Dragon Ball Super May Eliminate [Spoiler] In Episode 108

Toppo battles with Cabba in tournament of power

Dragon Ball Super’s father Akira Toriyama knows exactly how to capture audience’ expectations towards series. We have witnessed the elimination of several warriors from the Tournament of Power.

Toppo and Cabba in the 108 of Dragon Ball Super
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Fans main concern is with the elimination order of Universe 7’s warrior that seems to be lies within the Opening theme song.

As the Synopsis of 107 reveals that Frieza is going to betray Universe 7’s and Gohan find himself in trouble against Frost and Frieza’s Conjoined Malice.

In the previews of episode 107, we can see Frieza team up with Evil Frost from Universe 6 to take down their own universe’ Saiyans. And their first target will be Gohan who already beaten by Universe 2’s Jimeze.

In the previews, there is another quick fighting scene of Universe 11’s Pride Trooper Toppo with Cabba from Universe 6. It seems that Cabba still has not awakened his Saiyans power and seems to be in a tight spot against him.

Looking at the power level of Toppo who has nearly matched the power level of Super Saiyan Blue Goku with Kaio-Ken 10 times, Cabba is nothing as compared to him. So will it end for him from the Tournament of Power?

Fans eagerly waiting to see Cabba next Saiyan transformation. But if he gets eliminated from the Universal Survival Arc, it will be too early for him. Because in the Universe 6 Saga, Dragon Ball Super takes whole two episodes to develop the character and if he eliminates by Toppo, this will be disappointing for us.

But why do we care? Krillin also gets eliminated from the match unexpectedly who has too much fighting experience than any of the warriors. So don’t worry! Now our main focus will be on Jiren Vs Goku battle which finally takes place in the 1-hour special episode 109-110 on 8th October.

In conclusion, in episode 108, we get to see Gohan’s battle with Frieza & Frost. Also, there will be a tough fight between Ribrianne and Goku.

So stay tuned for the next updates regarding Dragon Ball Super.

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