Dragon Ball Super Manga 51 Revealed Moro’s New Look

Villain Moro in Dragon Ball Super Manga 51

Vegeta about reveals his biggest secret in the next Dragon Ball Super Manga 51.

The new chapter revealed Moro’s new look as shown below.

moto new look dragon ball super Dragon ball super manga 51

Spoiler Alert for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 50

Last Chapter 50 shows that Moro gained his full magic powers back.

The chapter also revealed Moro’s final wish.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 50 starts with Merus’s co-workers who assessed the damaged caused by Moro’s great escape.

Meanwhile, new energy from new planet Namek strikes the Galactic Prison where all the remaining prisoners held.

Galactic Prison Dragon Ball Super Chapter 50

Before escaping, Moro promised one of the prisoners, Saganbo that he will break him out.

And the villain kept his promised and made a final wish to free all the prisoners.

Afterwards, Saganbo along with remaining captives took their spaceship and weapons and headed towards Planet Namek.

Galactic prison breakout Saganbo gang

As soon as Merus and Jaco heard about prisoners’ breakout, they headed towards Goku team.

On Namek ground, Goku-Vegeta were fighting Moro very severely.

Suddenly, prisoners spaceship blast massive energy beam towards Goku, Vegeta and Boo’s previous incarnation, Grand Supreme Kai that they avoid swiftly.

Galactic Prisoner reach Planet Namek

Subsequently, to get their help, Moro shared his magic powers with the Saganbo’s army and commanded them to attack heroes.

To confront them, Goku-Vegeta transforms into Perfected Super Saiyan Blue.

Army’s strength is nothing in front of Saiyan’s massive power.

Therefore, Moro starts to absorb their Saiyan powers once again that cause them to revert to Super Saiyan God form.

As Saganbo fighting both exhausted Goku-Vegeta and Moro continues to absorb the powers that cause them to revert to the base form.

When question Moro about his conviction for his actions, he seemed the same as Marvel’s Thanos.

He wanted to create an ideal universe.

moro's motive in Dragon Ball Super Manga

Unlike Thanos, Moro wants to eat all Planets’ life force as he wants.

It’s not new that villains want to do whatever they want. It’s up to heroes’ control how they handle such an inhuman situation.

After reading half of Dragon Ball Super Manga, Saiyans realize that at this point their power would not be sufficient against magical Moro.

Meanwhile, Jaco and Merus continue to help the trio who fought prisoners.

When they are about to retreat with the help of Instant Transmission technique, Vegeta refuses to go.

All hero team retreat to Galactic Patrol HQ expects Vegeta who wants to visit the mysterious place.

vegeta goes planet Yardrat in DBS chapter 50

The place is none other than Planet Yardrat where Goku learnt his Instant Transmission technique.

Vegeta also admitted that he doesn’t care about such a technique.

Then why Vegeta wants to go to planet Yardrat?

It’s a big question for the next Dragon Ball Super Manga 51.

As DBS fans knew, Yardratians possesses the ability to manipulate space and Time.

Now the Goku has Instant Transmission technique which is related to space continuity.

So does that mean Vegeta going to learn something like that by picking up Time continuity?

Share your views about Vegeta’s retreat to planet Yardrat.

We love to hear your opinion.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 51 will release on August 20, 2019.

Source: Manganelo


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