Dragon Ball Super reveals Goku’s New Silver Eye Saiyan form in the Tournament of Power

Goku's new Super Saiyan form
Image Credit: Toel Animation

To survive in the Tournament of Power, Goku chooses to transform into Super Saiyan God form in the Dragon Ball Super anime series. The existence of Universe is at stake, team Goku must have to find out a new technique to defeat all the powerful and strongest beings to stand till the Tournament ends. 37 minutes remaining to end the Survival Tournament, we have got new and hot news about upcoming events which will go to happen in the next couple of episodes.

In the previous article, I have discussed why Goku choose to transform SSG form instead of his powerful Saiyan form SSB. The anime is well into its “Universal Survival Arc” and fans already aware that at some point in the tournament Goku will transform into his secret hidden transformation and the wait finally seems to be over. Because the Latest issue of V-Jump just hit shelves in Japan which shows Goku’s brand new Super Saiyan form. Interesting???


What is this Goku’s New Super Saiyan Transformation???

Goku's new transformation in the Tournament of Power
Image Credit: Toel Animation

Recently updates from The Fan Guy reveals Goku’s new transformation and its official and its coming very soon, be totally hyped. Yonkou Production twitted about Goku ultimate form never seen before. If you watch the form, it looks magnificent. This is the Goku’s surprise form that everyone will get satisfied after seeing it.

Most of the unique and noticeable feature has to be silver eyes. This form looks very godly and is close to how the eyes of the Angels and The Great Priest looks like. There’s this awesome bluish aura lightly kind of like steaming off. This new transformation will give Goku a white-blue aura and his eyes will undergo major changes.

What will be the Changes in the Goku’s New Super Saiyan Form???

Goku's new Saiyan form in the Survival Tournament
Image Credit: Toel Animation

The best part of this new Silver Eye transformation is all about his body. He becomes bulky in his new avatar. Obviously, his shirts get ripped off which overall looks totally insane. You guys have a question about his form which looks similar to old days Dragon Ball Z when Goku was muscular and his Gi or Ki would get ripped off which looks like classic Dragon Ball Z design art style. But whatever it is, it feels right now because now he is true Goku that we have dreamed of.

The image shows Goku’s traditional Gi completely torn away from his torso. He is shown with bluish shade on his hair in the Super Saiyan look which also looks awesome. In this brand new avatar, he has a dignified look on his face which is more like angry.

What is this New Transformation all about???

One theory suggests that could it be something like Goku absorbing all the God ki/Gi or Aura inside his body so that he could use all of it. Because Goku’s new eyes appear to mirror to those which Zamasu had. Hence one possibility is that if the silver eyes are meant to indicate that Goku will soon become an actual Kai.

Another possibility is when Goku will transform into SSB form, then he could figure out a way to absorb every bit of it within his body. According to Manga, once a Saiyan has managed to overcome the stamina flow of SSB, they can learn to seal the overflowing power of SSB within themselves and thus achieve Completed Super Saiyan Blue perfected state. So it could be this form that we are talking about.

According to Comic Book who points out Todd Blankeship’s translated news note,

“A certain transformation appears in the latest visual…Finally, a visual where Goku faces forwards! His eyes shine silver and he wears a stern expression.”

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Last but not least, the shown image form could be half transformed form to keep the final state under wrap. Like’s Gohan ultimate new form what if there’s no aura at all after he is done absorbing every bit of energy. Anyway as a die heart fan of Dragon Ball Super, this could be Goku’s final and Super form till now in the whole Dragon Ball history.

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