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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Captain America

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10 Facts About Green Lantern You Must Know

Green Lantern is not just one person. In fact, its a title given to all sheered will characters. Green Lantern is capable of wielding immense powers...
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10 Spider-Man Facts No One Knows

Do you know all the Spider-Man facts? Thanks to Stan Lee, Peter Parker aka Spider-Man has been our superhero since 1962. Do you know Peter's parent...
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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Aquaman

Aquaman is the ruler of the seas and King of Atlantis. One interesting fact is that Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, hold the same powers as...
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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Hulk

As a Marvel fan, do you know Bruce Banner and his alter-ego Hulk's facts? Hulk first appeared in "Incredible Hulk #1" back in 1962. Since then,...
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5 Facts About Cyborg the Superhero You Must Know

Upcoming Justice League 2017 now set to release in this November along with new superheroes like Aquaman, Cyborg, and Flash. In the DCEU, Cyborg...
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10 Iron Man Facts You Never Know

Everyone wants to find out Facts about Iron Man who is unarguably the best Marvel superhero ever. Iron Man powers, his extraordinary suits, his human...
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10 Batman Facts That No One Knows

Batman is the best DC Comic superhero. Still, DC fans are not aware of rare Batman facts but dark ones. If he decides, Bruce Wayne can...


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