Dragon Ball Super already tease Kefla’s fusion in the Limit Breaker opening theme song

Kefla in Dragon Ball Super 114 preview
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Dragon Ball Super show had started showing their second opening theme song, Limit Breaker x Survivor by Kiyoshi Hikawa from the episode 77 onwards. Like hundred times we have seen this opening song but our eyes unable to detect what Akira Toriyama has kept for us. Caulifla-Kale fusion Kefla is already been shown in the Limit breaker song but we as a Dragon Ball fans can’t see it. Such a disappointment for us.

After the elimination of Universe 7’s Krilin, we start looking the elimination order into the opening theme song and unfortunately, it seems to be true after Master Roshi’s sacrificed.

Dragon Ball Super revealed their old secret by twitting one photograph into their Official twitter account. The image shows one mysterious girl standing amidst Universe 11’s Jiren and Toppo. If you look closely, the girl has wears Potara earrings and earlier episode 114’s preview briefly introduced the very first look of Caulifla-Kale’s Kefla fusion who also seems wearing Potara earrings.

Caulifla and Kale in Tournament of Power
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But sadly she is just a frightened Kale, not what we have been thinking. If you compared Kale’s hair with Kefla, both are very different. Kefla’s hair is more like Caulifla and Kale’s original form also wears an earring. However, it’s not like that the showrunner didn’t plan to introduce her since the start. Akira Toriyama must have planned to do such fusion thing long ago.

Hence I think they might put her in between one of the strongest warriors from Universe 11. When it comes to fan theories, DBS fans just can’t stop making it. At one point it feels real, but if we think clearly, it makes no sense.

Dragon Ball Super will air on Crunchyroll Saturday at 7.15pm C.S.T. and at Fuji Television Network.

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