Dragon Ball Super Episodes 109 & 110 Synopsis teases Goku vs Jiren’s Fight!

goku's new transformation in the Dragon ball super 1 hour special episodes
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Tournament of Power is getting more serious especially after Dragon Ball Super’s Episode 108. Till now, three warriors from universe 7 i.e. Krillin, Tien, and Master Roshi gets eliminated. Now the most anticipated clash between Jiren the grey and Goku is going to happen in the 1-hour special 2 part episodes 109-110 on 8th October.

In last episode 108, Frieza nearly double-crosses Universe 7 but it just only decoys for Frost. It seems that Frieza will come to action now onwards. During the conflict between Universe 6’s Jimeze and Gohan, it is impossible to believe that why Gohan getting beaten up by him. But the unexpected arrival of Frieza and his evil but heroic performance shows that still, we have a chance.

Finally, the most anticipated clash between Goku and Jiren will hit on this weekend. Recently TOEI Animation has described Jiren right before his move against Goku.

“Strongest warrior of Universe 11. Talks little and acts cool but proud of his crazy strength. His true power is said to be at the level of God/Gods of Destruction.”

So guess we got a perfect challenging opponent for Goku and I think Goku has also waited for this moment for long period of time.

Only 9 minutes left until the end of Tournament of Power. There are tons of interpreted Synopsis and spoilers from different writers and publications for the 1-hour special episode which you need to know about.

According to 2ch, Animedia, YonkouProductions and Todd Blankenship, the New synopsis for the upcoming 109 & 110 episodes are as follow:

V Jump Animation Preview of Dragon Ball Super episodes 109-110
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Recently herms98 twitted the new spoilers for the DBS 1-hour special eps. 109-110. He stated that at this point, nothing much we haven’t heard before, to be honest.

“Who is stronger? Son Goku vs Jiren: the summit battle!!

The final phase of the Tournament of Power: the strongest go into action!

Universe 11’s Jiren has remained silent up until now, but he finally gets into the fray! Merely by rousing himself to fight, this formidable foe gives off a fearsomely intimidating air and Goku challenges him to one-on-one combat!

The God of destruction of Universe 11, Belmod give him the go-ahead!Sensing that this is the turning point, they order their ace-in-the-hole Jiren to battle.

Sensing that this is the turning point, they order their ace-in-the-hole Jiren to battle.”

From this spoiler synopsis, we can summaries that Jiren have only follow their God’s order. He still has no interest in fighting with Goku. But since the beginning of the Tournament, Goku eagerly waiting for this moment. Hence on 8th October, after beating from Jiren’s actual power level, Goku used his ace-in-the-hole Spirit Bomb!

goku's new transformation in dragon ball super 109-110
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“Even fighting as Super Saiyan Blue, Goku is unable to scratch Jiren. So he challenges him with his strongest special attack, the Genki Dama. Will it work against Jiren, who seems to have the power to spare?

Vegeta’s amazed too!”

The Synopsis indicates Goku’s and Jiren’s unbelievable power level through Vegeta’s shocking expression. So will it be that awesome moment where we finally get to see Jiren’s final form?

Special Episode 109: The Ultimate Enemy Approaches Goku! Now, Let Loose! The Killer Spirit Bomb!!

Goku and Jiren in dragon ball super 109 110
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Earlier Synopsis

“While Gohan has a tough fight, Son Goku and Ribrianne’s fight continues. Ribrianne wants to win the Tournament of Power so that she can become a goddess beloved by humanity throughout all the universe, and she attacks Goku at full power.

Meanwhile, Universe 11’s Jiren who has been storing his powers since the beginning finally goes into action and appears before Goku. With his unbelievable enormous Ki, Jiren overwhelms Goku and the other warriors.”

From the above short synopsis, it seems that Ribrianne making her next movie with her powers being restoring. According to the Intro theme song, Vegeta fighting with Ribrianne. So I think Vegeta would be the one who will eliminate her from the tournament.

But Android 18 was the one who defeated her very brilliantly. So don’t believe fully on these opening and ending theme songs except the Limit Breaker opening song which teases elimination order for Universe 7′ Z-Fighters.

Vegeta fights with Ribrianne in Dragon Ball super opening theme song
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Special Episode 110- SON GOKU WAKES!


New Synopsis,

“1 Hour Special: This is the Ultimate Battle in all the Universes! Son Goku vs Jiren.”

Weekly Shenon Jump Preview

Weekly Shenon Jump Ad-Dragon Ball Super new ending theme song
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Goku has a hard fight against the mightiest warrior!!

“A bargain 1-hour special where you can see two episodes’ worth of material; all in one go! The greatest warriors, Jiren, stands in Goku’s way! Even Goku’s Kaio-Ken 20 times is no match against him. And so Goku fires his ace in the trump card technique?!”

(The October 8th special will also see the debut of DBS’ next ending theme, New ED by RottenGraffty’s “By a 70cm Square Window”)

Weekly Shenon Jump Ad

Weekly Shenon Jump Goku's new silver eye form in dragon ball super
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“Son Goku’s eyes are silver…!! What in the world’s going on?!
Witness a shock the likes of which has never before seen in DB history!!!

The Tournament of Power is heating up! In this super-anticipated 1 hour special, Goku and the rest of Universe 7 wage a super-fierce battle against Universe 11! And keep your eyes peeled for something big that’s going to happen to Goku!!

Son Goku and Jiren the grey finally get down to business! What’s more, Goku puts a new technique into operation?! Definitely, pay attention to the “eyes” in the main visual!!!”

Mystery Publication #1’s Synopsis

Universe 2's God of Destruction Vermoud
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“An hour-long special. With the tournament more than halfway over, the gods of Universe 11 order Jiren to squash Son Goku. Goku happily braces himself to fight Jiren, Universe 11’s strongest warrior. However, as Jiren unleashes his Ki, it overcomes all the contestants. Goku counters by becoming Super Saiyan Blue and raising Kaio-Ken to the maximum.”

Mystery Publication #2’s Synopsis

“On October 8th, two episodes are being broadcast back to back, with the title ‘Autumn One-Hour Special: This is the No. 1 Ultimate Battle in Omni-Verse! Son Goku vs Jiren’ Universe 11’s strongest warrior, Jiren, finally goes into action. His power is overwhelming and though Super Saiyan Blue Goku challenges him by raising Kaio-Ken up to maximum, it is still no use.”

If you don’t know, this episode 109-110 was the 1 Hour long Special. This 2 part episode had feature never seen before action sequences which was aired on 8th October.

The main focus of this episode was the Jiren who finally overwhelmed his opponent and goes toe-to-toe against Goku. This was the episode where we finally get to see Goku’s Silver eye transformation or limit breaker form where he awakens his Ultra Instinct ability that still Gods of Destruction have to reach.

Jiren’s claims that he has massive Ki beyond anyone’s imagination as Goku also feels his hidden Ki and now Goku has no other option to go beyond his limit like his teacher Master Roshi.

It’s a bit confused what to follow but these all summaries are nearly same.

So Guys what do you think??? Would it be that toughest fight ever between the Goku and Jiren?

Do comments and share your incredible knowledge with us.

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Translation Courtesy: Herms98

Source: Reddit


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