Dragon Ball Super episode 122 revealed Vegeta vs. [Spoiler]’s fight

Vegeta Vs Jiren in Tournament of Power
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Dragon Ball Super’ one of the most spectacular arc is ‘Universe Survival Arc’ and the time remaining until the end of Tournament of Power is 10 minutes. DBS’s episode 122’s spoiler teases that Vegeta will challenge the strongest warrior after the Universe 3 getting destroyed. But who will that be???

Ultra Instinct Vegeta
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It’s obvious that the strongest warrior is no other than Jiren the grey who is one of the strongest DBS character ever and possesses the battle power far greater than the Universe 11’s God of Destruction Belmod. Only strongest fighters and ultimately only Universe 7 & Universe 11 are remaining in the Tournament of Powers. So its perfect time for Vegeta to show his hidden secret powers which could even surpass Goku.

Among the anime fans, there have been rumors about Vegeta keeping something extraordinary under wrap since the start of Tournament and it looks like Akira Toriyama wants to introduce it in the 122nd episode. Thanks to Ken Xyro who manages to get the spoilers for us. The episode 122 synopsis is as follow:

Risking his pride! Vegeta’s challenge to the strongest

Vegeta is going after the strongest warrior, Jiren!

Only Universe 1 and 11 remain in the Tournament of Power!

At that moment, instead of Goku, Vegeta takes it upon himself to battle Jiren!!!

Just after Jiren started doing his meditation thing, Vegeta approaches towards him to challenge for a fight until Toppo interrupts him. We could have seen Vegeta vs Jiren’s fight in that episode also but thanks to Universe 11’s second fiddle, Vegeta had to faced against Toppo.

Toppo and Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super
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In the whole Tournament of Power, Goku is the only one who holds the highest records of eliminating other universes fighters but doing so he lost too way stamina. Still, he manages to achieve Ultra Instinct one more time. but now in episode 121, Universe 3’s Aniraza will confront Goku as well as other Z fighters which could potentially drain his stamina.

So I think that the only reason besides being a Prince Saiyan to attack Jiren. Vegeta fans have waited so long to see him in action but they also know that he will not stand against Jiren. He knows everything about Jiren and how he was doing against Ultra Instinct Goku. Even so, he didn’t shake to challenge him.

Episode 123’s only leaked title talks about full power being unleashed. So it could be Vegeta unleashing or awaking his so-called Ultra Instinct ability against Jiren. Through the whole Dragon Ball history, we witnessed Vegeta’s keeps getting the new powers and transformation after Goku mastering it.

Now episode 122 would be perfect timing for him to get Ultra Instinct or something better. There is another possibility that Vegeta would be seen in unknown transformation in episode 123 because he has to be beaten near to death to achieve next level of power level. Possible transformation could be Ultra Offence (not a transformation), Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken or Goku-Vegeta fusion.

Ultra Instinct Goku kamehameha against Kefla
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When Goku attain Ultra Instinct second time against Kefla, Whis states that Goku was not attacking without thinking that’s why he was lacking in his strikes. So it seems that Vegeta’s Ultra ability could be known as Ultra Offence because to mastered full Ultra Instinct, the user needs to move their body and attack without even thinking. However, Vegeta is always known for being serious fighters. Hence there is a high probability that his secret ability could be Ultra Offense.

Still, we don’t have spoilers for episode 123 but at least we could say that 2018 gonna be the biggest year because next year we will witness final battle between Full Ultra Instinct Goku and Jiren (or The Great Priest becoming the villain of the year).

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Universe Survival Saga is the fifth major Saga of Dragon Ball Super under the name Tournament of Power Saga. The Arc has featured a continuous battle of elites from each universe. Dragon Ball Super anime will airs on Crunchyroll Saturdays at 7:15 p.m. CST. Toonami will begin airing the English dubbed of the original Dragon Ball Super on Adult Swim Saturdays at 11:30 p.m.

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