Dragon Ball Super manga Chapter 30 revealed Jiren’s kind nature

Jiren and Universe 11's Pride Troopers
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Recently V Jump releases their next Dragon Ball Super manga Chapter 30 and the chapter is mainly devoted to Jiren’s very first grand entry in the world of Dragon Ball Super manga. Unlike TOEI Animation’s anime, the manga seems to be exploring satisfactory storyline of each character that anime failed to explain it.

The great priest stops beerus and Quitela in Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 29
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In the previous DBS manga chapter 29, we get to see how the great priest held Zen-Exhibition Match between all the Gods of Destruction of each universe. Their intense battle and hatred towards each other make both Zen-Ohs feels uninterested in their fights. But unexpected change takes place when Universe 11’s Toppo who wants to take revenge on Goku for making this scary chaos, made his first move against him. As the selected candidate for Universe 11 God of Destruction, Toppo successfully beat down Goku’s all Super Saiyan forms including his Gods translations.

The manga takes an interesting turn when Toppo said Goku he is the second strongest fighter from his universe and reveals there is another person named as Jiren who is way stronger than his God of Destruction in terms of ‘Battle of Power’. Unlike the anime, Toppo’s power level evenly match during Zen-Exhibition match and in the manga, Goku couldn’t even stand against him. So now you are thinking how would be Jiren’s actual power level in the manga.

Chapter 30 revealed Jiren’s true intentions behind joining the Tournament of Power and it seems that whatever you have listened (like he is a monster, Beast) is totally wrong. He is a good fighter who wants to protect his universe. Sounds weird??? But its true. So without wasting any time. Let’s take a look at Herms98’s English translation.

While the rest of the Pride Troopers handles that Crab Monster, Jiren is away on a distant planet taking care of some escapees from a galactic prison. The crab monster breather paralyzing gas and when Dyspo tries to fire, Toppo stops him since he might miss and cause collateral damage. Thankfully Jiren arrives and saved the day.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 30 Pride Troopers
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Belmod says Jiren is a man who devotes everything to Justice and never acts for selfish reasons. He doesn’t even kill evil people. But he has one wish that he wants to fulfill, even if it means to break his principles. That’s why he’ll enter into the Tournament of Power.

DBS manga chapter 30 Jiren and Toppo
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When Toppo tells Jiren about the upcoming Tournament of Power, he initially refuses to enter by saying his duty to protect the peadce of Universe 11. But he won’t destroy other universes to save his own. If Universe 11 loses the tournament, that’s just their own fate.

God of Destruction, Belmod arrives and tells Jiren he can fulfill his wish once he wins the Tournament of Power after granting Super Dragon Balls as the prize. That’s the only reason, Jiren finally agrees to go but on the one condition.

“If any troubles occur there, I will immediately return to Universe 11”

DBS chapter 30 Jiren made his wish for joining Tournament of Power
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The manga will enter the ‘Universal Survival Arc’ soon in a couple of months and before that Toyotaro wants to develop Jiren’s character even more interesting than the anime. One thing is common to both anime and manga, like Goku, Jiren is uninterested in becoming God of Destruction which is why Toppo is selected as a candidate.

Thanks to his colossal powers, we witness how he overwhelmed Goku in the 1-hour special. In the anime, Jiren didn’t seem to be in trouble while handling Goku’s Ultra Instinct ability. He manages to dodge all of his attacks. Still, don’t know how Jiren was able to dodge the attacks from Mastery of Self movements which seems way faster than even other fighters unable to see Goku’s movement.

Is Jiren already learn Ultra Instinct??? If anime does not want to answer it. Ok, it’s fine. We have Toyotaro’s manga who should be able to explain even more history of Jiren including his secrets behind his powers and his meditating mode.

The original manga has already been out on the V Jump and VIZ media’s English translation will release on the 20th November.

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