Dragon Ball Super: First Female super Saiyan transformation

Caulifla in Super Saiyan 2 form Dragon Ball Super: First Female super Saiyan transformation

The excitement and curiosity of Dragon Ball super increase day by day because of the tournament of power where all of the universes have to participate. Those who survive the match between two universes only win and those who lose, the Omni-king aka Zen-Oh will go to erase it out of existence. Since the announcement, everyone trained hard to become the most powerful and strongest than others.

Till Dragon Ball super came, they show us only Universe 7’s Super Saiyan means Goku and his aliases. But in the tournament between Universe 7 & 6, a boy named as Cabba from universe 6 enter who is also from Saiyan race. And we all know that how Vegeta taught him to become Super Saiyan. So Cabba was the first one in their universe who transformed. But despite this, there is one lady named as Caulifa who also seen as transforming into Super Saiyan. But not only that, this Saiyan form is a little bit different. Hence, she is the first female ever in Dragon Ball Super who transform into Super Saiyan or even in third grade form.

Caulifla in Super Saiyan 1 Dragon Ball Super: First Female super Saiyan transformation

After the announcement of Tournament of Power, several Saiyan from the Universe 6 begins to train in the inhabited isolated area. There we can see, how Cabba is taught Caulifa in order to join and survive the tournament of power. In the manga, she is the younger sister of Reno and the leader of a Saiyan punks group. But because of her hot-headed and punkish attitude, she has an issue while transforming into Saiyan form. After achieving Super Saiyan form, she eager to fights in the tournament and also praise Cabba to teach her the lessons.

Caulifla challenge Goku to fight with her form Dragon Ball Super: First Female super Saiyan transformation

When Caulifa meets Goku and Vegeta during the tournament of Powers, she shows her arrogant and cocky arrogant. She said to them that she came here to see the strongest one. And end up with challenging Goku. Goku accepts the challenge because Goku noted that she is same just like him.

Caulifla in Super Saiyan 3 form Dragon Ball Super: First Female super Saiyan transformation

During the match, Goku also guides her how to control her power and transform into other various Saiyan forms. And finally, she transforms into Super Saiyan 2 form. In that form her angriness, her whole body mass and powers also tremendously increase, but still, Caulifa was defeated by Goku. She also gets surprised when Goku talks with her about Super Saiyan 3 form, also mention in that form powers increases but limits her speed.

So what do think about Caulifa who is the first female Super Saiyan from universe 6 and 7?

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Source: Dragon Ball Wiki