Dragon Ball Super episode 122 breaks Crunchyroll’s streaming service

Dragon Ball Super episode 122 preview image of Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta
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After two-week holiday vacations, Dragon Ball Super’s latest episode 122 just hits the internet and it looks like fans eagerly waited for this episode so much. It’s obvious because of so much hype for the battle between Z-Fighters Vs. Pride Troopers.

Super Saiyan Blue vegeta Final Flash Crunchyroll

Today when DBS episode aired on Crunchyroll online streaming service, it actually breaks the limit of handling its capacity. Even before its English sub-releases, it already starts facing some severe issues.

When fans noticed these problems, they start commenting on the Twitter and blame them for their super services. Whenever they tried to watch the episode, the Crunchyroll gets overloaded.

On Twitter, Ken Xyro also predicted that the Crunchyroll would not be able to handle the hyper today and it eventually came true.

After analyzing this issue, Crunchyroll solved the problem immediately and make apologies by saying,

“Some users may be experiencing issues with the site right now!! We’re working super hard to fix it for you, thank you for your patience”

See the users’ hot reactions when they faced such serious problem

This was not the first time Crunchyroll faced this issue. During Dragon Ball Super’ 1-hour special, the large volume of users flooded the site to watch the battle between Ultra Instinct Goku vs Jiren’s intense fight.

Sorry to say but this American international site should expand their server and if they don’t work it right now, in future they need to shut down their whole streaming services. Because the Tournament of Power has already entered its final match and Goku is about to mastered his Ultra Instinct ability.

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