Dragon Ball Super: How Universe 11 will survive in Tournament of Power/Universe Survival Arc

Universe 11's fighters Jiren Toppo and Dyspo

In the last episode 104 of Power of Tournament in Dragon Ball Super, Goku transforms into the Super Saiyan God form and then switch it to Super Saiyan Blue form in order to utilize full potential powers. At the end when Hit eliminates one of a warrior from Universe 11, there are only 3 strongest warriors remains, Jiren, Toppo, and Dyspo.

How can Universe 11 survive with limited team members?

As we can see, all the pride troopers from the Universe 11 eliminated during the Tournament of Power and most of the fighter’s loss against Universe 7’s warriors. And now only three but strongest and most powerful fighters of the Universe 11 remains which include Jiren, Toppo, and super speedy Dyspo.

Jiren Universe 11dragon ball super
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Since the beginning of the Universe Survival Arc, Jiren seems to be a silent fighter but his senses are incredibly strong. And if he is over powerful then the three of them do better work than the other members.

When Kale gets to transform into her True Super Saiyan form, even Goku unable to stop her even in his SSB state. Jiren is the one who stops her and knocked her out.

Super Saiyan Ble Goku and Toppo fighting
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Next Toppo, when first Goku fights with Toppo during Zen-Oh exhibition Match, Goku nearly match his power level with his SSB combining Kaio-Ken 10. Although he is not as strong as Jiren but seems as a prominent and key member of the Universe 11.

Dyspo universe 11 fighter dragon ball super
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And the last one member is Dyspo. You can’t underestimate him. He is the first one who able to defeat Hit’s time-skip technique other than Goku who couldn’t defeat him even with his combination of SSB Kaio-Ken powers. Hence, Dyspo’s speed is an important factor for him to survive in the Tournament of Power.

So now we know how powerful the Universe 11’s members are. Now what the solution or strategy to win the match?

Solution and Strategy of universe 11 to last until the Tournaments of Power End

Have you remember, how Goku and Vegeta defeat Universe 9’s member with their Super Saiyan Blue state when they fought together. This suggests that when you work together, you can become most powerful characters.

Like same this will their strategy to win this fight or to remain until the last. As you can see, Dyspo’s extreme speed and power that he can move at such a speed that many characters won’t even able to see where he’s going. Most surprising thing is that at first sight, even Zen-Oh/Omni King couldn’t able to see whats going on there.

Looking at the Jiren’s subtle observation, he seems to be following Dyspo’s movement. This concludes that possibly Jiren and Toppo can fight on the same level of the field at Dyspo’s speed. Hence with their coordination strategy, they can easily knock out other members of the universes easily.

Now it seems to be Jiren and Toppo conserving their powers to fight with an ultimate member of the tournament like Son Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, a Golden form of Frieza, etc.

So according to me, this would be the possible strategy to survive. Not perfect but 30% likely will be the same. Besides, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below about what Universe 11 can do to survive in the Tournament of Power.

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