Dragon Ball Super episode 122 hints at Ultra Instinct Vegeta

Defeated Vegeta in the Dragon Ball Super episode 122
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Dragon Ball Super‘ latest episode 122 is just wow! Nearly after 8 months since the start of Tournament of Power, we get exactly what we dreamed of. Vegeta finally triggers when Jiren and his Pride Trooper team shows up.

In the very same episode, Vegeta unleashed his hidden secret power which is earned from his hard training program on the Beerus’s planet and from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.


In the preview of DBS episode 123, Goku said that Vegeta has awakened to a new power level beyond Super Saiyan Blue. So no doubt about it. We already know, Vegeta hiding secret powers since the start of Tournament of Power and I think it’s a perfect time for him to utilize this raw powers.

But before that, we have to take a look at episode 122 where Prince of All Saiyans initially beat down Jiren which seems astonishing at the very first time and even Belmod got tense after seeing Jiren lagging behind.

Vegeta dodges Jiren's attacks in Dragon Ball Super episode 122
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When Jiren attack Goku with his super faster fist, Vegeta observing his movements and when Vegeta confront Jiren’s faster fist, he successfully dodges all of his movements and in the end, he makes his killer move by punching Jiren’s stomach that even Hit was unable to do that.

When Vegeta avoids Jiren’s multiple punches and sees through his weak point, Whis comments that Pride Saiyan wants to attain Ultra Instinct by fighting with Jiren as Goku did in the 1-hour special. So does that mean we all going to see Vegeta’s own Ultra Instinct ability or something like that?

Vegeta fans including me noticed that something strange happening with him when he competes with Jiren and it feels very exciting though!

Even Toshio also twits that cool Vegeta is about to appear in the Tournament of Power soon. And episode 123’s preview also teases that Vegeta will surpass beyond his Super Saiyan Blue.

According to Akira Toriyama, SSBJ is itself known as the most powerful transformation ever and beyond that, we know there is only ‘Perfected Super Saiyan Blue’ form that we had only seen in the Manga.

Jiren also said that Vegeta is very determined when it comes to his offensive mode. Attacking shots after shots without giving Jiren to move, Vegeta seems to be in winning side. But it was the only matter of time when Jiren blows him out. Universe 11’s strongest warrior drained Vegeta’s all of the powers in just his one attack.

After Broly, Frieza and Fused Zamasu, Jiren seems to be very tougher and strongest fighter that Z-Fighter have ever encounter. Let’s see if Vegeta would achieve ‘Perfected Super Saiyan Blue’ form or as per the title ‘Body spirit and Full power unleashed’, it must be related to Vegeta.

The preview of next episode 123 shots two Saiyans standing together where Goku has seen in his regular Super Saiyan Blue form plus wearing Kaio-Ken ability whereas Vegeta’s aura looks very different. His hair and blue aura look little unusual than the Goku’s.

There was one plot hole in the very same episode. When Jiren defeated Vegeta with his only one attack, after standing barely, the Saiyan has silver eyes and his hair also resembles Goku’s Ultra Instinct. Is it animation’s error or Dragon Ball Super just tease us Ultra Offense Vegeta?

By the way, it looks like SSBJ also have its upper transformation level like Super Saiyan 2. Although its only Hero’s Facts predictions and theories. Please read it only for entertainment purpose.

Do comment your opinions and stay tuned for the next updates.


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