Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 revealed Android 17’s final wish

Android 17 in DBS episode 131
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Dragon Ball Super’s finale episode 131 call back Super Shenron once again and last person standing on the arena stage made his final wish. But what it is?

Dragon Ball Super has started its spectacular journey from 2015 and since then the anime constantly gave us some superb moments. And not to be forgotten, they have made one Z-Fighter’s character significant one.

Android 17 is the one who was the last Z warrior survive the battle against Jiren. And according to the rules, the great priest tell him to grant any wish his like.

Super Shenron wish to Android 17
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But after seeing all the previous erased universe and Goku’s promise to Jiren to fight, Android 17 asked Super Shenron to restore all the erased universes.

This is the wish that we have been guessing since the first universe wipe out.

No. 17 joined the Tournament of Power only on one condition to obtain the wish from Super Dragon Balls and make a wish from Super Shenron to get a ship so that he can travel around the world along with his family.

Android 17 in ship to travel the world
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But this type of wish could be fulfilled if he just asked Bulma.

When it’s about time to return back to earth, the Great Priest told Beerus and Lord of Lords that Zen-Oh had foreseen this outcome. He said,

The warrior standing at the end would be virtuous enough to consider the other universes.

But Beerus anxiously reply,

Then, if any other wish was made…

The Great Priest calmly answered,

If a selfish wish had been made, Zeno-Oh sama would have erased everything.

However, I don’t guaranty Jiren’s wish could be reviving erased universes as his own wish was first teased in the manga chapter 30, it would be different than this. And must be a selfish one.

Surprisingly, the anime never stop increasing the value of Android 17’s character who enter the world of Dragon Ball as a villain to kill Goku. And dude understands the feelings of human being in just 48 minutes.

Battling together along with Goku and his friends, Android 17 appreciates the importance of teamwork and trust. That’s the key element to defeat the Jiren by combining the trust as well as powers of Frieza, Goku and No. 17.

Even Jiren also agreed that because of lack trust, he has lost the Tournament of Power.

So what do you think guys? Are you completely satisfied with Android 17’s final wish or you wanted it bit different one?

If you are not aware of this series, Dragon Ball Super is a direct sequel to Akira Toriyama’s most popular yet Dragon Ball Z series.

The anime started airing on July 5, 2015. After killing Kid Buu, Goku brought peace to the earth. After living calmly along with his family and friends, he confronted series’ biggest powerful character yet and attained the state of God.

Goku’s usual behavior of challenging strongest opponents by exploring other universes which create unstoppable foes.

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