Dragon Ball Super: All You Need To Know About Yamoshi!

Yamoshi first Super Saiyan God in Dragon Ball Super Movie

Dragon Ball’s first ‘Super Saiyan God’ was Yamoshi.

In a last year’s interview, Dragon Ball Super’s father Akira Toriyama had revealed most of the secrets behind the actual scene of Saiyan Race.

When he explained all the details about First Super Saiyan God warrior whose origin has been kept under wraps until now become a most controversial subject among DBS fans.

Thanks to Herms98 and Ken Xyro, now we have an English translation of Akira’s Japanese interview. So without wasting time, let’s take a look at below question and answers.


Yamoshi fighting with evil Saiyans in his Super Saiyan God form
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Fan have been wondering for a long time about this mysterious unanswered question. But Dragon Ball’s boss Toriyama said it’s Yomoshi who fought against all other evil Saiyans with his 5 companions.

Do you remember in Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta talked about this legendary Super Saiyan??? But when???

A Super Saiyan appears once every thousand years… a Saiyan who overcomes the wall which no warrior, no matter how gifted, can overcome…That’s supposed to just be a stupid tradition…And even if the legend were true…only I would have the potential to become a Super Saiyan.”

As you can see, Vegeta seems to be known about Yamoshi’s very existence.


Super Saiyan God transformation Yamoshi
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Yamoshi was from the Saiyan Race who transforms into a Super Saiyan and known to be the first Super Saiyan God in the history of the Universe 7.

Until now even SSJ’s transformation was thought to be nothing but more than a myth until Goku achieve the Super Saiyan state first time in Frieza Saga.

Yamoshi was also a very rightful heir and possess righteous heart (just like Goku) to be a Saiyan and when evil Saiyan race invades his hometown, Yamoshi alongside his five comrades attempted to wipe them out.

Despite being transform into Super Saiyan, he still defeated by evil Saiyans.

First Super Saiyan God Goku's ceremony
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You know why Goku needed five other Saiyans to become Super Saiyan God??? The answer is lies within Namekian Book of Legends.

They said Yamoshi’s five righteous comrades helped him to transform into Super Saiyan God but like Goku, his transformation didn’t last long and overwhelmed by evil Saiyans which leads to cause their death.

In spite of relating to Saiyan race, Yamoshi had a noble heart. Alongside his five comrades, he started a revolt against evil Saiyan race.

When Yamoshi was caught in the middle of a fight, and about to defeated by the evil Saiyan, he taps into Super Saiyan transformation for the first time.

Even though his newly unleashed powers overwhelmed for the few minutes, but it didn’t last for a long enough.

Later on, when Evil Great Apes started striking, with the help of his five worthy comrades, Yamoshi attained Super Saiyan God transformation for the first time but sadly unable to stop them and run out of energy. Hence died before doing his mission.

Even after his death, his soul continued to search for the six righteous Saiyans to form a new Super Saiyan God.

That is why he briefly appeared during Goku’s ritual process to become SSGJ.

Also, this makes sense about Beerus’s mysterious dream person. Therefore, now we know, Beerus saw Yamoshi’s spirit in his prophetic dream instead of Goku.

So all this interesting information was noted by elder Namekian about him in the Namekian Book of Legends.


According to Wiki, Yamoshi’s name is a reference to Moyashi word which means ‘Bean sprouts’ in Japan.

But what is the connection between two words?

Because the actual meaning of sprout is evolution and both the legend Saiyans form i.e. SSJ and SSGJ forms being sprouted from Yamoshi.

Hence Yamoshi is more likely a seed to them from which those strongest transformations born.


After the successful ending of DBS series, currently, there is a production of upcoming Dragon Ball Super Movie which will explore the origin of Goku’s incredible powers and ultimately his arch-enemy Frieza’s potential origin.

Dragon Ball Super movie will hits theatres on December 14, 2018, in Japan.

According to Akira Toriyama, the movie will also feature the very first appearance of first Super Saiyan God i.e. Yamoshi.

Goku in Dragon Ball Super Movie teaser
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The first teaser trailer for the movie shows off one ancient mysterious Saiyan’s figure (who has a tail) and Goku (as always preparing to fight with him).

The tagline of the movie says ‘Saiyans have no limits” same as that of the last episode of Dragon Ball Super where Vegeta tells Goku while preparing for their last sparring fight.

Meaning its all about Yamoshi.

Because there will be some new characters, new original storyline with a new concept and most importantly all the characters being designed by Akira Toriyama.

But still, there is a question about one thing DBZ fans asking about.

Was Bardock also the possible heir of Super Saiyan God?


Bardock first Super Saiyan
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Most of the fans keeping baiting on Broly. But that’s not entirely true. Because Broly was the same age that of Goku.

The first super Saiyan was Goku’s father, Bardock.

Much before that in the ‘Dragon Ball Z: The Father of Goku’ movie, he was the first one to transform into Super Saiyan form.

As Vegeta said long ago, Super Saiyan of Legend appeared and destroyed himself with his own power.

In Episode of Bardock, While fighting with Frieza, Frieza’s supernova attack cause Bardock to travel back in thousands of years.

There he fought with Frieza’s ancestor Chilled and went Super Saiyan form for the first time.

In conclusion, Original Super Saiyan was also Yamoshi, later that logically Bardock was the one to achieved SSJ form. In the manga and anime, Goku was the one who attains the SSJ form.

So Bardock is not the second heir of Super Saiyan God. It looks like Yamoshi’s spirit didn’t find Bardock as a righteous heart.

Here is a complete list of the Saiyans along with their first attain transformations:

1. Yamoshi Super Saiyan & Super Saiyan God
2. Bardock Super Saiyan (in movie)
3. Gohan Super Saiyan 2
4. Goku
  • Kaio-Ken
  • Super Saiyan (in anime & manga)
  • Super Saiyan 3
  • Super Saiyan 4
  • Super Saiyan Blue
  • Super Saiyan Blue plus Kaio-Ken
  • Ultra Instinct
5. Vegeta Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Evolution


Some of the DBS fans will not remember it. During Beerus’s fight with Goku, Goku tells him that real Super Saiyan God spoke to him.

He said,

“The Super Saiyan God spoke to me loud and clear and there is no doubt about it, He is telling me to push even further.”

So there is no doubt that Goku is the first successor to Yamoshi’s SSGJ form. In case of Vegeta, anime didn’t reveal his deity form but manga did it.

But why Vegeta was able to transform into SSGJ mode?

There might be the reason because after all, he is the last pure-blooded Saiyan alive.

Do you know why Frieza fear Saiyan race and sought to kill Goku?

You all know he destroyed planet Vegeta.

Due to Yamoshi’s sudden improvement and capability to defeat all the evil one from the existence gave birth to Freiza’s fear and that’s why according to hi, Saiyan is the only thing who can stand against Frieza.

Despite being the direct orders from Beerus to destroy Planet Vegeta, Frieza did it to eliminate even a single possibility of another Super Saiyan could rise from the ashes.

What do you think guys??? Do comments and share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.



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