Dragon Ball Super: Top 16 Most Powerful Characters ever in 2018

Dragon Ball Super charactres Jiren, Hit, SSB Goku-Vegeta, Gohan, Frieza, Kale
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Dragon Ball Super‘s ‘Universal Survival Saga’ will be known as the historic arc of the series because of a significant battle in a Tournament of Power.

The series has reached its end where Goku finally mastered his long remained Ultra Instinct ability and stood up against the mightiest Jiren.

In the Tournament of Power, All fighters did their best to survive but the anime is only meant for Goku vs Jiren’s ultimate battle and anime just prove it who is the strongest being throughout the history of Dragon Ball series.

If we look back in the past two years, we have been blessed with unique and fascinating characters who are even more powerful than Goku.

Hence, Hero’s Facts has listed top 16 DBS characters who are responsible to lead the series on a whole different level.

Here are, Dragon Ball Super’s Top 16 most powerful characters

16. FUTURE TRUNKS / らいのトランクス Mirai no Torankusu

Spirit Bomb Super Saiyan Future Trunk in Dragon Ball Super
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Son of Vegeta from an alternate future timeline, Trunks who was the first one to kill Frieza with his sword.

In the whole dragon ball series, he has the most terrible backstories as his world has actually destroyed first by Androids-Cell and then by Black Goku-Zamasu.

Thanks to time traveler Capsule, the trip back to past where he meets all of his family and his friends. Doing hard training with his father and Goku, he becomes one of the stronger Z Fighters and returns to his timeline in order to save his own future by defeating Androids.

After finding his peaceful life with his future Bulma and his friend Mai, he encounters with one of the greatest enemy calling himself Black Goku.

In this Future trunk Saga, series has done so a point where he able to transform into mysterious form. Although due to blue aura leaking from his body it could also potentially be a step towards a God transformation.

After his return to another timeline where the Earth is unaffected from Zamasu, I believed Akira Toriyama still have the additional storyline for him in the future. Because Dragon Ball Super has made him one of the Ace fighters like Goku and Vegeta.

15. HIT / ヒット, Hitto

Hit from Universe 6
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Strongest warrior and ace fighter of the Universe 6, Hit who is professionally known as Legendary Assassin. In his home world, he is famous for his proficient work as he had proven himself by completing each task is to kill the target in a single strike.

Unlike other fighters, he is way older than another warrior like he born over 1000 years ago. During Universe 6 saga, we witness his potential and fighting skill against Goku.

Neither his strength nor his fighting abilities are above Goku’s but his signature technique, Time Leap was greatly enhanced during the fight. Like Goku, he learned to improve his time skip technique slowing during battle.

As Hit’s true strength lies in his killing techniques because during Tournament between 6 & 7, he was holding back. Indeed this is true when Hit reappeared during Future Trunk Saga and take down Super Saiyan Blue Goku using his invisible attack.

Despite all his too proud behavior, He has a sense of honor as he lost himself against Monaka who was a weakling appointed by Beerus to inspired Goku.

14. GOLDEN FRIEZA / ゴールデンフリーザ, Gōruden Furīza

Frieza in his Golden transformation
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Without Frieza, this list feels incomplete as he is one of the arch enemies of Goku since the start of Frieza Saga and he will do anything to kill his enemy even if this takes him to push beyond his limits.

Recently during the Dragon Ball Super: Resurrection of F, with intense training, Frieza has achieved his Ultimate Evolution form which is known as Golden Frieza.

Frieza is a natural born warrior with full of potential, as he never trained to defeat Goku before. Furthermore, to beat Goku’s undefeatable Super Saiyan form, Frieza trained for the first time in his life.

At the first, Golden Frieza is extremely powerful being superior to Goku and Vegeta’s newly found Super Saiyan blue state. In January V-Jump article noted that Golden Frieza ranks eight out of twelve on the danger scale.

Due to its prolong uses, it could drain Frieza’s stamina drastically which is first noticed by Vegeta but after his defeat, Frieza manages to overcome his weakness through his mental training with Goku on Earth’s hell.

By doing so, he mastered his Golden Frieza state which is known as True Golden Frieza.

Still, despite all this, Frieza shudders in fears in front of Beerus as Toriyama once said that he could never surpass Beerus no matter how he is stronger.

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13. BLACK GOKU / ゴクウブラック, Gokū Burakku

Goku Black in Future trunk saga
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Future Trunks Saga was a nightmare for the Dragon Ball Super. This saga catches fire when battle encounters with Black Goku.

One of the fan favorite villain of all time because of his appearance resembles Goku. Black Goku is one of the greatest villains along with future Zamasu from universe 10.

Actually, he is God Zamasu in which he stole the actual Goku’s body from alternate timeline with the help of himself from future Zamasu to kill all the mortal beings as well as all the Gods including Beerus.

He is successful to come to that stage where he becomes the most powerful in the world.

Fuelled by hatred of beating from Goku, his only sole purpose is to kill all the Saiyan race. He also found out that the secret behind Goku’s powers is anger through which he surpasses the Super Saiyan Blue by transforming into Super Saiyan Rose form which is way stronger than ever.

Even though Goku and Black Goku share the same body, Zamasu’s Godly Ki mixed with a Saiyan body which allows him to transform into SSR form.

12. FUSION ZAMASU / 合体がったいザマス Gattai Zamasu

Fused Zamas as Strongest and powerful Supreme God
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One of the fan-favorite villains of all time in the history of Dragon Ball franchise, Zamasu was selected as an apprentice to become next Supreme Kai of Universe 10 after Gowasu.

But his pride taken away when he was defeated by a mere mortal like Goku who must perish from the world along with all the mortal creatures who’s creation was a mistake of gods according to him.

His other counterpart Black Goku had the advantages of Saiyan body. When fused with his Future self, the transformation unlocked Saiyan’s full potential as well as able to used it along with deity’s superpowers.

According to Gowasu, the fusion extended their power level to no visible end. It means the fusion Zamasu arguably being the most powerful Supreme Kai so far and ultimately his killer powers could have surpassed even the God of Destruction.

Thanks to Goku’s incredible Saiyan body which has limitless strength and possessing Immortal body making him the series’ strongest fusion of all time so far.


  1. Actually vegito maybe above grand priest
    Only super Saiyan 3 of vegito would be a match for beerus.
    He was toying with buu
    Buu had the powers of a super Saiyan 3 gotenks,an ultimate gohan and the mind of piccolo.also the powers of buu which was equal to base vegito.
    Ssgod of vegito would be as strong as 10 God blue gokus.

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