Dragon Ball Super reveals Episode 111’s Synopsis & Spoilers teases Hit vs Jiren’s Fight!

Hit in dragon ball super tournament of Power
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Just a couple of days are remaining for Goku vs Jiren’s intense never seen before action play in 1-hour special episodes 109-110. If this is not enough, to increase more enthusiasm towards Tournament of Power, Dragon Ball Super releases 111th episode’s synopsis through Weekly Shonen Jump.

Before its translation into the English, the summary first appeared on one of the Korean sites. Dragon Ball Super fans eagers to watch Jiren vs Goku’s fight especially Son Goku’s never seen before transformation into the mysterious form. In addition to that, episode 111th synopsis unveils that after Goku, Jiren will go against Hit from the Universe 6. Does that mean that Goku’s newly found powers will fail again against Jiren???



Fight between Jiren and Hit in episode 111 of dragon ball super
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From this title, it is clear that how will be the Goku’s situation after his collision with Jiren who is one of the strongest fighters in the Tournament of Power. Goku’s newly found transformation looks impressive but as he will going to use it for the first time, hence it will not last longer than enough to defeat Jiren. This synopsis suggests that after seriously injured Goku, Jiren will target Hit who has been avoiding him since the rampage of Berserker Kale.

“After finally going into action, the mightiest man Jiren has seriously wounded Goku. Jiren next sets his sights on the strongest assassin, the universe 6 warrior Hit.”

Hit vs Jiren in Dragon Ball Super episode 111
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Most of the fans assume that Goku’s brand-new ability will at least stop Jiren but from the synopsis, it seems that the Pride Trooper already learned all of these things even this is new for everyone. If you don’t know, Pride Troopers are on a level that their Gods wants to guide them as an apprentice to be the next God of Destruction. Therefore from this point of view, it appears that Jiren and his Pride Troopers team will be a danger of death sign for other universes.

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So guys, what do you think about 1-hour special episode??? Will Jiren able to knock down Goku or will Hit interfere in between them???

Do comments and share your views in the comment section below.

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