Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta will get eliminate from the Tournament of Power

Krillin Tien and Vegeta in ending theme song in Dragon Ball Super

As I discussed earlier in my last article, the elimination order for Universe 7’s Warrior is most likely hidden in the ending theme song of the Dragon Ball Super. According to elimination theory, the ending songs suggest the characters in order from Krillin to Goku and Gohan.

As per the theory, Krillin gets eliminated from the Tournament of Power because of Frost and in the 106th episode, Tien gets eliminated from the Universe 2’s Hermila. So now these theory seems to be correct.


Brianne de Chateau fighting with Vegeta in opening song of Dragon Ball Super
© TOEI Animation

After that what? Next member could be Vegeta. That’s the crazy part of the theory which is hard to digest for Dragon Ball Super fans. But why showrunner decided to throw him out too soon?

As he is fan favorite character and nearly matches the power level of Goku, that’s why this theory seems to be inaccurate.

Even if he gets eliminated from the Universal Survival Arc, this would be the shocking thing because of him going out before the likes of Master Roshi and Piccolo.

First, this theory seems to be purely coincidence because Krillin and Tien were less powerful as compared to others Universe 7’s warriors. But if Vegeta gets out suddenly, this theory would be 101% makes sense.


The Dragon Ball series is entertaining us since 80’s and since then Son Goku was leading the character. Because of Goku’ character, the show gets massive popularity amongst children, youth people, and even adults.

Not every time single character will get a chance to be king the season. The series is only meant for Goku and his son Gohan. Hence most likely both characters would survive till the last in the Tournament of Power.


Goku and Vegeta in the tournament of Power
© TOEI Animation

I think no. Akira Toriyama must have been thinking of taking this risky decision. Because this could lower the Vegeta’s reputation.

What if he is doing it for increasing Gohan’s characters? What if he is doing it for some heroic action that will boost Universe 7’s inspiration?

According to The Fan Guy, they think that show will eliminate Vegeta from the Tournament to save one of the important members of the Universe 7. But who?

What if he gets eliminated while trying to save Goku or Gohan? If that’s the thing, his popularity and reputation will not get hamper and would prove himself again the true being which reflects the awesomeness of Vegeta.

What do you think guys??? This is just a theory so do comments and share your views in the below comment section.

Source: The Fan Guy



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