Dragon Ball Super New chapter pits spoilers against Frost

Two Z-Fighters are out!

Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 34 Frost eliminate Krillin

Dragon Ball Super’s new manga chapter 34 takes sudden momentum in the Tournament of Power. Universe 6’s most cruel character Frost just eliminate Krillin and Tien on the behalf of Frieza.

What! Frieza? But why?

If you are a regular anime watcher, then you will know what I am trying to say. In the Anime, at one point, Frieza seems to be against Universe 7 and team up with Frost.

In the manga chapter 34 also, Frieza did the same. And end results was also the same.

Krillin didn’t even do anything but gets eliminated. Dragon Ball Super seems to be not for him in the manga version also.

He is not the only prey for Frost. Frieza exposes Universe 7’s important intel and told him to eliminate Krillin, Tien and Master Roshi first. Because they are weak.

After eliminating Universe 7’s first warrior, Frost confronts Muten Roshi and Tien. Tien overdid his powers and throws a direct blast at Frost.

But manga chapter 34, didn’t explain how Frost dodged that massive attack and how he becomes suddenly so strong. He said,

“He was right, you three really are weak.”

And punch him severely which sterilized him to fall from the arena.

Frost eliminates Tien in Tournament of Power
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If you remember, in the Dragon Ball Super anime, Tien battle against Universe 2’s Hermila. Hermila destroyed the edge of the arena with KI blasts to make his fall. But Tien’s duplicate forms captured him as well to make him fall along with Tien.

In the anime, even his short sacrifices appear to be satisfying for DBS fans. But it looks like manga wants to complete ‘Universe Survival Arc’ within a next 4 to 5 chapters. Because we all know the movie is currently in production and its first trailer came out.

The way they are approaching fast, it would be only matter of time until Goku goes against Jiren and activate state of God i.e. Ultra Instinct.

In the manga, Tournament of Power rapidly proceeds further along with other several universes’ warriors.

Since Dragon Ball Super Manga came into life, we all know that manga world is going to be bit different. Hope Goku’s Ultra Instinct would be different than the anime.

You can read the full chapter here

If you are not aware of this series, Dragon Ball Super is a direct sequel to Akira Toriyama’s most popular yet Dragon Ball Z series.

The anime started airing on July 5, 2015. After killing Kid Buu, Goku brought peace to the earth. After living calmly along with his family and friends, he confronted series’ biggest powerful character yet and attained the state of God.

Goku’s usual behavior of challenging strongest opponents by exploring other universes which create unstoppable foes.

Dragon Ball Super will telecast its last episode 131 at 9.00 on Fuji TV


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