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Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Dragon Ball Super Episodes 129, 130, & 131 Spoilers/Synopsis revealed Ultra Instinct Goku

Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku in DBS


Dragon Ball Super reach its final phase and will soon make its ending on March 25. In episode 127, Tournament of Power has taken a serious turn when Android 17 self-destruct himself from Jiren’s massive Ki attack to save exhausted Goku-Vegeta

Finally, Vegeta unlocked his secret powers by pushing his limits and in his own way, he surpasses his limit beyond his regular Super Saiyan Blue.

Not only that, while fighting against Toppo, Vegeta even pushes himself and power up beyond God of Destruction which drives him to win a fight.

Vegeta’s new transformation seems to be same as Goku’s Kaio Ken or even more powerful than that. This could be next version of SSB form i.e. Completed Super Saiyan Blue which improves the stamina flaw of the earlier form.

The series doesn’t gave this form a name yet fans are calling it Limit Breaker Vegeta. According to the Great Priest, Vegeta has broken his shell too to defeat undefeatable Jiren.

To resurrect Universe 6 along with his student Cabba using Super Dragon Balls and to keep a promise to visit Sadala in future, Vegeta vowed to defeat Jiren with his newly found deity powers.

In the last episode, Vegeta drops out from the arena stage very terribly. Prince of All Saiyan endured against invincible Jiren even though he was out of stamina. What keeps him stand again and again against Jiren is his promise to Cabba.

In the last episode 127, Android 17 bought some time for Goku-Vegeta to recover their injuries from the pride trooper but to do so, he lost his previous life when he lastly understands what it could be like to be a human being.

DBS fans gave him the tribute of Most Valuable Player and now Vegeta fans get really frustrated about Vegeta’s awfully elimination.

Only 2 minutes are remaining until the end of Tournament of Power and Goku finally mastered Ultra Instinct which could defeat the invincible Jiren.

Thanks to Ken Xyro and Todd Blankenship, who are working so hard to provide us upcoming episodes  129, 130, & 131 synopses and leaks which tease Goku silver Super Saiyan form.

Here are Dragon Ball Super’s Episodes 129, 130, & 131 Latest Synopses News and Spoilers

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Android 17 resist Jiren's massive attack in DBS episode 127
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Dragon Ball Super really shine Android 17’s character. From the spoiler and 127’s preview, it looks like again No. 17 will be in trouble, but this time his opponent is Jiren.

After Toppo’s elimination, Jiren unleashed his full powers and then both Saiyans’s fullest powers are nothing against him. it’s about a time when Goku-Vegeta falls on the grounds, Android 17 confronts Jiren and will risk his life to take down the Pride Trooper.

Both Androids were made to be intelligent and their battle tactics are well enough to defeat their enemy in no time. That’s the only reason No. 17 made it so far in the Tournament of Power.

In the episode, Android 17 recognized as a key element of the episode where he again and again faces almighty Jiren. To save universe 7’s last hope, No. 17 has used another type of shield power but in multiple formats to avoid Jiren’s deadly Ki attack.

Before the episode starts, No. 17 narrates that he has a secret plan to defeat Jiren. I think this is his final trump card to self-destruction himself to nullified Jiren’s massive attack.

He knew Jiren is not the guy who can be taken by himself. He just only trying to buy some time so that Goku-Vegeta recover from their last injury and ready to start battling. But by doing so, it cost to lose his own life.

I never thought that No. 17 could make such worth place in our heart and like fans said over a social media, he is the most valuable player of the Tournament of Power.

However, before his death, he noticed Jiren’s one weak spot and comes up with a plan to beat him. At the first time, it works so well but second time Pride Trooper managed to avoid their coordination attack.

From the leaked spoilers, all DBS fans already knew that No. 17 is going to eliminate from the Tournament of Power but they didn’t know that Dragon Ball Super will take such an unexpected turn.

Some of the fans guessed that this was a violation of Tournament’s rule and Jiren’s should have receive penalty for it. But according to the Great Priest, it was Android 17’s self-destruction, not Jiren’s own attack that causes his death.

Now the remaining anime fight will be between Jiren and Goku-Vegeta. Fans are expected to see Frieza’s final trump or something like that because before achieving super dragon balls, he must defeat Jiren.

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Atharva Ghate
Atharva Ghate

Dragon Ball Super’s current animation is so good that I can’t wait to see Goku’s final Ultra Instinct form…
Hey admin do you really think Goku in his final ability can beat Jiren???
I don’t think so…

Amrit singh

nice postt…………………


One of the great episodes ever! Dragon Ball Super just made Android 17 the most valuable player of the series!


Yeah! I think so

VaibjVa Jagtap
VaibjVa Jagtap

Wow such a amazing episode it was. RIP Android 17. Such a great character I didn’t even thought it could goes like that.
Thank you for amazing information and spoiler

Parag Deshmukh
Parag Deshmukh

Is it correct spoiler information about Vegeta??? So sad. I think Vegeta fans will upset after reading above spoiler. But thanks to scarifies also, Goku will mastered Ultra Instinct…

Vishal Dongare
Vishal Dongare

What about Frieza? Lol this guys trying really hard to prove himself evil being. but this not a Dragon Ball Z my friend. This is super one….


Goku !!