Dragon Ball Super Episode 126: Fans Amazing Reactions

Limit Breaker Vegeta defeat Toppo in Dragon Bal Super 126

Dragon Ball Super’s latest episode 126 was a way super than its previous usual episodes. This is something fans want to see before seeing Goku’s final Ultra Instinct. Because we all know Vegeta is holding something and hiding his secret powers.

After witnessing Vegeta life-risking blast towards God of Destruction Toppo, at one point it feels that Vegeta sacrifices himself with that deadly blow. Because in Majin Buu Arc, Vegeta did the same attack on Buu which leads to killing himself in the process.

In the Limit Breaker form, Vegeta manages to hold his own and survived from his own blast but it cost him to lose his armor. It was one of the unexpected things to see because, from the promotional image of Goku’s Ultra Instinct, he is the one in shirtless. But that’s not a point.

What makes this episode is better than the rest, its Vegeta’s victory over Toppo who just awaken his Godly destruction energy.

Even though Vegeta does not step up as a candidate of God of Destruction, Prince of All Saiyan still has his pride and all of his promises which motivates him regular and that’s is what lacks in Pride Trooper who just fighting without keeping any burdens.

After watching one of the best episodes of Dragon Ball Super, over a social media, fans expressing their thoughts about Vegeta’s mind-blowing act.

One Reddit user comments true meaning of Blue Aura that Vegeta just transforms into:

“This is why I love Vegeta’s new blue form. One of the main points of blue Chakra color is acceptance of oneself. Vegeta owns his pride. He owns his promises. This is why I can’t see him going, full GoD. Maybe if Goku and Vegeta have to make a wish to fuse permanently into Vegetto to save the day, but Vegeta on his own, I just can’t see it.”





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