Dragon Ball Super revealed Vegeta’s New Secret Powers

Ultra Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta in DBS episode 123
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“You are better than me Kakarrot and you are the best”

-Vegeta in Buu Saga

Since Vegeta had encountered with Goku in the Dragon Ball Z and later in the various Arcs, he witnessed his passion to become stronger which could even push his limit. he had realized that Goku is the best fighter ever known even if he doesn’t want to kill his enemy.

Vegeta in Buu Saga
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In Buu Saga, when Goku transforms into Super Saiyan 3 form, Vegeta admit that Goku always wants to battle with stronger fighter because he wants to push his limit to get more powerful than before.

Even if it is true, this doesn’t mean that Vegeta has never accomplished it. Every time when Goku becomes stronger, Vegeta was the eyewitness and always came to the realization that he is stronger than him.

Same goes for Dragon Ball Super. Currently series centers Goku’s development with his Ultra Instinct. And since the start of Tournament of Power, Vegeta doesn’t seem to use his powers yet and always lagging behind.

But here circumstances are very different because the show already teased us Vegeta is about to get a very new form or we can say he could be seen in a new avatar with different power.

Only Dragon Ball fans understand Vegeta always goes through a set of action after seeing Goku get a new form. Although physically he is stronger than Goku, he could not restrain his Ki as Goku did. That’s why he always lags behind.

But the ‘Universal Survival Saga‘ secretly developing Vegeta’s character to a new whole different level that we could only imagine of. So in this article, you will find how Dragon Ball Super already tease us Vegeta’s true potential which could indeed surpass Goku.


Blue Vegeta vs Toppo in DBS episode 126
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Vegeta started his training with Whis on the Beerus’s planet before Goku even knows it. As Whis knows it this fighter’s potential to be even stronger than Goku and DBS fans also know that he could play a pivotal part in the Tournament of Power in future.

One of the DBS fans represents his thoughts on a Reddit thread toward different possibility that Vegeta is hiding something or even has achieved a new power-up we have yet to see. After reading his opinions, it seems that Vegeta’s secret form was about to be revealed.


Vegeta carrying heavy weights on Beerus planet
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During Whis training, both Goku and Vegeta made to move extremely heavyweights as a part of training program. Goku struggles to lift it which was seems almost impossible.

But for Vegeta it was nothing. Angel had added more weights for Vegeta than before because he had been training with Whis longer than Goku. So this is one step towards his improvement over Goku.

Another evidence of his enhanced power is Whis told that he had doubles Vegeta’s weight. Yet he still was able to raise it and maintained the same speed as that of Goku who carry less weight.

This proof is enough to confirm that Vegeta is physically way stronger than Goku. So what’s the problem with his stepping backward in the Tournament? Was it Akira Toriyama’s idea behind it or could it be the demand of storyline?

Back in the Dragon Ball Super when both Saiyan fighters did training on the Beerus’s planet, Whis said that Goku would be able to control his Ki easier than Vegeta. So it could be that Vegeta has now learned to control his Ki and plus point is that he is already physically stronger than Goku, therefore he must be ahead of Goku.

When Vegeta finds the actual reason behind holding the Tournament of Power is to erase weakest universes, he knows he must become stronger which is lies beyond strength if he wanted to save his family. Therefore, while Goku collecting Top 10 warriors from the Universe 7, Vegeta decided to return to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to train himself even more.

When he broke out the Hyperbolic Time chamber after he was done with his training, he looks very different than the previous himself when he entered it. He knows that only physical training is not sufficient to get the stronger. After all, he had Whis’s all of the important lessons how to become stronger.

Vegeta trained from Hyperbolic Time Chamber new powers
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When he burst out Hyperbolic Time Chamber, he came out completely peaceful and most important thing his body literally cool as if no training had even taken place. Because he wasn’t physically doing training instead it was mentally like Jiren is doing now for controlling his Ki.

Another point is while the intense fight between Jiren and Goku in 1-hour special, Goku used Ultra Instinct. Vegeta doesn’t even bother. So does that mean that he already examined it during his training period or something like this?

He had done lots of training than the Goku (1 day of the Earth = 1 year in Hyperbolic time chamber). And now it seems that he has been hiding something better.

A very recent clue from the recent Dragon Ball Super episode 113, in which Vegeta shaking with excitement to fight against Jiren while he was meditating even after seeing beating Goku had just received.

The show didn’t even show his Super Saiyan God form yet and unlike manga, the anime never introduced the Completed Super Saiyan Blue form which is stamina flawless. So does that mean that Vegeta has now perfected the stamina flaw of Super Saiyan Blue by controlling his Ki?

Again I am going to say it. Every time Goku has ascended to a new level it’s been the same pattern with Vegeta. In Tournament of Power, his reactions towards Goku’s Ultra Instinct is not what we’d expect rather he looks puzzled.

Except for Vegeta, no one has been able to see Goku’s fast movement and it felt unreal to him but he can actually saw it with his own eyes. So does this mean Vegeta has already known something about Mastery of Self Movement???

Dragon Ball Super episode 122 preview image of Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta
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That was the first time Vegeta didn’t look annoyed that Goku had gotten ahead him unlike during Universe 6 Saga when Goku uses Kaio-Ken 10 times with SSB form for the very first time against Hit.

He has kept his silence attitude since the start of Tournament and even witnessing the battle between Goku and Jiren, he still wanted to challenge him until Toppo interfered.

Vegeta Promise Cabba to Visit Universe 6 Planet Sadala in Dragon Ball Super
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In episode 112, when Vegeta saves Cabba from the elimination, Vegeta promise him he will resurrect Universe 6 when he’s going to win the Tournament. But the thing is why he doesn’t scared of Jiren after seeing both supreme fighters, Goku and Hit knocked down against him.

In episode 122, Vegeta will challenge Jiren to show his so intense powers obtain from his way too hard training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. There is a high probability that after episode 122, Vegeta will be seen using Ultra Instinct ability or something like that. To challenge such almighty warrior Jiren, Vegeta sure has some guts. Solute to his confidence, we now have some hope to survive in the Tournament of Power.

In the new year, Vegeta will challenge the strongest warrior of the year who is no other than Universe 11’s Pride Trooper Jiren. Upcoming episodes spoilers revealed that Jiren will beat down Vegeta very badly and it should happen this way because to trigger new powers, Saiyan has to feel near death experience.

All these spoilers about Vegeta make sense to see the comeback of cool Vegeta which will be happening at the end of February.

In episode 122, Whis again stated that Vegeta tries to achieve Ultra Instinct by fighting with Jiren. Look how he avoided Jiren’s super fast fists attack and just punch him with his full Super Saiyan Blue power.

Vegeta Final Flash Towards Jiren
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When Vegeta was about to attack with his super Final Flash beam which surprised many of the attendants including Gods also. But this was not enough against the Pride Trooper. Thanks to his failure, Vegeta will become even stronger which could surpass his own Super Saiyan Blue form.

After witnessing Jiren’s short but exceptionally powers, Vetega remembered the promise that he had given to Cabba, Vegeta breaks through his shell and ultimately unleashes his hidden powers.

Vegeta's new powers Super Saiyan Blue
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To defeat in his own way unlike Goku’s Ultra Instinct, Vegeta surpasses his regular Super Saiyan Blue and emits boundless energy which potentially sharpens his attacks.

In his lately attained powers, Vegeta was able to par with Toppo who tapped into God of Destruction mode and starts throwing ‘Hakai’ energy towards Android 17-Frieza. His destruction energy was the responsible for breaking down the arena stage. It had so much amount of energy that anythings get destroyed as the destruction energy touches on it.

When Toppo suddenly changes his opponent and challenge Limit Breaker Vegeta over Android 17, Vegeta went full on his powers and starts fighting Toppo.

After seeing beaten Vegeta, Toppo insults him to cast aside everything he has. But it triggers Prince of All Saiyan which cost Toppo to eliminate from the stage. That moment was so hot that Vegeta had seen full of angrier and Toppo’s Hakai energy didn’t even harm him.

That’s the secret power Vegeta was kept hiding since the start of Tournament and in the final moment, it becomes a great help for Universe 7 because Toppo seems to be strongest pride Trooper after Jiren.

Vegeta vs Jiren’s unforgettable fight

Vegeta vs Jiren in DBS episode 123 preview image
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If you are a regular watcher of Dragon Ball Super, then you probably know how Vegeta was fighting with Jiren. But Jiren has a battle of Power higher than the Belmod where no other mortal can match his powers.

In the very recent episode of DBS, Vegeta never gives up even his lost his all of energy and stamina, he stood again and again and fight Jiren.

Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super episode 128
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Even he can’t stand on his legs, he performs ‘Final Flash’ which drained all of his remaining energy. But it didn’t scratch Jiren who seems tired Vegeta’s stubbornness and punch him. While falling out of arena stage, Vegeta gave remaining energy to Goku so that he could stand up again and fight with Jiren.

If it was not for Vegeta, we could have probably lost the match and didn’t even make it at this point. Hence, over a social media, Vegeta fans gave him a value of ‘Most Valuable Player’ after Android 17.

Do comments and let us know what you think about him holding his powers back…

Source: Twitter & Reddit


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