Edge of Venomverse : Venom Claims Wolverine its next target

After Spider-man, Venom targets Wolverine in Marvels Next Edge of Venomverse

X-23 as a venom

If you know guys about venom, He is an alien symbiote who take control of others body whoever they target. Marvel buy this venom concept from the Marvel comic’s fans. After Sam Raimi’s Spider-man 3 movie, still, there was no any movie on the venom. But in future, there is planning for Venom movie starring Tom Hardy which could be a part of MCU continuity, set to release in 2018 according to IMDB source. But in the comics. It’s not enough for Marvel Studio to only reboot a character rather they are had to go with the combination of this alien symbiote with Wolverine. Possibly they are trying to add cliff-hanger at the end to raise the curious among the fans. Hence, Marvel calling these comics as the biggest Venom story ever published since venom has created.

Fans are already waited so long for this to see this hybrid version of venom-verine. But now, Marvel officially began its Edge of Venomverse along with other extreme Marvel characters who would be in the comics in the coming next four issues. There is also one more surprise, what if Deadpool, Ghost Rider, and Old man Logan embrace this alien symbiote??? This all form of appetizer will be going to kicking off in September.

Marvel Comics released its first issue of Edge of Venomverse #1. In the beginning, the story introduces new venom like an alien symbiote to the Marvel universe whose first target is Laura Kinney aka weapon X-23. With the combination of venom and Laura, her version of backstory becomes deadly and dangerous as this would be set in another timeline. This Edge of venomverse #1, doesn’t add anything new to her character, but it is a fun of seeing her transformation as a venom-verine.
Roland Boschi and Adam Gorham’s artwork is indeed the best work till now mixing her original Wolverine design with the aesthetics of venom symbiote. In this issue, Laura begins her life same as the original way who held as a prisoner for the testing purpose by Shadowy Organization. Whenever she gets a chance of way out, she kills his captors. In the edge of venomverse #1, once she successfully attempts to leave the prison, but finally captured again by her captors. By doing so, she found out one glass containment cell which is also being tested in the lab. This containment cell happens to be the home of an alien symbiote which mainly attracted to hate and rage feelings.

With her new transformation, she finally escapes all by herself by killing off all the captor guys who held her prisoner. Instead of only killing other people, she decided to stay as a loner and chose the solitary life. She is capable of keeping venom symbiote under control for murdering other people. Hence while in a shadow, venom and Laura share everything a lot.
The first issue only highlights the venomize Laura’s character before the military forces hunting her down. But now this time, she is not going to hold back when she dons to the venom.

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