Dragon Ball Super Reveals Goku’s New Spirit Bomb Super Saiyan Form in 109-110

Guke's new transformation from V Jump
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Hey, Dragon Ball Super Fans! We have just got a very hot news about Goku’s new Spirit Bomb Super Saiyan transformation from Herms. Like I discuss in my last article, Goku going to transform into his silver eye transformation or into his limit time breaker form in the episode 109-110. But actually, things are very different.

[Spoiler for 1-hour Episode 109-110]

Goku's limit breaker form or silver eye form
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Today, Todd Blankenship gives a small indication of Goku’s new transformation. It’s the same new transformation that we have seen for nearly a month. He said that,

“Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Goku uses KKx20, but it’s no use! Then he uses the Genki-Dama! Next, he gets a new transformation”

In the 109th 1-hour Special episode of Dragon Ball Super, finally, Jiren will go against Goku with his massive unbelievable Ki powers and will overwhelm other warriors from universe 7 in the Tournament of Power.

When every time things getting out of control, Goku has to push his limit beyond his present available Ki. That’s where he always go for making Spirit Bomb.

As the title of episode 109, “The Strongest warrior bears down on Goku! Now’s the time to fire. A sure-fire Spirit Bomb”, suggests Goku will going for Spirit Bomb creation against Jiren.

What is Spirit Bomb Super Saiyan Form???

Future Trunk battles with Fusion Zamasu
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During Future Trunk saga, in the final battle against Fusion Zamasu, everyone on the planet unconsciously gives their energy to Super Saiyan Future Trunk, thus helps him making a spirit bomb.

Right after its full completion, he completely absorbs it which allows him to create the sword of Light. But if he could use it for his own transformation, then it could be the Spirit Bomb Super Saiyan form.

In the non-canon Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13, Goku used this form while creating Spirit Bomb with his Super Saiyan transformation and then he absorbs it. In this form, Goku becomes more powerful than ever but remains as unconscious while using it.

Meaning that he would have no control over his powers and his actions. Look at the Goku’s new transformation, his eyes seem different like a cat with full of anger.

By looking at the Goku’s new Silver eye form, he looks rough despite the extreme power-up and his running bluish white aura around his body reminds us the Spirit Bomb transformation. But even if we think about this possibility, Goku will require others’ energy to create Spirit Bomb.

Who will provide Give Me Energy for making Goku’s Spirit Bomb???

goku creating spirit bomb
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So basically Give Me Energy is nothing but the energy which is sent by voluntarily or unconsciously from other peoples, plants or animals to their user who wants to make a spirit bomb.

So first of all Krillin and Tien could provide him their own energy (because they are out from the Tournament of Power) and next could be the Beerus, Whis, and all the Universe 7’s warrior or even Both Zeno’s who would simply raise their hands to give him energy.

Todd also mentioned that Goku will first go for Kaio-Kenx20, but it would be no use against Jiren. During Universe 6 saga, Goku used Kaio-Kenx10 while the battle against Hit. And now it seems that Goku has thrust himself even further.

But still, for now, we have to wait for the upcoming updates about Dragon Ball Super. What do you think guys, is this a Spirit Bomb transformation or something unique form which was never seen before.

Let’s share your views in the comment section.




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