Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 31: Goku ready to Recruit Top 10 Fighters

Top 10 Universe 7 fighters in Tournament of Power
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Dragon Ball Super’s anime variant of Tournament of Power leads to an exceptional level where only strongest universes are remaining i.e. Universe 7 and Universe 11. The Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 31 just starts its Universe Survival Arc in which Goku ready to recruit elites fighters from Universe 7.

In the DBS manga chapter 30, we witness Jiren’s kind nature and how was doing to protect his own universe without harming other universes. Although he finally agreed to enter in the Tournament of Power, on one condition that he want something back in return. Don’t know what but must be a satisfying answer.

DBS manga chapter 31 Goku recruits Krillin and Android 18
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To gather Universe 7’ warriors, Goku first visits Krillin’s house to recruit him. By doing so, he also wants Android 18 to participate as well. But whats interesting again is seeing how Goku is taking it to Android 18 and just like the anime Goku here also lies about the Tournament of Power and instead he offered her 10 million Zeni.

DBS chapter 31 Dende Goku
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DBS manga 31 Android 17 and Goku
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After this event, Goku wants Android 17 to join also. Hence he went to Kami Sama palace where he can see everything from up in the sky. Dende told him about Android 17 living on large Island to the south. After telling hard truth about Tournament of Power, Android 17 accepted to join if Goten and Trunks protect his Island in his absence.

Now Universe 7 has collects 8 fighters which include Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Majin Buu, Krillin, Android 17-18, Tien and Master Roshi. Meanwhile discussing Tournmanet’s strategies, Bulma gets a message from Mr. Satan about Buu’s problem that he is in deep sleep hence he won’t wake up for another two months.

Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 31 Bulma Told everyone Buu won't participate in Tournament of Power
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This thing about him is completely different where in the anime, Majin train so hard where he gets in tune shape and after that, he fell asleep. However, the manga version of Dragon Ball Super wants to introduce all universes fight together so early.

Dragon Ball Super manga 31 Goku Piccolo
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Now we have 7 Z fighters left and to fill up that gap, Goku went to Piccolo to ask for him to train Gohan. Piccolo told Goku to bring some Sanzu Beans for Gohan because according to Piccolo, Universe 7 can’t win this competition.

Manga chapter 31 just ends there. Now 9 warriors have been gathered. One is still left and that is Frieza. Don’t know manga version of DBS will hire Frieza or not just like anime. But including him, we have top 10 strongest warrior to participate in the Tournament of Power.

Piccolo’s those finest wise words about Gohan is enough to guess that even Gohan lacks in powers now, probably he would have his moment at the end of Tournmanent of Power. 10 minutes are left until the conclusion of Tournament, Vegeta just confronts Jiren to fight with him, Goku still recovering from his fight with Aniraza, and Frieza continues doing his nasty business secretly. Around 3 months are remaining for this Arc to comes to end. Hence there are more chances for us to watch Goku-Jiren’s fight once again.

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The original manga has already been out in the Japanese language and it’s VIZ media English translation is now available in the VIZ’s official website.


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