Dragon Ball Super: Fans shocked about Android 17’s surprising return

Android 17 is Back!

Android 17 alive in Dragon Ball Super
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Dragon Ball Super made Ultra Instinct Goku nearly undefeatable. Even mightiest Jiren appears to be pushing back against mastered ultra Instinct. Within the half when Jiren was on the brink of knock-off Goku, two major Z fighters unexpectedly come back from the buried arena ring and saved him.

But who were they actually? Fans only know about Frieza’s significant comeback according to the episode 131 spoilers. However shockingly Android 17 still alive and barely survive the last suicidal blast that was used as a counterattack against Jiren’s large attack to save Goku-Vegeta.

That was an enormous relief when Dragon Ball Super’ most worthy player didn’t sacrifice himself. After a year since Tournament of Power started, that’s the biggest twist yet of the Universal Survival Arc.

Akira Toriyama fooled us. No DBS fan even think about his major return that may turn the result in Universe 7’s side. Each fan tribute his sacrifices and even a number of the fans might have cried.

After an intense battle of Jiren and ultra Instinct Goku had their major clash, Goku’s powers overwhelmed the pride trooper and fully broke him out.

It absolutely was the first time I had ever seen him in drained out condition. However, by doing so, our hero also drained out his endurance furthermore and the need to pay a toll in exchange for ultra Instinct.

This was the time when Jiren has upper hand and prepared to eliminate Goku with his Ki blast. But thanks to Frieza who recovered a bit and save Goku.

From the leaked spoilers, we all realize that Frieza would be the one to save Goku. He makes his heroic return by adding Android 17 to his force.

This was the biggest cliffhanger that we ever happened in the Dragon Ball Super and who knows, there could be things are left to uncover the stories like Jiren’s enemy who killed his people.

Over a social media, a number of the fans seems very happy after Android 17’s unpredictable entry. Though after falling for Dragon Ball Super’s major twist, from the preview it looks like Jiren has still powers left that may be a threat to Universe 7.

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