Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 116 Teases Return of Jiren

Universe 11 Jiren doing meditation

Every Dragon Ball Super fan finds Jiren’s action too weird when he went into the mediation mode after beating down Ultra Instinct Goku in the 1 hour special. 4 episodes have passed since then, still Jiren doing his mediation thing to boost his powers or recovering himself (Though the battle didn’t even damage him). But one spoiler from episode 116 teases that Jiren would awake from his meditation and becomes interested in Goku’s Ultra Instinct.


This spoiler is enough to imagine what would be the future of Tournament of Power. As Caulifla-Kale’s Kefla is one of the strongest Potara fusion until now after Vegito and Fused Zamasu who seems to be defeating Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue form plus Kaio-Ken in the upcoming episode 115. Despite turning into SSB, Goku is sadly pushed back by Kefla who now owns power level ten times (or even) more than the individual Saiyan forms.

Having no other option, Goku unleashes his Ki and gets powered up to reach into the state of Ultra Instinct again. In Goku vs. Jiren’s previous intense fight, Goku temporary used this Godly ability by pushing his limits to dodges all of Jiren’s attack. This is the ability even Gods of Destruction struggles to master it and a mortal like Goku able to used Ultra Instinct makes everyone questionable.

But the interesting thing is that Jiren noticed this form’s flaws by telling Goku about his mysterious flowing Heat. So this could be that Jiren is aware of Ultra Instinct or even mastered it already. As Toppo says Jiren is a stronger than Universe 11’s God of Destruction Belmod in terms of ‘Battle of Power’ in the Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 29.

According to Whis, User would avoid any danger if they learn Mastery of Self-movement. And by looking at Jiren’s performance since the start of Tournament of Power, it is confirmed that he mastered the Ultra Instinct already.

The spoiler tells Goku’s powered-up will shake Jiren’s meditation. One thing repeatedly bothers me about Jiren. Why didn’t he take down Goku while he has the opportunity? Jiren is the only person enough to take down all of the present warriors in the tournament of Power and the only person who stand against him is Goku. Its obvious (Sorry Vegeta). Therefore, the episode 116 would show us Goku’s another developed power level never seen before which could be the one reason behinds Jiren’s attention towards him.

Meanwhile, past couple of weeks’ episodes didn’t make any sense when Universe 6’s Saiyan Girls challenge Goku and not only that, their Kefla fusion just overwhelmed Goku. Tournament of Power is expected to last up to March 2018 and series still has to introduce Vegeta and Gohan’s full potential. Don’t know what Akira Toriyama has planned to make Universal Survival Arc even more interesting, but one thing is sure, the saga would end like no one could have imagined it before.

However, one possibility we could assumes that Jiren is still in his meditating mode and try to imagine the completed form of Ultra Instinct by doing mental training to beat down this form.

Other episode synopsis doesn’t reveal anything interesting but holds much of suspense. Because one of the warriors from Universe 7 is about to get eliminated from the ring. For now, this is out of the topic.

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