Dragon Ball Super Manga chapter 34 eliminates 1st universe from Tournament of Power

Title of new manga chapter 34 of Dragon Ball Super is ‘The First Doomed Universe’ suggests that one universe is going to be wiped out from the existence.

The second chapter of Tournament of Power moves quickly with the fast elimination of other universes’ strongest warriors. And most of the drop out warriors tend to be from Universe 9.

After eliminating Tien, Frost confronts Muten Roshi as he is the third weak character according to Frieza. But Krillin informs Goku to protect Goku as Gohan is busy with Trio De Dangers of Universe 9 and Piccolo with Hyssop, Sorrel, and Rozel of Universe 9.

However, Frieza tells Frost to walk away from a Saiyan as he is not capable of handling Goku. As Frost run away, Frieza told him to fight to the fullest strength.

When Gohan and Piccolo find themselves in a tough spot, Frost nowhere from sudden zooms past them, blasting a massive attack at Universe 9’s warriors and eliminate Oregano off from the Tournament of Power.

Trio De Dangers in Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 34
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Last remaining Trio De Dangers confronted Gohan-Piccolo but two of them are suddenly knocked out by Frieza.

After realizing, Bergamo is the only fighter remaining from the Universe 9, he tells Piccolo to find a solution for his universe’s survival.

Frieza knock off Bergamo in DBS chapter 34
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But cruel Frieza abruptly knocks him out of arena ring. After losing all 10 fighters of Universe 9, the Great Priest declares they must be destroyed according to rules.

Omni-Kings raises their hand and just erased it leaving behind their Angel.

After reminding from the great priest that time is still running, all start fighting for their as well as own universes’ survival.

As the fate of the Universe is on the line, who will be the next universe that going to be erased by Omni-King?

You can read the full chapter here

If you are not aware of this series, Dragon Ball Super is a direct sequel to Akira Toriyama’s most popular yet Dragon Ball Z series.

The anime started airing on July 5, 2015. After killing Kid Buu, Goku brought peace to the earth. After living calmly along with his family and friends, he confronted series’ biggest powerful character yet and attained the state of God.

Goku’s usual behavior of challenging strongest opponents by exploring other universes which create unstoppable foes.

Dragon Ball Super will telecast its last episode 131 at 9.00 on Fuji TV