Dragon Ball Super Fall 1 hour special 109th, 110th episode “This is the ultimate battle of the whole universe! Son Goku VS Jiren!!”

half SSB and half SSG Goku
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New NEP for 109-110: Herms Translation from dbz


Since last two months, Dragon Ball Super hinted us Goku’s upcoming never seen before transformation that he will utilize this form against his formidable opponent Jiren in the Tournament of Power.

Earlier TOEI Animation had released their second preview of episodes 109-110 in which we can clearly get to see Son Goku’s incredible Silver eye transformation (at least that’s what fans are called it). Herms98 has translated the preview into English and after reading, it feels like Goku is now fully aware of Jiren’s colossal Ki.

Jiren vs Super Saiyan Blue Goku
© 2017 TOEI Animation. All rights reserved.

“Hey, this is Goku! Next time there’s a 1-hour special! Me and Jiren finally clash! He’s stronger than I imagined! I’ve been waiting for someone this incredible! I’ll hit him with my strongest technique! It’s a showdown, Jiren! Next time on Dragon Ball Super: “This is the No. 1 Ultimate Battle in the Omni-Verse! Son Goku vs Jiren!!” Don’t miss it!”

DBS had delivered us quite a good surprise gift through its preview as a long two weeks break. In this clip, our hero will get a new peek change with his serious look on his face. The footage also shows Goku fights with Jiren while in his Super Saiyan Blue form initially, after that the scene moves forward as Goku throws a massive Spirit Bomb towards him but it seems that Jiren has able to counterattack it by repelling towards him. It seems that Goku will absorb it and transform into the Spirit Bomb Super Saiyan form otherwise it will be his saved trump card for this type of crucial situation.

What makes this preview better than its previous is that the clip ends with Goku’s much-anticipated remarkable transformation. As his serious look fires with white-blue aura with his striking silver eyes. Because of untransformed hair, it looks like this form is similar to that of Ultimate Gohan’s.

I think showrunner would emphasize more on this transformation because this time Yuya Takahashi, Naotoshi Shida, and Ken Otsuka, one of the talented TOEI Animations animators had directed this back to back episodes.

If you don’t know, these three artist is well known for Dragon Ball’s action-packed sequences. Hence as a fan, we can expect great things from this 1-hour special.

What do you think guys??? How Goku will end up with Jiren in his new form???

Do comments and share your views in the comment section below…

Dragon Ball Super airs on Crunchyroll Saturdays at 7.15 pm CST. Toonami will begin airing the English dub on Adult Swim Saturday at 11.30 pm.

Source: Herms98 & Comic Book



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