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Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Elimination Order for Universe 7 in Dragon Ball Super (Updated as per 17 Sep)

m Universe 7 team in Dragon Ball Super
All 80 dragon ball super's character
© TOEI Animation

Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power getting impressive week by week. First when Goku transformed into Super Saiyan God form and later Master Roshi finally reveal his full potential. Besides this, if this series is all about Universe 7’ character, that doesn’t mean that no one gets eliminates from the Tournament of Power.

The very first shocking elimination from Universal Survival Arc was Krillin. Seriously, he didn’t deserve it. Before the tournament, he shows us so much of hill newly awakens powers during a sparring match with Gohan. And also DBS spent a lot of time for growing Krillin’s character. Hence he shouldn’t have to go first.

Even Goku admit that Krillin has much more experience than any other character in the Dragon Ball series. And suddenly he got attacked from Frost and got out from the tournament.

So who’s next??? In last episode 107, Master Roshi jump off the stage because he exceed his limit and gets exhausted. But did you know there are certain theories which hinted the elimination order for Universe 7’s character?

So there are two strong theory from the Opening and Ending theme song of Dragon Ball Super.

Opening Song suggest the Elimination Order for Universe 7

Elimination order of Universe 7 holding dragon balls opening theme song of Dragon Ball Super
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So the Universe 7’ elimination order as per the opening theme song would be according to the stars showing on the Dragon Balls which every character holding in their hands.

The first one is Krillin who is holding one-star dragon Ball and he was the one to be out. The second one is Tien who is appeared with 2-star dragon ball. The next order is Master Roshi, Piccolo, Android 17 & 18 and the last one is Frieza who is carrying seven-star dragon ball.

But in this song during Dragon Balls holding scene, Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta are missing which simply indicated that they are gonna be the last three survivors in the Tournament of Power. But after the heroic performance of Master Roshi, he get exhaunsted because of using Evil Containment Waves three times and jump off the stage by himself.

Hence after the elimination of Master Roshi, this theory strongly suggest the elimination order for universe 7.

Did you, he find Elimination Order in Ending Theme song of Dragon Ball Super???

Krillin Tien and Vegeta in ending theme song in Dragon Ball Super
© TOEI Animation

(As this theory proves nothing because Master Roshi gets eliminated instead Vegeta. But take a look at this theory for fun)

The ending theme song clearly shows the Krillin is in the first place from the left. Then Tien and Vegeta. But some of you may ignore that because the third position occupied by Vegeta.

This fan theory could be wrong because we have witnessed the Vegeta’s hard intense training with Whis even before the Goku join him. And series still doesn’t show the Vegeta’ full potential power level. Some of the fans predict that Vegeta goes third because of his arrogance because of his too cocky behaviour like he thinks he can beat everybody.

Hence he goes randomly to fight with stronger one or even powerful than him. He might go with a strong opponent like Jiren and could fall earlier.

But Vegeta has held true Super Saiyan Blood and if he ever finds his deep potential, might he could surpass Goku. But since the Tournament has started, he just goes randomly and fights carelessly without any tactics plans like Gohan.

So like Krillin who has so much fighting sense, Vegeta could get eliminated from the tournament. Then after him, the next one is Tien. Nothing to surprise. He didn’t represent from the Start of the Dragon Ball Super. Just before the Tournament of Power.

99% of the fans have thought that Tien would be the first on the elimination list. But as per the theory from the Ending Theme song, Tien would be the second one who eliminates from the Tournament.

Now in the 106 episode-‘Find him! Death Match with an Invisible Attacker‘, Tien made his four clones as a defensive shield to get closer to Universe 2’s Hermila. At last, Tien sacrifices himself to throw him out along with his clones.

So according to Ending Theme song, Tien gets eliminated from the Universe 7.

Android 17 & 18 in ending theme song of DBS
© TOEI Animation

Then as per the order from the Ending songs, after Vegeta, there are twin humanoid Robots Android 18 and Android 17. We are all aware of sibling’s power levels. Even they fought continuously, they won’t get exhausted or fatigued. But why they will fall soon???

Like Vegeta, they also superior to others and seems too confident about their combat skill. So they might be the next.

Piccolo Master Roshi and Frieza universe 7 team in Dragon Ball Super
© TOEI Animation

Next one is Piccolo. Over the years since the starting of Dragon Ball series, Piccolo is the most underrated character. He seems to be not very strong, but have the very skill and tactic move. We have witnessed his new move during Universe 6 Saga. So after Android twins, he would be the one on the elimination list.

Next one is Master Roshi. Master Roshi, Gohan, and Piccolo trying to stand in the tournament by fighting together with a proper planning. He is the master of strategies and teacher of Krillin and Goku.

But it wouldn’t be surprising if he gets eliminates. Because the Dragon Ball Super focuses on the strongest warriors from the each universe. So that comes Frieza, Goku and ultimately Gohan.

Goku and Gohan ending theme song of Dragon Ball Super
© TOEI Animation

So last survivors would be Frieza, Goku, and Gohan and the ending theme songs also focus on them, mainly on Father-Son’ pair. Since Goku recruited Frieza for the Tournament of Power, the evil Frieza didn’t show much of his fighting skill during the match. Who knows, what’s going on his mind.

There is only one character, Jiren who has the powers to take down Frieza other than Goku and Vegeta. So Jiren would drop him during Goku’s battle with Jiren.

Gohan will be the last survivor!!!

ultimate Gohan in dragon ball super
© TOEI Animation

According to this theory, Goku and Ultimate Gohan seems to be the last survivors from the Universe 7. Don’t get me wrong, I strongly believe that Gohan will make it to the end because you know every time Dragon Ball Anime focuses on the Gohan.

During the battle with Cell, after Goku gets killed off by Cell and then we know how Gohan erase the Cell and kill him off using his full powers.

Just before the Tournament of Powers, Gohan had extensive training with the Piccolo which stimulates his hidden powers. And after that, he fought with his father by transforming into his Ultimate Form which matches nearly to Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue transformation.

But how will Goku gets eliminated???

Jiren and Goku fighting in power of tournament
© TOEI Animation & Deviant Art

During Opening theme song, Jiren and Goku seem fighting to their full extent. At this point now, everyone probably knows that Jiren would the strongest warriors in the Tournament of Power. In the song, Jiren showing his fighting ability which he still doesn’t show us in the tournament.

So one assumption suggests that Goku and Jiren will get double eliminate themselves by knocking each other. So the last one has to be the Gohan who gets martial arts training and fighting skills from the Piccolo within a short period of time.

As the ending song proves nothing. But still we have a chance to go through Opening song elimination theory. So lets hope this could be right.

Let us know in the comment section.




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