Dragon Ball Super: Kale’s Saiyan form is more than Broly’s form

Kale's and broly's transformation

Dragon Ball Super now reach to the level where only strongest warrior remaining in the Tournament of Power after the Zeno-oh wipes out the existence of Universe 10.  In the previous article, we talked about first female Super Saiyan transformation in the Dragon Ball Super, Caulifla and the second one is Kale. But Kale is little different one and she’s on fire in this tournament.

Kale in Super Saiyan Form Dragon Ball Super

In the 100th episode of the series, the little weakling girl who is postage to Caulifla powered up into a mysterious Super Saiyan form which exactly looks like Broly character. Kale’s new form is incredibly powerful but because of her lack of control over the powers, she reverts back in the original form. But in episode 101, when she again transform herself into that form. But this time she transforms with less angry and more conscious of her powers.

Let’s talk about Broly who was the Legendary Super Saiyan. His Super Saiyan is a very unique and rare transformation which separates evolution from the normal super Saiyan line. He is being referred as The Legendary Super Saiyan due to his massive destruction and slaughter. If you don’t know he born with a power level of 10,000 which is more than most of the elite Saiyan warriors.

Broly in Dragon Ball Z

This Kale’s transformation is quite similar to that of Broly in the terms of both appearance and characteristic. And just like him, Kale also unable to control her immense power and consistent fuelled up rage for killing Son Goku. This is the very similar situation because of Broly’s hatred for Goku caused him to go on a rampage condition.

Kale’s Super Saiyan form has been called as Ultra Super by Caulifla and Super Saiyan true form by Vegeta. Now Kale has full control of her powers and Vegeta seems to be aware this type of power already. She’s consistently increased her powers in the Tournament of Power which could be greater than Broly’s power.

On the next episode of Dragon Ball Super: Episode 101-A Faster than light battle Begins,

“Contestants continue to be eliminated in the tournament of Power. In the middle of all this, Goku helps out Hit, who’s at a disadvantage against universe 11…?”

In this episode Hit and Dispo will going to fight at the speed of light. But When Hit is in disadvantaged, Goku comes for help.

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