Elimination Order of Z Fighters for Universe 7 in Dragon Ball Super

Top 10 Universe 7 fighters in Tournament of Power
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Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power reaches its final match where only two universes i.e. Universe 7 and 11 surviving so far. After Universe 3 getting wiped out, Pride Troopers finally confronts Z-fighters which triggers Goku-Vegeta to fight with them.

The very first shocking elimination from Universal Survival Arc was a Krillin. Seriously, he didn’t deserve it. Before the tournament, he trained so much that finally end up awakening his new powers during a sparring match with Gohan. And also DBS spent a lot of time for developing Krillin’s character. Hence he shouldn’t have to go first.

Even Goku admit that Krillin has much more experience than any other character in the Dragon Ball series. And suddenly he got attacked from Frost and got out from the tournament.

Master Roshi in Tournament of Power
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So who’s next??? In last episode 107, Master Roshi jump off the stage because he pushes his limit and gets exhausted. But did you know there are certain theories which suggests the elimination order for Universe 7’s character?

So there are two strong theory from the Opening and Ending theme song of Dragon Ball Super.

Opening Song suggest the Elimination Order for Universe 7

Elimination order of Universe 7 holding dragon balls opening theme song of Dragon Ball Super
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So the Universe 7’ elimination order as per the opening theme song would be according to the stars showing on the Dragon Balls which every character holding in their hands.

Tien in Tournament of Power
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The first one is Krillin who is holding one-star dragon Ball and he was the first one who fall out from the stage. The second one is Tien who is appeared with 2-star dragon ball. The next order is Master Roshi, Piccolo, Android 17 & 18 and the last one is Frieza who is carrying seven-star dragon ball.

But in this song where Z-Fighters holding Dragon Balls, Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta are missing from it which simply indicated that they are gonna be the last three survivors in the Tournament of Power. But after the heroic performance of Master Roshi, he get exhausted because of using Evil Containment Waves three times and jump off the stage by himself.

Piccolo and Gohan in Dragon Ball Super
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After Master Roshi’s elimination, next victim from Universe 7 is Piccolo who slips out from the stage very easily because of Universe 4’s insectoid warrior, Demon.

Android 18 falling from the stage in DBS episode 121
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Dragon Ball Super‘s most recent episode 121 also losses their one more strongest warrior who has an infinite amount of energy and stamina. It was Android 17 who was supposed to fall out from the ring but his splendid sister saves him from falling by kicking him up on the stage. This ridiculous theory seems to be true even more now. I am too sure about upcoming warrior elimination who will be Android 18 and next would be nasty Frieza.


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