Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 Title reveals upcoming fusion warrior, Kefla

Caulifla and Kale fusion Kefla (Kefura)

Since the last month, the news about Dragon Ball Super’s upcoming birth of a new fusion warrior keeps roaming around all over the social media which is actually going to happen in the upcoming episode 115th. As per the report from Herms98, episode title mostly will be ‘Goku vs Kafla’ or in Japanese Kefla is pronounced as Kefura. So if you want to read more on this, beware!!! Because this article may contain a huge spoiler for the episode 115th.

EPISODE 115- NOVEMBER 12th: GOKU VS KEFLA / Gokū vs Kefura!

Caulifla-Kale's Potara rings fusion, Kefla in the Dragon Ball Super episode 114 preview

It is pretty much obvious from the name Kefura that it is the combination of two warriors’ names from Universe 6 i.e. Kale and Caulifla. Earlier most of the DBS fans had assumed that the fusion happen could be between three robots from Universe 3 or in between Universe 6’ Namekians. But the fusion between Kale and Caulifla is the unexpected thing for the many DBS fans.

No one can expect anyone’s fusion in the Tournament of Power because it is pretty much obvious that if the fusion warrior drops from the match, then there could be the loss of just more than 1 warrior. As we already know, Kale’s berserker form resembles Broly form who is Goku’s one of the worst enemy. I don’t know why Akira Toriyama gave Kale Saiyan form Broly’s appearance, but I think he wants us to reminds again that how the Broly was and how he could be in the Tournament.

The 114th episode briefly introduced Kefla’s officially character through Dragon Ball Super’s preview. The Fusion actually resembles the appearance of Caulifla-Kale and the more important thing is that Kefla seems wearing Fuwa‘s (Supreme Kai from Universe 6) Potara ring. Now the mystery behind fusion is finally solved. They will not do fusion dance instead they will use Potara earrings to fused together.

But according to the tournament of Power’s rules, the outside item is not allowed in the match. But in case of Master Roshi, Zeno-Oh had given the permission to use the bottle for Mafūba technique. So maybe Vados would ask the Great Priest to give them a permission to use the Potara rings. So after getting a green signal, you know the results.

If Potara rings allow in the tournament, then BOOOM! We have Vegito whose power level is beyond Goku-Vegeta’s current Super Saiyan Blue forms. But it is still unknown whether Vegito’s power level is above Jiren’s or not. (I think it is not, that’s the different case).

Goku praises the Super Saiyan Kale as the Legendary Super Saiyan and Trust me, Goku is well aware of this form thanks to Broly. In the previous episodes when Kale first time transforms into her Berserker mode, Vegeta also recognized this form by calling it True Super Saiyan form same as he recognizes in the Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan. Hence, after fusion, Kefla would have more Ki than the Kale’s individual Super Saiyan form and ultimate she could surpass Goku’s god form.

Universe 6’s Saiyans character is developing much faster than we thought since it introduced first during Universe 6 Saga. Especially Cabba’s character when he has first transformed into a Super Saiyan state (Thanks to his Master, Vegeta). But the series takes a drastic change when they gave Caulifla a Super Saiyan 2 transformation which is too early. But it may not be the wrong idea because all Universes’ fate is on the verse of line. Hence every warrior present in the Tournament of Power has to be evolving even further if they want to survive for their Universe.

According to Goku, Caulifla is much more like him in terms of getting stronger even further and want to fight with someone who possesses more power level. and cute Berserker kale now seems to have incalculable power level. So it might be red alert for Goku if he still doesn’t fully recovered his stamina.

However, it proves that the fusion things is not a Goku’s idea. After the loss of Hit (least it seems to be), Champa has no more cards for their survival expect Saiyan Girl who has absolutely no combat experience. Hence, he might think if they both fused togther, they can overwhelmed Goku and other strongest warriors. I Hope Dragon Ball Super still have their more surprises for us in future like this.

But the million dollar question, is it going to last for long a time??? As a fresh and newly found transformation will enough to survive in the Tournament???

So what do you think guys??? Kale’s true Super Saiyan transformation already looks so awesome and if both beautiful girls fuse together, then this could be the never seen fusion transformation ever since Goku-Vegeta’s Vegito & Gogeta forms.

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Source: Herms98 & Reddit



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