Dragon Ball Super just gave a birth of New God of Destruction

God of Destruction Toppo in Dragon Ball Super 125
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Dragon Ball Super reach its final phase where only six strongest warriors are left. Anime’s latest episode 125 brought lots of stuff which could be a turning point for the Tournament of Power.

Toppo is universe 11’s second most powerful Pride Trooper after Jiren and he is selected as Candidate to be next God of Destruction.

In this episode, Toppo break his vow to do battle for only Justice and ascends to his God of Destruction energy.

While fighting with Android 17 and Frieza simultaneous, Toppo lags behind. Both Z-fighters completely drained out his stamina which triggers him to awoke his deity powers.

Toppo unleash his God of Destruction energy
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Toppo starts emitting purple scary energy which is known as Hakai (Destruction) energy. Such a huge power takes Jiren’s attention in which he said, “So you’ve made up your mind Toppo

Meaning Belmod already may have instructed Toppo to use ‘HAKAI energy’ before the start of the Tournament but Pride Trooper just want to do things in his own way.

After seeing Toppo’s new evolution, Universe 11’s angel-Marcarita said that Toppo’s sudden enhancement is the results of his training.

Toppo Candidate of God of Destruction in DBS 125
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After transforming into God, Toppo nearly possess all the divine’s abilities and kept firing destructive ball towards Android 17 and Frieza.

Only one Hakai energy is enough to blow up the entire stage but thanks to Great Priest’s creation, the arena stage manages to hold up but still it split into half and makes the sky blue.

Even Frieza’s destructive energy ball was no matched against Toppo’s tiny destruction ball which is capable of destroying an entire planet.

After completely transforming, Beerus starts analyzing Toppo’s energy and Belmod indeed confirmed it that he becomes the new God. Because destruction energy only belongs to God of Destruction and Toppo’s new form is no different than that.

In this form, Toppo becomes muscular and way powerful than you could possibly think. His skin turns dark and entirely surrounds with purple aura which is nothing but Destruction energy.

Alongside Jiren and Dyspo, Toppo is also Universe 11’s final trump card who just unleashed his final form. To survive in the Tournament of Power, he used his godlike powers which is potentially a key point for them to achieve victory.

Limit Breaker Blue Vegeta vs Toppo in DBS episode 126
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Only 5 minutes are remaining until the end of Tournament of Power and Vegeta just challenge God Toppo. But to what extent Prince of All Saiyan able to fight with him? Vegeta just surpassed his regular Super Saiyan Blue and transform into Limit Breaker form. Still both Saiyans unable to scratch Jiren.

Universe Survival Saga is the fifth major Saga of Dragon Ball Super under the name Tournament of Power Saga. The Arc has featured a continuous battle of elites from each universe. Dragon Ball Super anime will airs on Crunchyroll Saturdays at 7:15 p.m. CST. Toonami will begin airing the English dubbed of the original Dragon Ball Super on Adult Swim Saturdays evening at 9:30 p.m.



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