Dragon Ball Super’s manga Chapter 29 revealed series strongest warrior

Universe 11's strongest warrior Jiren the grey
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Earlier 29th chapter of manga Dragon Ball Super reveals that Jiren has the battle powers which surpasses even their Universe 11 God of Destruction Belmod.

As Toppo himself is the strongest warrior from universe 11 and the manga version of Toppo is way stronger than its anime version. As he capable of outwitting Goku’s all 5 transformations.

In chapter 29, Toppo said that he still has a long way to go if he wants to reach Jiren. This sentence enough to prove that in the actual tournament, Jiren power level would be on complete another level than the anime version.

In the actual Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power 1-Hour Special, Jiren hardly uses his powers to knock down Ultra Instinct Goku.

Jiren doing meditation
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In the anime, none of us ever expected for Jiren to be this powerful enough to even push Goku beyond his breaking point which causing him in such trauma and it ultimately awakened a new level of power within him which is even Gods of Destruction finds it trouble to master it.

In DBS 110 episode, when Jiren stops Goku’s final punch, he says this heat that is your limit which proves that Jiren is probably known the Ultra Instinct and seems very familiar with this new form.

Indirectly we can conclude that Jiren has received the Ultra Instinct ability already as we saw how he automatically caught Hit’s punch when Hitman tries to attack him when he was open from his blindside.

Before fighting, when Jiren unleashed his enormous Ki, it was just his waves of energy rather than typical Dragon Ball power-ups things. It’s pretty much obvious that Jiren has lots of secret (than the Great Priest) by having same ability like Ultra Instinct.

Jiren saving his strength from the start and seen doing meditation thing because he could try to maintain his Ultra Instinct after the intense battle between Goku and him. Dragon Ball Super’s opening song already shows the glimpse of Jiren doing his mediation. So it could be that meditation is the golden key to his power.

Jiren's starring attack powers in tournament of power
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We have also witnessed Jiren’s another incredible starring power. He uses his eyes as a source of power constantly. Another thing is right before Goku’s form disappear, Goku continuously punches him but Jiren still standing where he was by deflecting all of Goku’s attack even though Goku is in his Ultra Instinct form.

Since the start, we didn’t even seen Jiren growling or yelling which may not be his style in the first place. Although Goku reaches into his new level of power, still Jiren didn’t show any struggle by handling him.

But one thing is to confirm he will unleash his complete Ki later on in the Tournament of Power and I think Goku will have to control and perfect the Ultra Instinct technique.

Even Beerus seems impressed and a little bit feared by sensing Jiren’s hidden powers even more than the infinite Zamasu.

Then it’s very clear that Jiren is way stronger than Fused Zamasu. According to Whis, Jiren has hardly used his powers while fighting with Goku and had reached far from his power. Even if he used his 10% of powers at that time, he still on the different level.

My theory on Jiren’s secret power is that he could be a former God from another universe or from future timeline???

Dragon Ball Super already introduce us timeline game in Future Trunks Saga. Hence if Jiren’s backstory is connected to Zamasu’s screwed up things, then it makes perfect sense that why he is way stronger than our imagination.

Universe 11 second strongest warrior
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In the manga, Toppo is the chosen candidate to be the next Universe 11’s God of Destruction even he is a second stronger warrior from his universe.

Then why Belmod has chosen Toppo instead of Jiren who he is stronger than his current God of Destruction. That’s why I am guessing that Jiren could be a God from another dead universe which was destroyed by Zen-Oh.

Originally there used to be 18 universes in total, but Zen-Oh erased 6 out of them when he got mad. So it might be possible that Jiren has survived from one of the destroyed universes and was rescued by Belmod.

But at the end of the day, it’s still my assumption. The anime version of Jiren already seems undefeatable and the manga version of Toppo beat down all of Goku’s transformation instantly.

Therefore, it is 100% sure that manga version of Jiren could possess that level of powers that we could only imagine

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