Dragon Ball Super tease Vegeta’s Completed Super Saiyan Blue

Completed Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta and SSB Kaio-Ken Goku
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Dragon Ball Super’ new year episode 122 centered Vegeta Vs. Jiren’s intense fight. What Vegeta did there was just awesome and how Jiren knocked him off just like Cell did with him was the perfect reminder of Dragon Ball Z.

Despite being the episode’s excellent animation, DBS fans noticed that Goku and Vegeta might have transformed into Super Saiyan Blue 2 but even it’s the strongest transformation, it won’t be enough for the Saiyans against almighty Jiren at this point.

This is confirmed that Goku will mastered Ultra Instinct to soon. According to what Jiren said while fighting with Goku, “I seek that which lie beyond strength“. It means that if Goku wants to use his deity Saiyan’s power correctly, he must learn how to perfect Ultra Instinct so that he can avoid any dangers.

Therefore, to give Vegeta justice, his fans demanding to see him in a new transformation and wanted to see Vegeta’s new power. In the preview which was shown at the end of episode 122, Goku said,’

“Just then, Vegeta awakens to an amazing power beyond Super Saiyan Blue,” Goku says. “That’s it. Hit Jiren with all of that power!”

So far, we won’t be sure whether it is Completed Super Saiyan Blue or not but fans have prophesied that it might be SSB 2. Even though that’s the case, according to the spoiler of 123 episode, it will not be enough to defeat Jiren.


Dragon Ball Super new ending theme song Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta and Ultra Instinct Goku
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There are hundreds of rumors spreading across the web about Vegeta’s Ultra instinct ability. Because we have been witnessed whenever Goku achieved something new, Prince of All Saiyans also succeeds later in the series.

Dragon Ball Super’s episode 122 ending song provides lots of secrets and also teases Goku-Vegeta’s new feature transformation in which Goku looks like attaining Full Ultra Instinct and for Vegeta, many fans thinking it may be Completed Super Saiyan Blue transformation.

Unlike DBS manga, in the anime, Goku increased SSB’s power level using Kaio-Ken technique and in case of Vegeta, it might be they would adapt Perfected Super Saiyan Blue form from the manga.


Perfected Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta in DBS episode 123
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While fighting with Jiren, Vegeta dodges Jiren’s multiple attacks and according to Whis, he seeking to attain Ultra Instinct by fighting with the Pride Trooper. Hence there is strong possibility that Saiyan would use this ability at some point in the future episodes.

Over the Twitter, one DBS fan had created Vegeta’s artwork same as Super Saiyan Blue form as that of shown in ending the song in which his hair looks darker blue and it’s different than the regular SSB form.

However, if you observe closely, Vegeta’s eyes giving off bluish silver brightness which seems to be inspired by Goku’s Ultra Instinct. Vegeta’s Perfected Super Saiyan Blue as well as Super Saiyan God forms were shown in the manga but fans desperately want to see this excellence in the anime too.

If according to Toshio, if his cool Vegeta rumor becomes true, it would make perfect sense because this darker SSB aura which was shown in the preview and in end theme song just giving us cool feeling.


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