31 Most Powerful Dragon Ball Super Characters Ever In 2019, Ranked!

Dragon Ball Super most powerful characters

Dragon Ball Super was a superhit anime of 2018 especially its last ‘Universal Survival Arc.’ The series just proved that how the characters broke their limits to become the strongest and most powerful one to save their homeworld.

This time, franchise explored (and still bringing) new nuts beyond worlds by introducing multiverse’s most influential characters. The recent “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” anime movie introduced Goku’s greatest villain yet, the Legendary Broly. However, his power level is yet to confirm.

In the Tournament of Power, all Universes’ fighters battled for their survival by presenting their superior skills. However, DBS only intended to reveal Goku’s most sturdy Saiyan transformation ever, Ultra Instinct.

If we look back in the past episodes, there are many characters, which includes villains, anti-hero, allies, etc. who become more and more potent than ever especially Future Trunks. There are even characters who had surpassed lead protagonists of the Dragon Ball Super.

Hence, the team of Hero’s Facts community prepared a list of fighters of Dragon Ball Super Characters from weakest to strongest. It’s evident that the list covers the names of Lords of Lord as well as God of Destruction. So without further ado, let’s find out who holds the number one position.

Here are 31 Most Powerful and Strongest Dragon Ball Super Characters.


Universe 6 Super Saiyan 2 Cabba Dragon Ball Super

Cabba was the first ever other Universe’s Saiyan fought appeared in Dragon Ball Super. Belonging from Universe 6’s Sadala planet, Cabba made Vegeta as his master and transform into Super Saiyan form.

During Tournament of Power, to save his homeworld’s existence, Cabba surpassed his limits and transformed into Super Saiyan 2 avatar. After Universe 4’s Monna’s brutal defeat, SS2 Cabba challenged Frieza. In his current state, Cabba was no match against Frieza who reaches his Golden Form. With a Ki blast, merciless Evil Emperor knocked him down out of the stage.

Though, as a Saiyan, it’s just a start for Cabba and his other Saiyan companions, I hope Akira Toriyama might have a better future for the character as well as for Sadala planet.


Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 34 Frost eliminate Krillin

Like Goku, Krillin also trained under Master Roshi. Goku captured all the teaching quickly as being from Saiyan race. Krillin, however, falls behind.

If you know, Krillin is the only Dragon Ball character who went toe-to-toe against every possible villain but lost severely. Thus gaining experience from these battle, Krillin trained so hard that Goku found his potential and recruited him for the Tournament of Power.

Krillin has a unique set of fighting style, and most of them fool every villain. He often caught off-guard his opponents even if they are stronger than him. This time, in the Dragon Ball Super, situation turn around him, and he got eliminated early in the Tournament of Power.

In his arsenal, there are lots of chi attacks which later copied by Goku like his signature attack Destructo Disc. Furthermore, from Tien Shinhan, he learned “Solar Flare,” a chi attack to blind his opponents.

Though being weaker than most of the Super character, Krillin is the notably strongest Earthlings warrior if he combines his strategic mind with fighting skills.


Master Roshi in Tournament of Power

He may not look like it, but Master Roshi aka Turtle Hermit is the influential human exist in the Dragon Ball franchise. Also known by God of Martial Arts, Roshi is an expert martial artist who trained some of the strongest characters like Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Yamcha, etc.

In the latest Dragon Ball Super, Master Roshi magnificently shows off his fighting skills which outclassed some of the most stringent characters from other universes. However, at the end of Tournament of Power, he surpassed his physical limits to save universe 7.

On the other hand, in the Manga, despite having such huge power differences, Roshi went toe-to-toe against mightiest Jiren who overwhelms Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Hit very easily. Goku’s most of the techniques originally came from Master Roshi like Kamehameha. Besides this, he possessed Afterimage Technique, Telepathy, a ritual of Evil Containment Wave to suppress evil, basic skills of Ultra Instinct ability, and lots more.

Even though Master Roshi is a human having age more than three hundred years, during Tournament of Power, he fought at his maximum power for the first time in the franchise. After witnessing such unexpected results from old earthling, God of Destruction Beerus shows respect towards him by calling him “Master.”


Spirit Bomb Super Saiyan Future Trunk in Dragon Ball Super

Son of Vegeta and fan-favorite time-traveling hero, Trunks was the first one to slaughtered Frieza in two halves with his iconic sword.

In the whole Dragon Ball series, Future Trunks had the most terrible backstories as his world has actually destroyed first by Androids-Cell and then by Black Goku-Zamasu.

Thanks to time traveling Capsule, Future Trunks went back to past where he met all of his family and his friends. Training under his father and Goku, Trunks became one of the stronger Z fighters and eventually returned to his timeline to save his future by defeating Androids.

Finally living a peaceful life with his future Bulma and his friend Mai, Future Trunks encountered one of the greatest enemy calling himself Black Goku. And thus it proved that there is indeed something wrong with this timeline.

In Future Trunks Arc, series has done justice to his character where he able to transform into a mysterious form. Although due to the blue aura leaking from the body, it could also potentially be a step towards a God transformation.

After defeating villains, Trunks returned to a different timeline where the Earth is unaffected by Zamasu. Not to forget that Dragon Ball Super had made him one of the Ace fighters like Goku and Vegeta.


Zamasu Universe 10

Zamasu was a Candidate to become next Supreme Kai of Universe 10. But after a collision of Goku, his conviction radically changes that leads him to approach a dark path.

After acquiring Goku’s Saiyan body from an alternate timeline, Black Goku aka Zamasu went for help from future himself. Since then both of them started rampaging on Dragon Ball franchise. Their cruelty became so high that they even killed all the universes’ God of Destruction by killing respective Supreme Kais.

As a Kai, Zamasu is not physically strong but recognized as a genius among all the Supreme Kais. Along with his prodigious skill for fighting, Zamasu selected as an apprentice to become the next Lords of Lord.

However, instead of sticking with deity rules, Zamasu wanted to apply his methodology to regulate mortal beings. And finally his loss from Goku’s fighting, the event made him sure to go on the evil path.


Piccolo's special canon beam towards Universe 6 Namekians in DBS 118

Vegeta or Android 17 was not the only character who had a change of mind from an evil path to hero. Long before them, the reincarnation of King Piccolo confronts Goku as a ruthless enemy.

Piccolo is from Namekian race who also participated in the Tournament of Power to save Universe 7 from destruction. As a mentor of Gohan, Piccolo trained his student to get him in better shape for the battle with other fighters. I don’t have to specify his battle power as he is one of the strongest Dragon Ball beings and his character still kept progressing.

In the Tournament, Mr. Piccolo knocked down multiple fighters at once. He has an unusual ability to grow his nimb back if cut down. Also, his unique ability list includes Cloning in which he divides himself into multiple version of himself. His signature attacks include Special Beam Cannon in which blast powerful laser beam that can destroy anything.

Currently, the Dragon Ball franchise is all about Goku and Vegeta. However, if you explore his history, before Saiyans, Piccolo was the only contender for a powerful character. But thanks to Super Saiyan storyline, its impossible for him to reach even in Gohan’s Ultimate form. Therefore future sequel needs to develop such potential character even further.


Ultimate Gohan in Dragon Ball Super

The third hero of the whole Dragon Ball series after Goku and Vegeta, Gohan is a very first half-human half-Saiyan being in the series.

In the Dragon Ball Super, Goku appointed his son as Universe 7’s representative due to his unique combat tactics. Although Adult Gohan seems to be lacking in fighting skills due to his dedication to becoming an educated person, when it comes to saving his family, like father, he can break his limits too.

However, that does not mean Gohan is a weak character. He is Saiyan after all. We need to remember that he was the one who defeated Cell surprisingly.

Among the Earth Saiyans, Gohan always had the most of the potential. In the Tournament of Power, When Gohan eliminate Universe 10 Obuni, it confirmed that Saiyan had been holding back his powers.

Let’s travel back in time during anime version of Zen-Exhibition match where Gohan fought against Lavender while he was blinded and only relied on his senses to win the battle.

Another incident highlighted his latent powers when he got the news about Tournament of Power. Thanks to his mentor Piccolo, Gohan boosts his hidden power which helps to bring back his Ultimate transformation once again.

During Gohan’s last fight with Goku just before the Tournament of Power, Ultimate Gohan’s powers nearly outclassed the Super Saiyan Blue Goku with Kaio-Ken. The most recent example was episode 118 where Gohan came up with a plan to defeat Universe 6 Namekians.

In the whole TOP, Gohan was the only one who consistently came up with adequate planning and fantastic strategy which eventually paid off every time.

24. ANDROID 18

Android 18 falling from the stage in DBS episode 121

Just like her brother, Android 18 didn’t fell to impress fans. Wife to Krillin, No. 18 fought heroically against other Universes’ champions despite having lack of training before Tournament of Power. Who needs training? Both androids made for combat having high intelligence skills.

Besides unique fighting style, Androids possess infinite Stamina. Hence, having such a significant advantage, Android 18 defeat Universe 2’s weird but powerful character Ribrianne who was pretty hard to knock out even for Saiyans.

No. 18 is a very charming character. However, when it comes to her family, she could be a dangerous opponent. However, to maintain the hopes for Universe 7’s survival, she didn’t care for her and propelled No. 17 back onto the stage eliminating herself instead.


Frieza in his Golden transformation

Out of all the Z-fighters, without Frieza, this article would be inadequate as he is still one of the infamous villains of Son Goku. He could do anything to eliminate his enemies even if it means to push beyond the limits.

In “Dragon Ball Super: Resurrection of F’, with the help of training, Frieza achieved his next transformation and became Golden Frieza.

The Emperor Frieza is a born warrior with full of potential as he never trained throughout his life. Furthermore, to beat Goku’s undefeatable Super Saiyan powers, he prepared for the first time in his life.

After receiving the most potent Golden transformation, V-Jump article noted that Golden Frieza ranks eight out of twelve on the danger scale. Even so, Frieza has so much room for improvement if he wants to beat Super Saiyan Blue form.

Earlier it had one weakness. Due to its prolong uses, it drained Frieza’s stamina drastically. But the villain managed to overcome his limitation through the mental training on Earth’s hell.

Thus, he mastered the Golden state and becomes perfected, and that is known as True Golden Frieza.

Despite all of this, Frieza gets shudders in front of Beerus as Akira Toriyama once said that he would never surpass the God of Destruction.

22. ANDROID 17

Android 17 in DBS episode 131

Who had thought even Z-villains would become valuable players in the Tournament of Power. After the trio of Frieza, Android 17 and Goku successfully defeated Jiren, No. 17 was left behind and thus became the winner from the Universe 7.

Android 17 first introduced in “Androids Arc” from Dragon Ball Z series to take down Goku. However, during his battle with Semi-Perfect Cell, he was killed off. Thanks to Dragon Ball, No. 17 resurrected back to life and lives on an island.

New Dragon Ball Super series developed Android 17’s character so charming that he grows a quick favorite among Dragon Ball fans. Besides having superpowers and techniques, Android 17 is so smart that most of his fighting strategies led most of the fighters’ downfall in the Tournament. In the manga story, Cyborg 17 defeated multiple other universes’ warriors in no time making Universe 7 stronger opponent to deal.

Now friend to Goku, Android 17 is considered as Dragon Ball Super’s most valuable player.


Dragon Ball Super Good Majin Buu

This time, Majin Buu or we can call him now Good Buu didn’t get any decent screentime except on anime. In the anime, during Zeno’s Tournament of Power, Buu fought bravely presenting better for future for the character. But the thing didn’t go as we wish.

Similar to Goku’s Kamehameha, Buu can also project the same Chi attack but a better one. He possesses two types of Kamehameha, i.e., Super and Majin which is a lot more advanced and powerful version that Goku’s one. Furthermore, Buu possesses numerous techniques that may rival Saiyans on some level.

Just keep in mind that, in Dragon Ball Super, Buu has become lots of stronger character. After training under Satan, Buu got in better shape for a moment. Despite having an enormous fighting ability, Buu holds one mysterious power, a healing ability. He can heal others and recover them just like Dante. Therefore, Buu was the best choice for the Tournament of Power before he slept.

20. HIT

Hit from Universe 6

Strongest Dragon Ball Super character of the Universe 6, Hit professionally known as ‘Legendary Assassin.’

In his home world, Hit is famous for his skilled work as he had proven himself by completing each killing task in a single strike. That’s why he also being called by ‘Never-Miss Hit.’

Hit’s actual age is still unknown but has more than 1000 years ago. During Universe 6 Arc, fans witnessed his potential and fighting skill against Goku. However, Dragon Ball Super still kept his hidden potential under wrap but who knows what will happen in the next future series.

Neither his strength nor his fighting abilities are above Goku’s but his signature technique, Time Leap was significantly enhanced during the fight. Like Goku, he learned to improve his time skip technique as he fought with Saiyan.

Hit’s real strength lies in his killing techniques because during Tournament between 6 & 7, he was holding back. Indeed this was true when Hit reappeared again during Future Trunk Arc and took down Super Saiyan Blue Goku with his invisible strike attack.

Despite all his, too arrogant behavior, Hit paid back his debt for Goku as he lost himself against Monaka who was a coward appointed by Beerus to inspired Goku.

10 Strongest Characters in Dragon Ball Z


Black Goku Future trunk saga

Future Trunks Saga was a nightmare for the Dragon Ball Super. This saga catches fire when battle encounters with one of the best characters Black Goku.

One of the fan favorite villain of all time because of his appearance resembles Goku. Black Goku is one of the greatest villains along with future Zamasu from universe 10.

Actually, he is God Zamasu in which he stole the actual Goku’s body from alternate timeline with the help of himself from future Zamasu to kill all the mortal beings as well as all the Gods including Beerus.

He is successful to come to that stage where he becomes the most powerful in the world.

Fuelled by hatred of beating from Goku, his only sole purpose is to kill all the Saiyan race. He also found out that the secret behind Goku’s powers is anger through which he surpasses the Super Saiyan Blue by transforming into Super Saiyan Rose form which is way stronger than ever.

Even though Goku and Black Goku share the same body, Zamasu’s Godly Ki mixed with a Saiyan body which allows him to transform into SSR form.

18. KALE

Berserker Super Saiyan Kale tournament of power

Kale is Universe 6’s lovely Saiyan who doesn’t like to talk much. She introduced as Caulifla’s protege and sister. During training, when Kale went on berserk, she completely resembles Dragon Ball’s iconic villain, Broly. Thus inspired by him, Kale introduced as the first canon Legendary Saiyan of Universe 6.

According to Cabba, it’s the Saiyan warrior who appears once every thousand years. If such a Saiyan awaken their hidden powers, it continues to grow till they self destruct.

In the anime, Kale transformed into Berserker Super Saiyan form and went against Super Saiyan Blue without any struggle. Later when she comes to her senses, Kale learns to control her Legendary powers and team up with her sister Caulifla. However, against exhausted Super Saiyan God Goku, the duo was able to fight on par with him.

Even Kale-Caulifla’s synchronized attacks didn’t work on Goku. Therefore, having no other choices left, they both used Potara rings and merged into Kefla, one of the strongest fusion who forces Goku to awaken his Ultra Instinct ability.


Super Saiyan Kefla Dragon ball super

Hooray for being born a Saiyan

Fans completely shocked after witnessing so much growth of Caulifla-Kale’s undefeated abilities.

Throughout Dragon Ball period, Goku took around 20-25 years to reach this point. However, in the Tournament of Power, female Saiyans from Universe 6 goes super strong for a moment and force Goku to reach Ultra Instinct mode.

After becoming Super Saiyan 2, Kefla managed to beat down Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue as well as his Kaio-Ken.

As Spirit Bomb acted like a temporary source to him for activating Ultra Instinct, Kefla’s unimaginable powers tend broke his shell again which leads him to regain his Ultra Instinct “Omen” state.

If I talked about her power level, according to Vados, Kefla’s power consists of Kale and Caulifla’s individual strength combined to their highest pick and then multiplied tens of times.

When her Potara fusion was born, Goku himself as well remarks that her power is so high that he cannot sense a limit to her. Meanwhile during this, her tigress roar even enough to make Jiren twitch during his meditation.

Despite all of this, DBS fans show their disappointment towards this fight because of her continuously growing powers which remarked that even Goku couldn’t survive taking one her deadly blast attacks.

But thanks to his Kamehameha, she was defeated by Goku’s Ultra Instinct which helps him to dodge almost all of her attacks.

Still, we don’t have to forget one thing, Kefla is the first ever female fusion to appear in the Dragon Ball anime series. (Don’t know when Gohan’s and Vegeta’s daughter would fuse)


Toppo Candidate God of Destruction in DBS 125
© TOEI Animation. All rights reserved.

As mentioned in the manga as well as in anime, Toppo is the candidate to become the next God of Destruction of Universe 11 after Belmod. That’s why he is always with him everywhere he goes.

Being a hot-blooded warrior, Toppo always fights for righteous justice and protect his world by working as guardians of peace within Universe 11.

In the manga chapter 29, we witnessed how Toppo unleashed his justice powers against Goku and in the anime, he nearly match Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue form plus Kaio Ken 10 times.

The reason behind Toppo rivals the Super Saiyan God is that he knows how to tap into Godly Ki. In the manga, while fighting with Goku, he activated his Godly Ki and displays the Aura of God which helps him to increases his power level to a whole different level.

That’s the only reason he is suited for the role of God of Destruction who is the second strongest fiddle of Universe 11 surpassed only by his sworn friend Jiren.

Even though he selected as an apprentice to become next deity, he still lacks in experience and all the 12 Universes Gods have been living and training for millions of years.


Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Evolution vs Toppo

Prince of fallen Saiyan race and pure-blooded Saiyan, Vegeta is one of the outstanding characters in the Dragon Ball series.

Much before his landing on earth, he was once a cruel, cold-blooded warrior, and outright killer but after his resurrection from death during Frieza Saga instead opted to remain and live on Earth, he chose to fight alongside Z fighters as a hero.

Full of pride and egotistical Vegeta believes his race to be the most powerful in the universe. And in reality, he is one of the toughest characters in the series after his former enemy, Goku. Now he is a family man which was a surprising moment for us when he went relationship with Bulma.

From the Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta is known to be one of the developing characters who always wants to defeat Kakarot and try to exceed Goku but always fails because as Goku always stays one step ahead.

But in the various occasion, Vegeta possess more powers than Goku but never used it against him instead he actually saved Goku’s life at times so he could be one to beat him.

Being confident in his tactic fighting skills makes different from Goku because he never lets his guard down. During the battle, he gets serious unlike Goku, who was slowing increases his powers.

Vegeta has been shown to be one of the intelligent characters of the series. Like Goku’s signature attack Kamehameha, Vegeta holds signature attacks are Galick Gun, Galick Shooting, and Final Flash.

According to the Dragon Ball Super rival danger scale, Vegeta holds 3rd position out of twelve. Unlike other Z fighters, Vegeta’s character is a unique one, more interesting especially when his ambitions towards becoming stronger than Goku.


Fused Zamas as Strongest and powerful Supreme God

One of the fan-favorite villains of all time in the history of Dragon Ball franchise, Zamasu was selected as an apprentice to become next Supreme Kai of Universe 10 after Gowasu.

But his pride taken away when he was defeated by a mere mortal like Goku who must perish from the world along with all the mortal creatures who’s creation was a mistake of gods according to him.

His other counterpart Black Goku had the advantages of Saiyan body. When fused with his Future self, the transformation unlocked Saiyan’s full potential as well as able to used it along with deity’s superpowers.

According to Gowasu, the fusion extended their power level to no visible end. It means the fusion Zamasu arguably being the most powerful Supreme Kai so far and ultimately his killer powers could have surpassed even the God of Destruction.

Thanks to Goku’s incredible Saiyan body which has limitless strength and possessing Immortal body making him the series’ strongest fusion of all time so far.


Broly Dragon Ball Super strongest

Spoiler Alert- Dragon Ball Super: Broly

The main antagonist of Dragon Ball franchise Broly once again stumbles upon us. This time, the Legendary Saiyan changed his enemy. Instead of Goku who responsible for his childhood trauma before, Vegeta became his prey.

To get revenge on King Vegeta, Broly’s father Paragus tells his son to attack Prince Vegeta. As it was the first time Broly fought with someone so powerful who can transform into various Saiyan forms, he learns to fight as fought.

In the movie, Broly possesses vast superhuman strength and raw monstrous Saiyan powers. After fighting with Broly, in the end, Goku himself admits that he might be stronger than God of Destruction Beerus but needs to learn few things first.

From the Broly vs. Vegeta, it’s undeniable that Vegeta still has a long way to go to reach Legendary Saiyan’s power level. Even Goku could stand against Broly who was brutally attacking him even in his God transformation. Hence to cover the situation instantly, both Saiyan had no choice but to use Fusion Dance to merge into Gogeta.

In the canonize series, it was the first time both Saiyan fused without Potara rings. From the Broly vs. Gogeta fight, it’s clear that Gogeta easily overpowered Broly and undoubtedly his other counterpart Potara Fusion, Vegito.

If Goku-Vegeta didn’t fuse into Gogeta, I am sure they couldn’t have any chance against Broly if they fought individually. Seriously, currently, Broly one of the strongest Dragon Ball Super characters after Jiren who overpowered Son Goku.

Now both Goku and Frieza want to have Broly on their side; one for making him as an ally and other for to make army strong, there is a strong probability that we will see him soon.

12. GOKU

Ultra Instinct Goku in Dragon Ball Super

One of the iconic character and the protagonist of the Dragon Ball series, Son Goku is pure of heart who possess no negative energy. In his entire life, he has hardly killed his enemies, but when it comes to his powers, there is no one who can compete with him.

Goku is specifically known for pushing his limits every time when to come to save his world. In Every arc, at the very final moment when all fighters lose their energy physically and mentally, their only hope remains to Goku, who always kept hiding his trump card for the very crucial point.

Like he transforms into Super Saiyan form first time during Frieza Saga and if I talked about his recent transformation, during Battle of God Saga, he transforms into Super Saiyan God form against Beerus. As well during the fight with Hit, he uses Kaio-Ken 10 times with Super Saiyan Blue form.

Like most Saiyans, Goku loves fighting and enjoys to challenge strong opponents. His passion and desire to become the strongest warrior in the world lead to start a Tournament of Power where he gets to fight every powerful elite from each universe.

Most of the fans love his sarcasm, his innocent behavior, nonstop eating habit and more importantly his respects toward others.

Despite being fully aware of Frieza’s true nature, he has always shown to respect Frieza’s strength and ability as a warrior. That’s why Goku recruited him as a warrior to participate in the Tournament of Power.

So in conclusion, his only goal to fight every strong people, willing to stand up to defend Earth and his friends, that’s led him to become one of the greatest characters of all time.


Jiren strongest warrior from Universe 11

One of the strongest Pride Trooper and key player of Universe 11th, Jiren the grey is a controversial character because of Tournament of Power.

Before the tournament in the opening theme song, we had seen him doing meditation which was a part of training for him to increase his Ki powers enormously.

In the anime, after seeing Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue plus Kaio-Ken 10 times, Toppo feels that it is not enough for winning against Jiren.

In the Tournament, till Jiren has shown his superpowers when he knocks down berserker Kale that even Goku unable to do that.

Hit also sense Jiren’s hidden powers which make him to fall back rather than face him after witnessing his power against Kale.

According to DBS’s author’s Jiren possess unthinkable colossal Ki which makes him superior to Goku’s SSB with Kaio-Ken 20 times.


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  1. Actually vegito maybe above grand priest
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    Ssgod of vegito would be as strong as 10 God blue gokus.

        • Like I said Jiren is stronger than Belmod in terms of Battle of powers only, as a God, Belmod has Hakai powers, and much more that we also don’t know about it…

          • This makes no sense. It is clearly shown that Hakai powers can be overpowered, as done by Frieza and Vegeta.
            If Jiren is stronger than Belmod in terms of battle power, then HE’S STRONGER. I don’t know what other explanation you have. If his god powers can be defeated by “regular” powers, then they’re weaker than said powers- simple as that.
            Saying we don’t know Belmod’s other powers means that he could have other powers or HE COULD NOT. Also, it was stated that there exists a mortal which is even stronger than a god, and I’m pretty sure they included all factors when they said that.

          • Wasn’t it mentioned that Jiren is a character that can’t be beaten by their Universe 11 God of Destruction? That alone is indication that he is above the god of destruction.

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  6. This list is wrong. Broly is not stronger than Jiren. He not even stronger than ultra instinct goku. His power matches that of Zamasu since Goku and Vegeta had to fuse into Vegjto to beat Zamasu. Vegito and Gogeta have the same power. Jiren is the strongest pure character outside of the gods maybe even matching Beerus. He doesnt have to transform to reach his limit breaking power, with him it comes naturally thru training.

    • You don’t have to be the strongest to be the leader. He has so much experience than the Jiren in a battle situation. Also, he believes in his comrade more than his own life unlike Jiren who gain power all by himself. If you had watched the last episodes of Dragon Ball Super, then you will know what I mean.

  7. Well, Broly from Dragon 🐉 Ball Super:Broly Base Form, Super Saiyan IKARI NO JOTAI (Wrathful/Fury), Super Saiyan (Super Saiyan C-Type) and Super Saiyan FULL POWER/Berserker (Super Saiyan B-Type) Broly is ranked #13 on the List With that being said, Where in the He’ll is Super Saiyan Kale (Berserker) on this list?

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    9. buu don’t that weak. don’t make buu at low rank because he cannot fight at tournament. he can make mr satan still at rank 1 tournament at earth that because no one can beat him. who can beat buu is gohan and stronger than gohan. if buu can join at tournament universe 7 can win easily because he can heal and he strong. i don’t remember but anyone maybe king vegeta told which must be avoided frieza, buu, and god of destruction.
    10. hit don’t that weak he can fight with jiren but you put that under kale? hit is strongest universe 6.

  10. A lot of stuff on this list is wrong. Future Trunks is stronger than Zamasu, Vegito is ALWAYS going to be stronger than Gogeta because the potara results in a stronger fusion than the dance. Jiren is stronger than Belmod. Broly is WAY stronger than Goku(U.I. Don’t count because it was accidental aka not controllable). Beerus and Champa is weaker than Jiren. Golden Frieza is stronger than Android 17. Ultimate Gohan is stronger than Android 18. Cabba is stronger than Krillen and Roshi.


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