How fans reacting to Dragon Ball Super episode 122 leaked images

Dragon Ball Super episode 122 preview image of Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta
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Dragon Ball Super’ upcoming episode 122 was not aired on the 31st December but to keep DBS fans fill with Jiren vs Vegeta’s hype, they release online preview images per day since Monday and still doing it.

Since Monday, TOEI animation leaking out some of the best scenes from the episode 122 and as per the promise, ‘Yuya Takahashi‘ has done the animation for this episode. If you remember, he is the guys who had done the incredible job by animating Ultra Instinct Goku vs Jiren in 1-hour special.

1. Dragon Ball Super first leaked images

The very first leaked image shows the defeated Vegeta who seems to suffer a lot in just one episode. but it seems that Prince of All Saiyans expected the same result from the Pride Trooper.

Toshio had done the incredible job by planning to air the Saiyans vs. Pride Trooper’s match in the very first week of New Year. Because of these leaked images, the hype for this coming episode has increased even more as we see a war-torn Vegeta.

Vegeta seems to be in trouble and his battle armor created by Bulma is completely damage and as expected from him, he is enjoying the battle with Jiren.

All Vegeta fans know that at some point in future Tournament of Power, we are going to see cool Vegeta, but before that, they also knew that he will lose and will be severely injured. The leaked picture is just a proof of it.

As we know, to tap into a new power level, Saiyan has to feel near death experience. Like Goku did with his Ultra Instinct. Another leaked picture shows Goku in his base form starring down Jiren. This could be happening at the very beginning of the episode.

Like his rival, Goku also going to lose and will badly injure. This will be the episode where we’re going to see a lot of action sequences in just one episode.

2. Dragon Ball Super second leaked images

As per the promise, we have a second leaked picture which is similar to the last one where Goku and Jiren starring each other. But this picture captures both warriors in one shot.

The next picture is of Gohan and Android 17. The yellowish glowing around them is the proof of Vegeta is charging and throwing his Final Flash attack towards Jiren as we seen in the Dragon Ball Super episode 122 preview video.

Next image is something that we are waiting to see happen. One of the strongest transformations-Super Saiyan Blue will appear again in this episode. It shows that the Vegeta-Jiren’s battle is going on and it looks like Vegeta’s attacks working on Jiren.

In case of Goku, SSB Goku plus Kaio-Ken 20 times was not able to scratch him down. We know that Vegeta holding back and keeping secrete powers from us. There is nothing we can analyze from just one picture because we know that the end result would be same in which Vegeta is going to lose.

The final picture is just a shocking for every DBS fans because in the leaked picture there are other characters who are sitting with Universe 7 team. The mysterious characters are no other than Universe 5 God of Destruction Arack and Universe 3 angel.

It looks like all the present Gods of Destruction who didn’t participate in the Tournament of Power because of high mortality level and destroyed Universes Angels have chosen their sides between fighting Universes.

3. Dragon Ball Super third leaked images

The very first picture here has a very interesting stuff to see. The last leaked image shows Universe 5’s God of Destruction sitting with the U7 team and this image gives a clear look on Arack.

Second preview picture shows how Belmod freaking out when he sees Universe 12’s, Supreme Kai.

Another picture shows Whis, Vados and the angel from Universe 3 Campari sitting together. There is some strong prediction that because of Vegeta’s Final Flash attack against Jiren, it may possible that it could have destroyed a part of the stage where remaining Gods and angles are sitting.

4. Dragon Ball Super fourth leaked images

The latest leaked picture has incredibly drawn Vegeta who has a lot of battle damage yet he is still smiling. It is something like that Vegeta is doing a lot better than Goku did in his last battle with Jiren.

It’s obvious, Vegeta reserving his stamina and he was the only Z-Fighter from Universe 7 who denied to give his energy to charge Goku’s spirit bomb.

Another interesting picture shows how Freiza treating with another Pride Trooper, Dyspo who is way faster than the speed of light. This would be another fight that DBS fans are excited to watch.

Both warriors smiling confidently while fighting each other. Like Vegeta, Frieza also the character who doesn’t fight that much since the start of Tournament and Dyspos also recovered fully after his intense battle with Hit-Super Saiyan God Goku.

Another Android 17’s picture is a pretty plain. But why they released it which is not revealing anything. Is it teasing us next warrior’s elimination hint?

Another mysterious look at Universe 11’s angel Margarita and how she is smirking in this picture. Could it be that she is also in the game of the Great Priest?

Another preview image shows relax Beerus who don’t seem worried like he always sweating since the start of Tournament. This is the very first time we have seen him being happy.

4. Dragon Ball Super fourth leaked images

This is the last set of promotional images where we can see Whis who is smiling, Vegeta who freaks out for an unknown reason and Jiren who is finally seen in actions by blocking away probably Vegets’s one of attack.

Despite seeing those leaked images, it’s kind of hard to make any assumption from it. But I do believe that most of the angels and gods who always seems calm would be on the side of Team Universe 7.

If I am in the place of God or angel, I would choose the Gohan’s Universe (Why I mentioned Gohan? Because he’s the representative of our team).

The reason behind it that Z-Fighters hold the record of eliminating most of the fighters from the Tournament of Power and in the case of Pride Trooper who were just observing and storing their powers.

It seems that from episode 122 onwards, the actual thing in the ‘Universal Survival Arc‘ will going to happen. As we learn in the DBS manga chapter 29, it would the episode to learn more about the Gods and angels who have been relatively silent and secretive up until especially those Gods of Destruction who’s Universe didn’t participate in the Tournament.

Universe Survival Saga is the fifth major Saga of Dragon Ball Super under the name Tournament of Power Saga. The Arc has featured a continuous battle of elites from each universe. Dragon Ball Super anime will airs on Crunchyroll Saturdays at 7:15 p.m. CST. Toonami will begin airing the English dubbed of the original Dragon Ball Super on Adult Swim Saturdays at 11:30 p.m.



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