Dragon Ball Super manga Chapter 29 teases Goku Vs [Spoiler]’s Fight (UPDATED)

Goku and Toppo in Zen Exhibition match
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Extreme Battle of Gods started in the last Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 28 when the Great Priest declared the Zen Exhibition Match. Unlike anime version, the manga presents battles between Gods to entertain Zen-Ohs rather than a battle between mortal beings. all gods of destruction attack Beerus at once during the Zen Exhibition match because of his past behavior and Goku’s fault behind upcoming all universe’s tournament.

While defending himself from all the other Gods, Beerus tried everything as possible and by his fighting skills, he proves himself that he is the greatest God among all the others. But DBS manga chapter 29 spoiler says that an unforeseen fighter will starts with Son Goku.


Manga Dragon Ball Super Chapter 29 Goku Vs Toppo
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The warrior who attacks Goku is no other than Universe 11’s one the powerful member, Toppo who came along with his God of Destruction, Belmod as to gain the Godly experience. The match takes drastic changes when the match starts in between Goku-Toppo. If you memorize correctly, in the anime the Great Priest stopped the fight between them to preserve both of their energy for the actual Tournament of Power.

After Gods fight, Toppo from U11 sets out to fight with Goku in the Zen-Exhibition match. The fierce combat between all the gods leads to exhaust them and seriously wounded each other especially Beerus and Universe 4’s Quitela. after realizing both Zen-Ohs finds this pre-tournament match boring, the great priest immediately bans all the Gods of Destruction to participate in the actual tournament. therefore Zen-Oh king decided to wipe out the Universes without holding the tournament. But Son Goku request Zen-Oh to starts the match again but this time the tournament will hold only between the mortal being.

After that, the Great Priest sets the battle between Goku-Toppo because there are only two mortals present besides all the gods and angels.

Dragon Ball Super manga 29 Super Saiyan 1 Goku
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The first image shows Goku transformation into the Super Saiyan form from the start against Toppo who will eventually replace Belmod as the God of Destruction.

But Toppo manage to dodge all of his attacks and outmaneuver him. And when Goku realizes he can’t defeat Toppo in his first form, then he transforms into the SS2 form. Both Zen-Ohs seems to be enjoying this and gets surprised when Goku power-ups his strength.

Super Saiyan 2 Goku in Zen-Exhibition match
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The next page shows us Goku’s transformation into the Super Saiyan 3 form. What’s different here is that we haven’t really seen SS3 form showcased in the anime since the short battle between Future Trunks and Goku during Future Trunks Saga.

Super Saiyan 3 Goku attacks Toppo
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Yet again, Goku unable to physically touch Toppo little bit. From the preview images, we can see that how Goku literally dishing out everything he could do, but it seems that Toppo’s power level is ways stronger than Goku’s SS3 form. After that Toppo’s one punch attack is enough for Goku to feel pain who rolling down onto the floor instantly.

Toppo punch hard to SS3J Goku
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There is nothing Goku could have done using his SS3 form to avoid Toppo’s inevitable attacks. After learning Toppo’s overwhelming power, Goku rapidly changes into his Super Saiyan God form. This is something that we never saw in the anime version. I am sure Dragon Ball Super’s manga will have more twists and surprises that we have ever seen in the anime.

Goku transform into Super Saiyan God form in manga 29
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Every God of Destruction seemed to be interested in finding out Goku’s godly flowing energy and what he has just done it including Toppo as well. Toppo has underestimated Goku before, but now he knows that Goku’s divine status.

Toppo use Justice Flash towards SSGJ Goku
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Hence Toppo launches his Justice Flash attack against Goku and surprisingly it shocks Goku as well when he flies directly into the sky and crashing on the ground which is again that we’ve ever seen in the anime. (please go to next page)…


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