Dragon Ball Super Reveals New Spoilers for Episodes 109 & 110, Goku Vs Jiren!

Goku and Jiren in dragon ball super 109 110
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Today Todd Blankenship gives hint about Goku’s new transformation which highlights his never seen before silver eyes from Weekly Shonen Jump. Despite this, he also posts the scanned of a spoiler for episodes 109 & 110 of Dragon Ball Super.

In this 1 hour- episode, during the Tournament of Power, finally, we will get to see an epic battle between Goku Vs Jiren. In the very same episode, Goku is going to transform into his never seen before form and thats what Weekly Shenon Jump trying to say by this following image:

Weekly Shonen Jump Goku new silver eye form in dragon ball super
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If you look closely, the image highlights Goku’s new silver eyes and we have already posted the article which briefly describes this silver eyes transformation.

Dragon Ball Super 1-Hour Special!! Outbreak of a Super Event

Todd has translated the spoilers and twits the same through his account,

“Son Goku’s eyes are silver…!! What in the world’s going on?! Witness a shock the like of which has never before seen in Dragon Ball history!!!”

The Tournament of Power now getting serious and only strongest warriors are remaining in the match. So now it’s a perfect time to get heat up during fighting scenes.

Preview image of Son Goku in dragon ball super 109 110
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During 1–hour special, Goku will use Kaio-Ken 20 times against Jiren the grey but it will fail. Then Goku will go to create Spirit Bomb as per the last synopsis and according to the theory, he will absorb it to get transform into his new form.

Universe 11’s only remaining strongest warriors, Jiren, Toppo and Dyspo will act as independently to save their universe. Hence their Gods order Jiren to squash Son Goku. Like always, Goku happily accepted the offer and brace himself to fight Jiren.

During the fight, Jiren the grey has unleashed his hidden Ki which overwhelms all the contestant in the Power of Tournament. To match him, Goku transforms into Super Saiyan Blue with Kaio-Ken 20 times. But unfortunately, it is still no use.

After that what will happen is still a mystery. Because as per the spoiler, Goku will erupt godly Ki having bluish white-Red aura flowing around his body. I think that it will be his Spirit Bomb Super Saiyan form; but that the prediction only.

So what do you think guys??? What could be the result of Goku Vs Jiren’s fighting?

Do comments and share your views in the comment section below.

Source: Todd Blankenship


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