Dragon Ball Super’s New Footage reveals Goku’s New Silver Eye Transformation

Goku's new transformation in the crossover episode between one piece and Dragon Ball Super

Yes, you heard it right!!! Goku will going to transform into his new Silver Eye Super Saiyan transformation or it would be a New Super Saiyan God form in the upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super.

Recently, in last week Goku’s silver eye transformation was revealed in Japan’s V-Jump Magazine which already looks cool. Now it confirms for anime series also from the footage of Dragon Ball Super which shows Goku new incredible Super Saiyan form.


Goku's new Silver Eye Form
Image Credit: Hypebeast

In the October, there will be special crossover episode between the shows Dragon Ball Super and One Piece. Before that Dragon Ball Super gives hint about Goku’s upcoming new Super Saiyan God (SSG) form.

Like in the manga version of DBS, Goku has perfected the Super Saiyan Blue form, so it could be that transformation which going to look different in the anime. (Go to Next Page)

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