Dragon Ball Super: Frieza will not going to betray Universe 7’s Warriors

Piccolo Master Roshi and Frieza universe 7 team in Dragon Ball Super

In Episode 107 of Dragon Ball Super, instead of Goku or Vegeta, Master Roshi catches our eyes and totally owned this episode in the Tournament of Power. Old Man used all of his remaining powers and Mafuba technique three times. After that due to totally exhausted, he jumps off the stage and got eliminated by himself.

But in the preview of DBS-107, Frieza and Frost now seems to be pairing up together and decided to take down Universe 7’s warriors. So from the outside, it is clearly shown that Frieza will go to betray Universe 7, but I don’t think so.

Hence in this article, I am going to discuss various possibilities of how Frieza will not going to betray the universe 7. So take a look…


Goku Frieza and Beerus in Dragon Ball Super
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As we can see, when Goku replace Majin Buu with evil Frieza from hell, he decided to fulfill Frieza’s wish to resurrect him using Dragon Balls. And Beerus also warns him to not do anything bad else he will get wiped out immediately.

Still, from the preview, we can’t sure what Frieza trying to achieve by challenging Gohan. Normal people would only assume that becoming an ally with Frost, he is going to rule all the universes because, before the tournament, Frieza wishes to surpass Beerus, but that’s only possible using Super Dragon Balls.

But true Dragon Ball fans will think that if Frieza would betray (seems to be) Universe 7, Goku and Vegeta are there to handle him and eliminate him instantly and after that Beerus is there to kill him.

Hence, after years of experience and his father’s saying ‘Do not go against Evil Majin Buu and God of Destruction’, Frieza is not fooled enough to make such stupid decision.


Gohan vs frieza and Frost in dragon ball super episode 108
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There are other possibilities that Evil Frieza could actually help Gohan against Universe 2’s Yardrat because using some common sense Frieza also wants to save his universe; So that’s why he wants to team up with the Universe 6’s Frost to eliminate Universe 6’s Saiyans.

But this theory suggests that Frieza will go to betray for short amount of time until he shown his heroic moment in the Tournament of Power. (This is what we actually want to see)


Frieza and Frost team up in dragon ball super
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We all know that Frieza is loyal to no one and hence Frost. Frieza is one of the dirtiest characters on the whole Dragon Ball series, but you can’t underestimate his fighting strategies. God knows what his current planning by teaming up with Frost. But I personally think that he wants to eliminate Frost by himself.

Because Frieza always been evil and now he wants to surpass Beerus and Zeno king (which is impossible). So that there is one possibility that he might want to remain as only one Frieza in the both 6 & 7 Universe by eliminating his doppelganger, Frost.


Frost betraying Frieza in dragon ball episode 108
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At the end preview of episode 107, Frost standing with his killer smile behind Frieza’s back by holding laser beam in his hand. So would it be for Gohan or for Frieza?

As we have witness Frost’s sudden attack with his tail against Krillin behind his back. So it could be possible that Frost will do the same against Frieza.

But I think Evil Frieza would sense that and try to avoid his attack by eliminating him on the spot. That will be shocking for us.


Golden Frieza with Universe 7's warrior in tournament of Power
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This makes no sense if Frieza going to team up with Universe 6 and will try to defeat Universe 7’s warriors. Because if Universe 7 wipes out, then Frieza will also get erase instantly as he is also a part of this universe. Hence Frieza is not stupid enough to think about it.

Although he has a bad character over the time of Dragon Ball series, at the end Frieza wants to revive back to his origin body and to do that he must fight alongside Universe 7 in the Universal Survival Arc.

Some of the points may be crazy for you, but you should note these are the fan theories till now. Do comment your best theories and share your views in the comment section below.

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