Dragon Ball Super: Goku will again transform into Super Saiyan God in the upcoming episode 104

Super Saiyan god Goku and Hit

In the Dragon Ball Super, during God of destruction Saga, Son Goku has transformed into incredible transformation which is known as Super Saiyan God. Goku has obtained this form through a ritual involving six persons who possess Saiyan’s blood.

The series’s author came up with his amazing idea that this form could be simple but super strong, unlike Tadayoshi Yamamuro’s muscular Saiyan form that we have seen in the Dragon Ball Z.

Son Goku’s original voice actor reveals that this Super Saiyan God form would make its super comeback in the upcoming tournament of powers. After digging up some information about SSG, Yoshita Toshio revealed the write-up was not an error.

Also the trailer of episode 104 shown the Son Goku is in SSG form during his fight in the Tournament of Power. So what is going to happen in the next episode is that Dyspo and Universe 11 starts attacking Legendary Hitman and our favorite hero decide to help him by standing beside him.

So it is the most worthy thing for us with Goku-Hit teaming was a long time coming. You could feel the mutual understanding between them and the fact that Hit was going turn out good like most of Goku’s rival.

Why Son Goku Choose to transform into the Super Saiyan God form???

Now Goku wants to try something different and will go SSG for the first time since God of Destruction saga. In the original Manga Goku and Vegeta already used SSG transformation and reason will remain the same in the series also.

The main reason behind using this form is that SSG consumes lesser energy than Super Saiyan Blue form and saves the users stamina. SSB is a lot stronger form though in terms of power.

Super Saiyan God Goku in Dragon Ball Super
Image Credit: Toei Animation

Son Goku has already used Super Saiyan Blue form 2-3 times in this tournament. Which means that he already has drained a significant amount of energy during the fighting.

There are 37 minutes remaining until the Tournament ends and thus Goku just couldn’t keep using SSB. That’s why Goku choose to transform this form because according to The Fan Guy SSG is being much slimmer than original form and also users speed in this form might be better than it is in SSB.

Goku in super saiyan god form fall in water
Image Credit: Toei Animation

According to the synopsis of episode 104 of Dragon Ball Super, Hit will have trouble with facing Dypso. So to resist him with Dyspo’s speed, Goku will counter his speed with the help of SSG form.

Durin Battle of Gods, When Lord Beerus punch Goku in his stomach, Goku heal after sometimes in SSG form. Hence, SSG form also seems to have some level of healing abilities.

So if this going to be true, this is something we haven’t seen Goku do before or afterward. If showrunner explores that parts again, it might be little bit refreshment for Son Goku.

Other possibilities Why Goku Choose to Transform into SSG

In the Tournament of Power, to survive strongest guys from Universe 11 especially from Jiren, showrunner might be showing new transformation which Goku takes it to an advanced level.

So it would be interesting to see how the show would reach to another level. All Dragon Ball Super fans want surprises and show always keeps its promise and will do the same again.

So what do you thing friends??? Will Goku going to transform in the New Super Saiyan God form or it will be just repetitive…

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