Why the Great Priest need to be Dragon Ball Super’ main villain?

The Great Priest and father of all angels
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Dragon Ball Super is already at his peek point where only strongest fighters are surviving. Anime’s one of the longest running ‘Universal Survival Arc‘ isn’t something only about the Tournament between all the universes but more than that.

There are stories spreading across the web about The Great Priest being a villain and most of the Dragon Ball fans really wanted him to play the contrary role.

Since the start of the arc, series consistently hints us the Great Priest‘s strange style. However, he is Whis’s father and that’s the only things stopping us to think about him like that.

Hence, in this article, we have pointed out some theories which may prove that Why the Great Priest need to be the Greatest Villain of all time…

1. Super Villain


Dragon Ball Super villain The Great Priest
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As the series contain ‘Super’ word, so every character needs to be extremely weighted. Let’s take an example of Jiren who is currently series’ mightiest character ever.

If Dragon Ball needs to be Super at its final moment, there should be a ruthless villain who has never appeared on the show before and never will be.

Hence, apart from Super Dragon Balls which are in the possession of the Great Priest, the series seems to be taking a serious shape.


2. The Great Priest’s mean look before Universes’ elimination


The Great Priest villain look
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Till now, there are total six universes which becomes a victim of the Omni-King in the Tournament of Power. And before that, there were total 18 universes whose counts decreased to 12 because of Zen-Oh for an unknown reason.

Every time, when the Angel declares Universe’ loss every DBS fans witnessed the Great Priest’s shady and aggressive action.

Hence, most of the fans are wondering what if the angel wants the strongest worriers from the Tournament to be on his sides?

If that’s the case. There is only Jiren who is one of the strongest characters appeared in the series.


3. One Angel seems happy when his universe wiped out


Mojito angel smiling after universe 9 erase
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When Universe 9 completely erase after their terrible loss at Tournament of Power, their angel named as Mojito was smirking.

It looks like Mojito gave us a little hint about their major plan which is about to execute at the end of Tournament.


4. Jiren is not a villain


Jiren's fullest powers
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If you have read DBS manga chapter 30, you will know why Jiren does not want to enter the tournament. Hence he’s battle with Universe 7’s Z-Fighter just a formality to survive.

Ever since Dragon Ball Super aired, only deities’ characters become threats to the world.

First one is Beerus who eventually becomes Anti-hero of the series.

The second one is Freiza who rivals the powers of Gods after transforming into his Golden form.

Third and important one i.e. Goku Black who was actually a God who becomes monster to wipe out the mortal beings.

Therefore, we just have to think deeper and deeper to find out a powerful threat to Z-world.

Jiren is interested in Saiyan race especially Goku’s passionate behavior to fight with strongest one.

Hence, please don’t get confused with Jiren being the villain of the year.


5. Ultra Instinct is meant to be for avoiding any danger


Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku form
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Remember what Whis’s said if Goku-Vegeta learned ‘Mastery of Self Movement‘, they could avoid any possible danger. Any danger means even the Great Priest’s powers also.

Ultra Instinct isn’t limited to just a transformation rather an ability which deity seems trouble to master it.

The Great is the only character below Zen-Oh king who is the strongest character in the whole multiverse of Dragon Ball franchise.

By connecting all those theories (which could be wrong), we can say that there is someone in the Dragon Ball Super after Zamasu who could turn evil apparently.


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