Dragon Ball Super Explains Ultra Instinct Goku’s Mysterious form

Ultra Instinct Goku best moment in Dragon Ball Super

Goku’s Ultra Instinct is going viral all over the internet after the Dragon Ball Super’s 1-hour special episodes. Although Goku’s newly found form was run out of time due to its temporary source of power thanks to Spirit Bomb, still it popups lots of mysterious unanswered questions about the full extent of this godly ability.

Ultra Instinct is the kind of knowledge which allows its user to react to any kinds of danger without the need to notice it while battling. Meanwhile, in the Dragon Ball Super Manga chapter 28th, during Zen-Exhibition Match, Beerus briefly used it which enables him to fights with multiple Gods at the same time.


Ultra Instinct Goku battles with Jiren
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First of all the ultra-instinct form includes 3 basic elements

Mastery of self-movement

Goku has broken the shell into an entirely new level of power

Spirit bomb acts as a temporary source of energy

These are the most basic elements that we have seen while Goku unintentionally using Ultra Instinct form. It is called by Mastery of Self-Movement in Japanese. After looking at Goku’s new ability even all the Gods of Destruction seems to be feared and got surprised. Because this is one of the highly advanced mental states where everybody parts move independently. Even for Gods, it is difficult to master it.

But guys, this could be just the beginning of this form and still, we have to see more of this in the later Tournament of Power. The third element is that the Spirit Bomb absorption is really nothing to do with the Ultra Instinct form, but according to Whis, it helped as a trigger for Goku to awaken his hidden power. Because before he can achieve it, he completely seemed out of stamina and looks pretty much exhausted.

Super Saiyan Goku in Frieza Saga
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If we look at the history of Goku’s life throughout the Dragon Ball Z, every time when his opponent beats him near to death, he pushes his limit and becomes even stronger than before. A perfect example lies in ‘Frieza Saga’ when Goku transform first time in Super Saiyan form. He’s getting stronger every time because of his Saiyan race. They possess ‘Zenkai’ which is known as ‘Saiyan Power’ which allows its user to increase their powers as they fight. But in this case, Goku did not want to die instead he wants to survive for his universe, for his friends, and for his children. Hence, Goku exceeds his limit by pushing his mind, his spirit and his desire to need for survival in the Tournament of Power.

Then Goku saw something deep inside of himself that was always there within him since he born but didn’t know how to tap into it. This is almost reminiscent of the actual human life where people’s willingness sometimes tricks their own deaths.

The actual meaning of Genki Dama in English is Health Energy Ball. It’s a combination of warriors willingness to give their powers as well as the symbol of positive energy which sometimes heals people under specific circumstances and even it power ups its user when absorbs it. So it makes perfect sense why Spirit Bomb acts like a trigger because we never saw a user actually gets injured by their own Spirit Bomb.

If you want the answers scientifically, I have no problem. I can explain the actual scientific reason behind Ultra Instinct. As we can see, Goku tried to compress the Spirit Bomb as much as possible. As he did it partially, it got much denser and hotter like an actual star when it collapses. And what Goku actually has done that he try to fuse its energy together and try to dissipate it which lead to exploding the Spirit Bomb instantly.

SSB Goku resisting spirit bomb from Jiren
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But as Whis says, it’s the raging power of the Spirit Bomb that is entered inside the Goku’s body and when this is happening he was resisting it because of his willingness not to die. In physics, when the core of a star collapses it becomes a black hole. But if you remember correctly, we see a similar type of black hole but it wasn’t that kind of actual death hole instead it was a compressed energy hole. While this was happening, Goku was supposed to die but after its explosion, the spirit bomb’ explodes particles falls like snowflakes all over the places. After it settles down, nobody feels the Goku’s energy not even Beerus. It’s like he was vaporized along with the explosion.

Beerus's giant sphere destruction energy to SSJ Goku
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It’s the very same situation like before when Beerus first invades the Earth and Goku combats with him in space. When Beerus attacks him with his huge energy blast, instantly Goku gets hit with the blast and finds himself in a trouble. It implies that Goku was about to die after try to resist. While falling onto the surface, he thinks about his need for survivals for his family and for his friends. And all of a sudden a Super Saiyan God powers surged into him from nowhere. While he was in his base form, he still possesses exact same powers as that of Super Saiyan God and nearly matched the combat power level of Beerus.


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