How Fans React to ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Finale Episode

Super Saiyan Blue Goku Vegeta fighting in Dragon Ball Super finale episode 131

Dragon Ball Super just made an incredible ending.

Episode 131 just bring back some of the Goku-Vegeta memories when duo started sparring match between them to decide who’s the strongest Saiyan of all time.

The striking partnership between Goku and Frieza is astounding. Once upon a time, Frieza wants a vengeance and sought to kill Goku. But the pair knocks off Jiren with No. 17 as a backup was the best scene ever.

Android 17 made an incredible wish and somehow he senses Goku and Vegeta’s wish to revive all the erased universe.

(Does that mean Fused Zamasu also revive again?)

This is the evidence of No. 17 turning pure human being since he has started his life as a villain to annihilate Goku in the Dragon Ball Z. but Super made him a most valuable player of the series.

Episode 131 is the biggest and most enjoyable one along with some of the emotional scenes of Universe 7’ happy moment and the glimpse Goku’s family and friends’ reaction when they headed back to earth.

Once again Goku has done the incredible job by turning Jiren’s nature into good one.

After losing against Universe 7 who only fights by bearing friends’ trust and hopes, Jiren realizes that without trust you cannot win the obstacles in the life.

At the end of Dragon Ball Super, Jiren made his own wish to see Goku again and would never lose against him in the future.

Although there was no mentioned of Uub, still there is some hope from Dragon Ball Super Movie which is going to on December 14, 2018.

Like as I say, the ending is too good and looks classic. It really brings backs some of the Dragon Ball Z memories from Saiyan Saga fight pose but in Super Saiyan Blue form.

According to the Great Priest, Zen-Oh has foreseen the wish and I think the key purpose of holding the Tournament of Power is to check how the low mortal level characters are.

But Android 17 just proof of that and Universe 7 is the one who deserves to get highest mortal levels.

From Goku’s Mastered Ultra Instinct, its look like Whis’s word is true about mortals who are stronger than their God of Destruction.

The end opening songs which were absent at the start of the episode addressed Earthling expressions when Goku’s team came back.

In the absence of No. 17, Goten and Trunks have done wildlife protector’s job flawlessly. Within a 1 minutes song, Dragon Ball Super completely shows off how things are there and what has changed since all 10 fighters were gone:

  • Buu is still sleeping
  • Chi-Chi scold at Goku about his shirt being torn apart
  • Bura’s welcome to the world party
  • As expected Goku’s unlimited hungriness
  • Bulma gave Android 17 a little gift
  • Emperor of the Universe has returned
  • Saiyans’ amazing sparing match

So these are all my reviews about the finale episode. But over a social media, DBS just fans don’t know how to stop praising it.

Take a look at these below reviews and their own feeling from the bottom of their hearts.

















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