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Dragon Ball Super: Top 15 Strongest Gods of Destruction Ranked – Hero's Facts
Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Dragon Ball Super: Top 15 Strongest Gods of Destruction Ranked

Dragon Ball Super' all 12 Gods of Destruction

Ever since Dragon Ball Super introduced series’ strongest person i.e. Beerus who is the God of Destruction of Universe 7, we were like just thinking Beerus is the only one who is stronger than Goku (at one point sarcastically Monaka was the strongest mortal after Goku).

But later as time moves on, in the Zen-Exhibition match, Dragon Ball Super introduced us all the existed 12 universes and their own Gods of Destruction with the strongest one even stronger than Beerus.

Dragon Ball Super’s manga chapter 29 shows the intense battle between all the Gods of Destruction except other fours who has mortals level higher than 7. It is not necessary that Universe with highest mortal level possess stronger and powerful mortals or Gods.

But still, fans expecting to know more about these four Gods who were not surprised when they first saw Goku attaining Ultra Instinct in the Tournament of Power.

So to remove all of your confusion about who is the strongest one among all the other Gods of Destruction, Hero’s Facts scaled these deities according to their strength and mortal levels.

Although Goku and his company are the centers of the series, because of deities and powerful angles’ entrance to the Dragon Ball franchise makes the world even deeper than ever.

Here are Top 15 Dragon Ball Super’ strongest Gods of Destruction.


Candidate of Universe 11 strongest God of Destruction Toppo
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As mentioned in the manga as well as in anime, Toppo is the candidate to become the next God of Destruction of Universe 11 after Belmod. That’s why he is always with him everywhere he goes.

Being a hot-blooded warrior, Toppo always fights for righteous justice and protect his world by working as guardians of peace within Universe 11.

In the manga chapter 29, we witnessed how Toppo unleashed his justice powers against Goku and in the anime, he nearly match Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue form plus Kaio Ken 10 times.

The reason behind Toppo rivals the Super Saiyan God is that he knows how to tap into Godly Ki. In the manga, while fighting with Goku, he activated his Godly Ki and displays the Aura of God which helps him to increases his power level to a whole different level.

That’s the only reason he is suited for the role of God of Destruction who is the second strongest fiddle of Universe 11 surpassed only by his sworn friend Jiren.

Even though he selected as an apprentice to become next deity, he still lacks in experience and all the 12 Universes Gods have been living and training for millions of years. Hence they must be at some level where even Super Saiyan Blue can’t reach.


God of Destruction of Universe 1 Iwne
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Iwne is one of the very successful and efficient Gods of Destruction at his work to keep the balance of his universe. His Job as a deity leads to his Universe having the highest Mortal Level. Holing top position in the top 12 Universes list does not mean that he is stronger God of Destruction.

In the manga chapter 29, during Zen-Exhibition match, he was instantly taken down by Universe 4’s God of Destruction-Quitela. But in the anime, he possesses power levels same as that of Gods of Destruction Liquiir and Arack.

During Tournament of Power, when the first universe was erased by Omni-King, he was the only god to not break out into a cold sweat which implies his calm and unafraid appearance.


Universe 9 God of Destruction Sidra
© 2018 TOEI Animation. All rights reserved.

Like everyone else, Sidra holds the same destructive Godly Ki as that of another one. Also one of the powerful Gods of Destruction who were only being surpassed by his angel attendant Mojito.

in the anime, his power level was nearly matched with that of Golden Frieza. When witnessing Frieza’s powers, Universe 9’s Supreme Kai, Roh noted that he already more powerful than the Sidra. When Frieza throw Sidra’s Energy of Destruction towards Goku, Beerus easily blew off this energy to save Goku.

In the manga chapter 30, during Zen-Exhibition match, he was the only God who acted quickly to Beerus’ attack by creating a barrier which protects himself including other gods behind him. But still knocked out by Belmod and still seems to be at a disadvantage while fighting Champa.

Despite being the fact that Universe 9 was the first one to erase from existence, at the end of his time, Sidra accepted his fate of unable to handle his job as God of Destruction.


Liquiir God of Destruction of Universe 9
© 2018 TOEI Animation. All rights reserved.

Like others, Universe 8’s God of Destruction-Liquiir resembles the appearance of Fox which gave him all the necessary advantages of this animal. When he uses his very precious ‘Energy Cannon Barrage’ from his tail, he triples the number of his tails to nine which could extend the possible damage.

Having very much proud of his strength and powers, his Universe 8 was also opted out of the Tournament of Power due to ranking highest mortal numbers. In the manga during Zen-Exhibition match, he nearly killed by Universe 2’s Goddess of Destruction-Heles’s arrow. Though he manages to counterattack it, by doing so, it pierces his arms very badly.

Later on, he squeezed by U3’s Mosco which seems impossible for him to break the robotic grip. Even though he is God of Destruction, he does not possess that much amount of power levels which surpasses the other Gods whose warriors participate in the Tournament of Power.


Rumsshi God of Destruction of Universe 10
© 2018 TOEI Animation. All rights reserved.

Rumsshi is the God of Destruction of the same universe where Zamasu came from. From many aspects, he resembles the appearance of one of Hindu’s God Ganesha but his weird behaviors make him less popular among the other gods.

One of the lazy God who doesn’t care about balancing the Universe and find it too much of a pain. If I talked about his power level, in the Manga, when he participated in the Zen-Exhibition Match, his War cry is able to knock out Universe 7’s Supreme Kai but unfortunately, take down by fan-favorites God of Destruction-Beerus.

Even though he is a deity with enough destructive powers to destroy the planets, he won’t be able to stand against all other Gods except Quitela who seems to be a cheater God.


Arack Universe 5 God of Destruction in Dragon Ball Super 122
© 2018 TOEI Animation. All rights reserved.

Unlike other Gods of Destruction, Arack is a much disciplined God who seeks to expand his Universe 5’s potential without destroying the minimal amount of planets. Due to his exceptional work as a God of Destruction, he was opted out of the Tournament of Power due to having a highest mortal level.

Arack has a rare type of super ability called as Headshot in which he uses a finger flicking attack to send his opponent flying. This technique is known as God of Destruction’s Severe Punishment in Dragon Ball Heroes.

Before the start of Tournament of Power, he participates in a sparring match with the Iwne and Liquiir in which is able to match power levels with his fellow gods.


Heles God of Destruction of Universe 2
© 2018 TOEI Animation. All rights reserved.

Universe 2’s most beautiful character ever as described by herself, Heles who is a first DBS God character appears like a human-like woman. Unlike other Gods who shown hatred on their warriors’ failures in the Tournament of Power, but on the other hand, Heles does not scold her team members for elimination from the ring.

Having second highest mortal level position among the 8 universes participating in the Tournament of Power holds overall sixth which shows her great job as a deity towards her universe.

For Heles, Love is a very powerful weapon for her warriors to fight against enemies. She is the only deity who shown respect to Goku because for her Goku is a quite handsome being.

As a one of the God of destruction, she is incredibly powerful except her angel Sour. In the DBS manga chapter 29 during Zen-Exhibition match, Heles is capable of producing powerful bow and arrow to attack which is powerful enough to pierce through Liquiir’s arm.

As the manga version of Tournament of Power is about to begin, but in the Anime she is the only character including Champa who smile at their demise while both Zen-Ohs destroying their universes for losing in the Tournament of Power.


Universe 4 God of Destruction Quitela
© 2018 TOEI Animation. All rights reserved.

Dragon Ball Super’ most annoyed God of Destruction, Quitela who has a habit of cheating to take a winning side towards him. Although he seems smaller in size, his confidence to take Beerus down during manga version of Zen-Exhibition match proves that he has power levels nearer to Beerus or below than that.

Likewise, Quitela failed to land a hit on other Gods but successfully defeat Iwne in combat. In the end, Quitela and Beerus prove to be the last two Gods of Destruction standing in the Zen-Exhibition match.

In the manga and Anime, Whis said to Saiyans, there are mortals exist who stronger than their God of Destruction and that deity appears to be stronger than Beerus. But Beerus added that he only lost once in an arm wrestling match.

In chapter 28, Quitela admits that he has defeat Beerus at arm wrestling, but Beerus says that he wouldn’t lose to him in an actual hand-to-hand combat.

In the anime, when Quitela’s Universe 4 is about to erase, the terrified mouse was determined to kill all the witnesses. That was his overconfidence or not, but still, his power levels remained unknown because he was wiped out before he could act.


Universe 3 God of Destruction Mule in the Dragon Ball Super
© 2018 TOEI Animation. All rights reserved.

Also known as Mule is Universe 3’ God of Destruction who appears like a small inferior devil who came out of his piloted Robot (popularly known as Mosco) when his Universe was about to erase.

His universe is kind of type which had mortal beings whose intelligence surpassed that of other universes’ mankind.

Like Universe 7’s Androids, he had an infinite amount of stamina because of his highly advanced and developed Robot he was handling.

Hence in the manga during Zen-Exhibition match, even when he was knocked down by Rumsshi, Champa, and Quitela, Mosco was able to stand again to his normal state and started fighting again.

Despite his small size body, he was able to withstand the menace of other Gods while managing his navigating Robot. This proves that he had some sort of fast reflexes to handle multiple things at once.

Having ownership of one of the most advanced Robot, it helps Mule to compete with other Gods of Destruction at his level.


Fused Zamas as Strongest and powerful Supreme God
© 2018 TOEI Animation. All rights reserved.

One of the fan-favorite villains of all time in the history of Dragon Ball franchise, Zamasu was selected as an apprentice to become next Supreme Kai of Universe 10 after Gowasu.

But his pride taken away when he was defeated by a mere mortal like Goku who must perish from the world along with all the mortal creatures who’s creation was a mistake of gods according to him.

His other counterpart Black Goku had the advantages of Saiyan body. When fused with his Future self, the transformation unlocked Saiyan’s full potential as well as able to used it along with deity’s superpowers.

According to Gowasu, the fusion extended their power level to no visible end. It means the fusion Zamasu arguably being the most powerful Supreme Kai so far and ultimately his killer powers could have surpassed even the God of Destruction.

Thanks to Goku’s incredible Saiyan body which has limitless strength and possessing Immortal body making him the series’ strongest fusion of all time so far.


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