Dragon Ball Super Episodes 118 & 119 Synopsis/Spoilers revealed Universe 4 hidden warriors

Goku in dragon ball super episode 119

Dragon Ball Super finally free from Rebrianne and her universe. Now only 13 minutes are remaining until the end of Tournament of Power and Goku still not able to even stand on his own to fight against Universe 4 hidden warriors, so what will going to happen in a couple of next episodes???

Upcoming episode’s spoiler tease that Universe 4′ small weirdo Damom with his invisible brother Gamisaras will come to light. But not exactly confront directly Universe 7s’ Z fighters rather beat them up using their one of secret techniques.

Universe 4 hidden fighter Damom

These episodes have hold much more interesting things on a plates including Damom’s secret capabilities and one of Universe 7 worrier’s elimination. So want to find it out??? Without wasting time, let’s take look below.

Thanks to Yonko Production and professional translator Ken Xyro who has been known for his incredible work for Dragon Ball Super’s sub.

Here are Dragon Ball Super’s Episode 118 & 119 Latest Synopsis and Spoilers



Android 17 and Android 18 in Dragon Ball Super 117

Weekly Shōnen Jump

Dragon Ball Super episode 117 Weekly Shonen Jump Preview
Vegeta try to awaking Ultra Instinct

At this point we already aware of Goku runs out of his energy and to take bad advantage of his current situation, Universe 2’s weirdo characters hurry to attack him together. Every Dragon Ball Super fans stuck with one question why the hell Ribrianne still in the Tournament of Power.

But now we do not have to bother. Thanks to Android twins, all female warriors have now gone from the Tournament. This episode’ fight is too good especially Android 17’s who constantly taking care of his sister. Android 18’s finale move is also appreciated as that of Goku’s Kamehameha in the previous episode.

Now the real question is will Vegeta going to be Ultra Instinct in future??? However, recent scenario teases that Dragon Ball Super already revealed Vegeta’s secret powers and he could use it in the coming New Year which is probably going to happen in February.

The spoiler further reveals meanwhile when he tries to acts unconsciously like Goku did who broke his shell for Ultra Instinct, but for that, he has to feel near death experience. But things goes wrong and he fails.

Vegeta’s attempt to activating Ultra Instinct is enough to guess that the show now taking care of Vegeta. I understand many Vegeta fans would trigger after seeing his failed attempt but at least DBS series focuses on him.

Vegeta fans! You don’t have to worry because sooner or later, he will use Ultra Instinct or might skip to a higher level. before Tournament of Power, both of them went through that method training with Wish, hence it makes perfect sense he could achieve mastery of self-movement more perfectly than Goku but for that, you must have a patience. He will gradually develop his powers because he doesn’t want to call himself as Universe 7’s second fiddle. After all, he is a Prince of proud Saiyan race.


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