Dragon Ball Super Episodes 131 Spoilers tease return of Android 17

Most Valuable Player is Back!

Dragon Ball Super revealed their latest episodes spoilers right where anime reach its conclusion. In the last episode, Son Goku mastered potential powers of Ultra Instinct (which was teased by Xenoverse 2 gameplay) which overwhelmed Jiren’s massive powers.

In the 129th episode, Tournament of Power has taken a serious turn when Son Goku first time in the series beat Jiren rapidly in his mastered Ultra Instinct form. Hence we have to remember once again that this is the form which is hard to master it even for Gods of Destruction whose angels already perfected it.

What makes last’s episode even great when all the Gods stand up to watch closely Son Goku’s development as being in a state of God i.e. final version of Ultra Instinct.

Goku's True ultra instint form Dragon Ball Super episode 129
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In the last episode, Goku surpassed all the known unknown limits and severely beat down Jiren. No one had imagined the true power of complete Ultra Instinct as Whis once said that user can avoid any type of danger.

30 seconds are remaining until the end of Tournament of Power and sadly Goku failed to maintain Ultra Instinct which could be a red alert for Universe 7.

But don’t worry. Besides wounded Frieza, there is a one MVP Z fighter rises once again to defeat the mightiest foe of Dragon Ball Super.

Thanks to Ken Xyro and Todd Blankenship, who are working so hard to provide us upcoming episode’ 131 spoiler information which will reveal final wish made from Super Dragon Balls.

Here is Dragon Ball Super’s latest episode 131 Spoilers.

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Android 17 alive in Dragon Ball Super
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From the buried underground, besides Frieza who save Goku falling from the arena stage, Android 17 climbs the ring and join him to defeat injured Jiren.

Dragon Ball series trick up to think of Android 17’s major death and his valuable sacrifices which made Goku go into full Ultra Instinct.
But things were completely in the favor of Universe 11 where Jiren stand up once again to eliminate remaining Z warrior before the end of time limit.




Shirtless Ultra Instinct Goku and Jiren fight
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Having awakened to the true “Ultra Instinct”, Goku overwhelms Jiren. However, Jiren also unleashes his dormant true power once again! How will this battle turn out?!


1 minute and 30 seconds remaining in the tournament of power. On the stage, the fierce battle between Goku of Universe 7 and Jiren of universe 11 is taking place. Against Jiren’s power-up, Goku activated “Ultra Instinct” once more and perfected it. Who will come out on top in this greatest showdown?!


A minute and a half remain in the Tournament of Power. Son Goku has had the upper hand battling Jiren. Jiren then concentrates and finally gets serious.

Surrounded by a red aura, he dashes fiercely and fires a ki blast at Goku at point-blank range. Goku is totally blown away. From the spectator seats, Kuririn and the Turtle Hermit are worried, but…

Only Goku and Jiren are left fighting in the arena. Now shining silver due to ‘Ultra Instinct Goku’ overwhelms Jiren. However, it turns out Jiren has yet to put forth his full power.


So the episode starts with Goku’s heroic words about to Jiren to starts the real fight between them. In this form, Goku’s speed increases tremendously that even the pride trooper unable to spot him.

Saiyan did his best to defeat series’ most powerful character and at the end, he was on the verge to eliminate him. But continuously usage of Ultra Instinct, Goku need to pay a greater toll which hurt him near to death.

At one point, fans guess that it was Frieza’s doing because, since the start of Tournament of Power, he has something in his evil mind to use Goku. But didn’t unveil it.

Now Goku is totally broken down and only three players are outlasting in the ring. Jiren is also severely beaten down and still capable of fighting Frieza-Android 17.

From the preview, Goku again seen in battle mode in is base form. Two wounded Z-fighters who just revive from the buried underground, doing their best to stop Jiren until the time passed.


  1. Wow such a amazing episode it was. RIP Android 17. Such a great character I didn’t even thought it could goes like that.
    Thank you for amazing information and spoiler

  2. Is it correct spoiler information about Vegeta??? So sad. I think Vegeta fans will upset after reading above spoiler. But thanks to scarifies also, Goku will mastered Ultra Instinct…

  3. Dragon Ball Super’s current animation is so good that I can’t wait to see Goku’s final Ultra Instinct form…
    Hey admin do you really think Goku in his final ability can beat Jiren???
    I don’t think so…

  4. What about Frieza? Lol this guys trying really hard to prove himself evil being. but this not a Dragon Ball Z my friend. This is super one….

  5. Yes! He has enter the battle once again to defeat Jiren. I think he want the Super Dragon Ball to wish something. As in the Frieza Arc we know that, his only wish is to become immortal and rule the world.

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