How internet reacts when Goku mastered Ultra Instinct

Ultra Instinct Goku in Dragon BAll Super 129
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Dragon Ball Super’s final arc of the series reaches to its conclusion where Goku vs Jiren’s battle reaches its final showdown. Episode 129 is so great in terms of animation, background music, and most importantly super development to Goku’s character.

Latest episode shows off how Goku potentially learned how to attack unconsciously while he was fighting simultaneously with almighty Jiren. Son Goku did fight with him with his closed eyes. Probably he clearing his mind which consistently interfaces while he’s attacking.

According to Whis when Goku was on the verge of mastering Ultra Instinct,

“I feel it. An accelerating rise of energy, not from confusion, but from pure impulse. Goku san is focusing his heart and soul, heating himself up intensely and wildly. The erasure of the universe, the difference in power, hesitation panic, fear itself turn to nothing in the flames and all he can feel is himself, his opponents, and the fight.

In time, he becomes so hot and fasts that even such perception grows dim and fades, as he dives into a state deeper than instinct”

After following Universe 11 God of Destruction Belmod’s direct order to knock off Goku before he reached the final form of Ultra Instinct, Jiren radiates his tremendous energy along with his multi-attacking punches which breaks down last remaining rocks on which Goku stands.

As the fight goes on, Goku unconsciously fights back and turn into offensive mode. Just like DC’s Flash, Saiyan attacks’ unable to catch with normal eyes.

Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku in DBS
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When almighty pride trooper counterattacked it, Goku ultimately reaches to a point that we have been waiting for since the 1-hour special. Saiyan’s aura turns very bright and his hair transforms into pure white color.

Just like Dragon Ball Super’s Xenoverse 2, the anime version of mastered Ultra Instinct resembles much like the gameplay.

After a lot of talks about Goku turning into a super level where no one has reach except angles, over a social media fans happily accepted this form and added to their favorite list of transformations yet after Super Saiyan Blue.

On Twitter, DBS fans wrote their opinions about how they feel when Goku’s quickly transforms into the true form of Ultra Instinct.

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