacking multiple opponents at once.

The reason behind Black Racer’s super-speed is her strength. She got super-human strength in her legs that allows her to run faster.

In Marvel Comic issue “Quasar #17“, the Runner organized a race.

Everyone from superheroes to villains who had the power to run at immense speed participated in the race.

However, sadly enough, Black Racer outmatched in early in the race.



Lady Jacqueline Falsworth Crichton as Spitfire

Spitfire, also known by Lady Jacqueline Falsworth Crichton, is a superheroine with the ability to run at super lightning speeds.

Jacqueline granted superpowers when original Baron Blood bite her.

In addition to this, the original Human Torch’s transfusion of artificial blood manifested her powers.

As a result, Spitfire holds the capacity to run at super speed.

Furthermore, Jacqueline’s body granted with hardened skin that can withstand the rigours of super speed.


Vision fastest avenger

Created by Ultron, Vision possesses many superhuman abilities, and the flight is one of them.

Vision is capable of flying at a much faster rate.

The humanoid android has precise control of his air movement that allows him to fly at high speeds.



One of the infamous foes of Thor, Hela first entered in Journey into Mystery #102.

She is the Asgardian goddess of death.

Thus, Hela possesses all typical Asgardian abilities.

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master noted Hela top-notch speed whic


Jeanne-Marie Beaubier as Aurora

Jeanne-Marie Beaubier is Canadian superheroine famously known as Aurora.

What’s surprising is that she is Northstar’s twin sister.

So, undoubtedly, Aurora possesses powers flight as well as non-human speed.

However, she uses her ability differently.

Aurora propels her body at superhuman speed like a projectile.

According to WIKIPEDIA, Aurora theoretically runs at a speed of light meaning 186,272 miles per second in a vacuum.

Though even she can run at this speed, she won’t.

Its because this maximum speed would create a huge disaster that could break Earth’s gravitational forces.

However, practically Aurora can move at a speed of sound worth of 770 miles per hour at sea level.


Jeffrey Walters as Blue

Jeff Walters is the stranded character from demolished Earth-148611.

After he survived the destruction of his universe, Jeff founded on Earth-616.

To resurrect his family, he joined New Squadron Supreme along with other lost heroes.

Goes by heroic codename Blue, Jeff can run as fast as 300mph.

With this incredible superhuman speed, Blur proved himself to keep up his pace with Quicksilver and Squadron Supreme Vol 4 #3 just showed it.



Hercules is the King of the Olympian gods who possess extraordinary superhuman strength that could rival the strongest Marvel characters likes of Thor.

His super strong legs allow him to run way faster than you think.

Thor #126 proves that Hercules can achieve the speed of over 100 mph.


the Whizzer Marvel's fastest character

Probably most of the people don’t know about this guy. Marvel’s the Whizzer known by Robert Frank has been in the Marvel comic book for nearly 70 years since his creation.

If I talked about his origin and how he gets his superhuman ability, then let’s take a look. Once Robert went on an expedition with his father Dr. Emil Frank where Robert was bitten by a cobra.

But nowhere from sudden Mongoose appears and Dr. Frank recalled an old wives’ tale about him. He injected Mongoose’s blood into Robert’s vein which somehow recovered him. Due to Mongoose’s mutant blood reaction with him, Robert had developed the ability to move at superhuman speed.

In his unexhausted condition, the Whizzer can move at a superhuman speed up to 100 miles per hour for an hour only until his fatigue impaired his performance.

Because of this ability, his thinking capacity also increased about four times faster than an average human being thus making him his brain just as fast as quick-thinking.


3D man Marvel

3-D Man is Marvel’s first superhero which is composite of two brothers, Charles & Hal Chandler.

Due to an explosion of Skrull saucer, Chuck flew exposed to external radiation. It caused his image to imprint on Hal’s glasses.

When Hal’s wore the glasses and concentrates on it, Chuck materializes into a three-dimensional existence and becomes 3-D Man.

Chuck gained an ability that tripped his ordinary human skills.

According to FANDOM, 3-D Man has marked his top speed as 105 miles per hour.


Samuel Thomas Wilson as Falcon

Samuel Thomas Wilson is a Marvel’s one of famous superheroes goes by name “Falcon.”

He has mechanical wings to fly that allows him to fly at speeds up to 250 mph.

In the comic, Black Panther improvised Falcon’s suit by including holographic “hard light” wings that create maximum wingspan of up to 50 feet.

On the other hand, MCU Falcon uses a winged jetpack that allows him to attain subsonic speed.

So in conclusion, when it comes to flying speed, Falcon would be the winner against Vulture.


Slingshot fastest female superhuman

Yo-Yo Rodriguez also known as Slingshot is Marvel’s most underrated fastest superhuman who is also an agent of SHIELD (you probably saw her in the TV series).

In the comics, she is the daughter of most wanted super-criminal Johan Horton aka the Griffin. Because of his mutated DNA, Yo-Yo got her superhuman ability of super speed.

In the Marvel’s TV series Agent of SHIELD, her counterpart character Alena went through terrigenesis experiment which grants her the ability of super-speed. Live-Action Yo-Yo can run at speed of 300 miles per hour.

Another element to Elena’s ability is that she can run in time during the period of her one heartbeat.

As the heartbeat is complete she automatically returns to the same place where she started.

In the comics, Slingshot can snap from one place to another in a blink an eye. But like I said before after she exhausts her powers, she automatically returns to where she started.


war machine fastest mcu character

Same as Iron Man, War Machine also has inbuilt flight ability to fly at a faster rate.

It has the repulsor booster that speeds him up to the Mach 3 same as Tony’s several Armors.

However, War Machine solely made for battle purposes, which incredible offensive as well as defensive gadgets.

Hence, even though War Machine called as physically most durable Armor, still it may loose to Iron Man in a one-on-one dual race.


Iron man fastest marvel character

It’s obvious why Tony Stark is one of the fastest Marvel characters.

With the help of Iron Armor, Tony can flight at a much faster rate.

MCU movies show that Iron Man was able to reach as high as Mach 3 in moments.

Usually it Iron Man fly at speeds more than fifteen hundred miles per hour. If that’s not enough, Tony’s advanced technology could boost its pace into a supersonic one.

With additional boosters on Armor’s back, Iron Man’s speed improved significantly. This feature helps Tony to evade enemies attacks.


Monica Rambeau as Spectrum

Granted superhero powers accidentally, Monica Rambeau also known by Captain Marvel during her Avengers career.

However, she later adopted a different classic name as Spectrum.

When she accidentally strike by extra-dimensional energy which gave her superpowers, she can able to transform into any form and any type of energy.

Meaning she can be X-ray, Gamma rays, ultraviolet radiation, visible light, electricity, infrared radiation, microwaves and radio waves as she wishes.

Hence, while in those energy forms, she can travel very fastly ranging from speed of sound to speed of light.


beta ray bill

Initially introduced as a monster, Beta Bill Ray is now Marvel’s strongest hero ever. What’s even surprising is that his worthiness to wield Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir.

He is an alien of the Korbinite race. The scientist from his race transferred his life force and consciousness into an alien predatory beast.

Thanks to its advanced genetic engineering, Beta Bill Ray is capable of running at a faster rate.

What’s more that, with the help of Stormbreaker, Bill can fly at speeds faster than light.


Walter Lawson as captain mar-vell

The original Captain Marvel and one of the best Avengers according to IGN, Mar-Vell was a member of the Kree alien race.

When godlike being named Zo enhanced Mar-Vell’s abilities, he was able to crush the hardest substance known to Kree.

It also enhanced Mar-Vell’s speed ability.

He was able to achieve speed faster than light speed.

What’s more interesting is his broad intergalactic traverse through the flight.


Captain Marvel fastest speedster

Captain Marvel better known as Carol Danvers who was a former head of Nasa security. During her career time, she became entangled in the schemes of the interstellar alien Kree Empire where Carol befriends with the Kree Soldier Mar-Vell.

Later she was kidnapped by the alien robotic intelligence Cyberex who was a perfect assassin created by Dr. Walter Lawson. While she was still concussed, it leads her to battle with Mar-Vell.

But by doing so, she knocked off into a damaged Kree Psyche-Magnitron device which could turn imagination into reality. But also responsible to change Carol Danvers’s genetic structure.

The accident altered her DNA which effectively making her a half Kree superhuman.

Using her Kree powers, she capable of running and accelerating to high speeds which is beyond a normal human being.

Carol aka Captain Marvel is also capable of propelling herself through the air and the space vacuum at tremendous speed. She also has cosmic binary powers which enable her to fly at light speed.

Although her top speed is unknown, Carol can fly at three times faster than the speed of sounds for several hours which makes her one of the fastest female superhero characters.


Thor Avengers Assemble

Thor is the son of All-father Odin as well as the Asgardian god of thunder.

As a son of Odin and Gaea, Thor is physically most robust Marvel character known. He posses nearly the same powers as that of Hercules.

In terms of speed, Thor has superhuman speed.

Moreover, with the acceleration of his enchanted hammer, Mjolnir, Thor can fly at supersonic speeds, which is faster than the speed of light.

According to Thor: Asgard’s Avenger #1, Thor can reach up to Mach 32 with the help Mjolnir.

Though he possesses divinity powers, Thor should include as one of the fastest Marvel characters existed.


X-Men Northstar

One of the unknown X-Men member and mutant superhero, Northstar born with the several superhuman abilities.

Real name is Jean-Paul Martin who possesses the ability to run at fastest superhuman speed.

It’s just not only his speed, he can even fly and project photonic energy blasts.

Northstar is a living projectile because Jean can channel kinetic energy on an atomic level meaning moving faster than his body can endure.

It was possible for him to travel at a speed of light.

Although Northstar never ever traveled with the 100% speed of light as, if he did, he could have broken himself severely and his environment.


James Sanders as speed demon

James Sanders, aka Speed Demon, is one of the fastest supervillains who first appeared in The Avengers #69.

Due to composed mutagenic chemicals by Grandmaster, James possess incredible superhuman speed.

He can run faster than the speed of sound.

As a result, Speed Demon can create cyclones, run across the water quickly.

He is superhumanly so fast that he can even perceive his surroundings while running at the fastest speed.

Though his top-notch speed never known to Marvel fans, still we can assume that Speed Demon is one of fastest Marvel characters.


Richard Rider as Nova

In the Marvel comic, Richard Rider chose randomly by the last surviving Centurion of the planet Xandar’s elite Nova Corps-Rhomann Dey to inherit his powers and succeed him in the rank of Nova Prime.

Afterward, he becomes the host of the entire Nova Force which is a vast energy source that he can access to gain himself a number of superpowers and one of them is his fastest superhuman speed.

By properly channeling the Nova Force, Richard Rider can travel faster than the speed of light. Nova is capable of making Star Gates to quickly travel long distances in space.

But Rider is not just an only Nova hero. There are older Novas also who possess true super speed, meaning that doesn’t necessarily just flying.



One of the speedy members of Young Avengers, Speed resembles that of mutant Quicksilver.

Known by Thomas (Tommy) Shepherd, Speed is a mutant character with the ability to run at a faster rate.

He’s got Supersonic speed.

It gives him top-notch ability like superhuman reflexes, agility, and durability.

Though Speed’s top running is unknown, however, on several occasions, he demonstrated that Thomas could reach at least Mach 4.



Inspired by the Whizzer, one of the Fastest Marvel Characters, Whiz Kid has remarkable speed powers.

During the Secret Invasion, the Skrull Yellowjacket used poison gas against heroes. Whiz Kid was the one who to suck the poison gas using her speedy powers. It saves lots of heroes.

According to FANDOM, Whiz Kid run faster than 30,000 mph.

She was able to cross the US in minutes.



If you know, DC’s Flash character uses Speed Force to run at lightning speed and on the other hand in Marvel Universe, Quicksilver is a mutant.

During Marvel/DC crossover, Flash was not able to tap into speed force, hence losses his fastest speed. Hence Quicksilver outrun him in the race.

X-Men version of Quicksilver is way faster than you could possibly think.

In the X-Men: Days of Past Future, Peter save all the mutants trap inside the X-Men Mansion after the initial explosion but before the peak combustion.

So Live Action Quicksilver has a top speed of Mach 456. Which means it took him around 0.03 seconds to save everyone in the Mansion.

In the comics, Quicksilver’s top running speed is estimated from 3000 to 3 million mph. On various occasion, his average speed is at a speed of Mach 4 or 5.

Even he can outrun Thor’s thunderbolts and run across oceans without falling.


the Eternals as Makkari

Makkari is a Marvel character who is a member of the offshoot of humanity known as an eternal Ancient Godlike alien and also Eternal’s one of the member of Technological Guild.

Over the years while he’s growing, Makkari learned engineering subjects from his parents.

What makes him one of the Fastest Marvel Characters is his obsession with speed.

His primary focus is to reach superhuman running speed. While studying engineering, he spent countless years on a subject of speed and motion in which he particularly designs various high-velocity transport vessels.

Makkari gave much of his eternal powers to improve his running speed.

Currently, Makkari’s fasted recorded speed is near speed of light.

He can even create cyclones by running in circles and able to run up walls and over water.

At one point in his life, he finally achieved something that he was dreaming.

Makkari trained with the Eternal guru Elo to boost his speed to an abnormal level. But by doing so, he has to sacrifice his other abilities.

He was successful in becoming faster than ever but as a side effect, Makkari has to cost many of his powers like flight, matter manipulation, project energy blast, teleport, etc.

His obsession leads him to damage his own health and stamina. But he was not a fool enough to let it happen.

After Sprite’s treachery, Makkari regained his original Eternal abilities which were not limited to speed alone. Hence, this is no longer appears to be Makkari’s weakness.


Hermes Diaktoros

Hermes is one of the Olympian Gods who first appeared in Thor #129.

Although he is just like other Olympian Gods who possess superhuman abilities, Hermes is crazy faster than any other Gods.

Hermes holds limitless potential making him one of the fastest marvel character in the Universe.

In the issue Thor #291, Hermes beat Makkari’s speed in hand-to-hand combat.

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe recorded his lowest speed as Mach 2 to Mach 4.6 which is about 0.22-1.0 miles per second.

On the other hand, Venus #7 proved that Hermes’s top speed, and it was so fast that he traveled millions of light-years from Olympus Realm to Earth in a few seconds.


Robert Reynolds as Sentry

Robert Reynolds mutated into superhuman created by project Sentry.

When Robert ate the compound Golden Sentry Serum, he received “power of one million exploding suns.”

Furthermore, Sentry received the ability to run at superhuman speeds.

He has been seen reacting at a far higher supersonic speed.

On Earth, Sentry can run 5 miles a second.

According to Dark Avengers #13, Sentry able to fly to the sun and back in a few minutes. Meaning he can run faster than the speed of light.

Sentry’s interstellar travel allows him to travel far excess that the speed of light.

His speed is so high that he could bend space and time through pure speed.

Uncanny Avengers #10 shows that even Thor was not able to withstand Sentry’s tremendous speed.

With the ability of flight, Sentry can fly far higher than Mach 10. During Skrulls secret invasion, Sentry travel to Saturn in no time, which is about 746 million miles away.

Taking consideration of all these events, we conclude that Sentry is undoubtedly one of the Fastest Marvel Characters.


SIlver Surfer second fastest marvel character

Despite being called as Herald of Galactus, Silver Surfer likes to explore the galaxies and universes.

He always uses in the silver board for traveling across the galaxies. Because of wielding the power cosmic, currently, he is one of the strongest beings in the universe.

Thanks to Galactus who granted him such a cosmic power, he can surf millions of miles per seconds.

Due to his abilities, Silver Surfer was known as second Fastest Marvel Character in the whole universe. But sadly he was outrun by the Runner who places as number one fastest marvel character.

But according to Marvel comics, currently, he is faster than Nova. He can fly near-limitless speeds on his board.

He was fast enough to exceed the speed of light which causes him to enter into Hyperspace.

But what is exactly Hyperspace is?

Hyperspace is a different kind of dimension where Earth’s physical laws won’t applicable such as it is possible to travel faster than the speed of light.

However, Silver Surfer can fly faster than the speed of light without accessing Hyperspace.

In conclusion. the Silver Surfer can travel the galaxy in minutes.


The Runner first fastest marvel speedster

Runner is the Fastest Marvel Character ever existed.

Named as Gilpetperdon, Runner is one of the oldest living being the universe following the event of Big Bang.

As the name includes, Runner has dedicated much power his Power Primordial to build up his speed.

The Power Primordial helps Runner to increase his velocity. His every ability has peak velocity like his mind, movement, and running speed.

As mentioned earlier, he outmatches Silver Surfer in terms of speed. The upper limit of his outstanding ability is still unknown. But has been known as to run from 10,000 to 186,000 of miles per hour.

Although technically he seems to be flying, he truly shows off as he’s running.

That makes him top the fastest speedster entirely in the marvel universe.

This is a complete list of Fastest Marvel Characters.

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